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Exclusive 3-Month Plan – Podcast Sponsorship



Serious Ad Integration and Impact

Your advertisement will be carefully woven into the fabric of our brand. Real EDM allows the sponsor message to authentically connect to potential customers because our advertisements are presented as trusted resources…products or services that we endorse. The commercial integration strategies we employ at Real EDM lead to maximum impact.

Let us kick up your marketing strategy with a combination of online and on-podcast exposure, utilizing the popularity of our website and social followers and the passion of our listeners to generate big results for you!

    • Using our range of different platforms enables a much wider reach
    • Specifically, Target Demo
    • Connect Beyond Advertisement


  • (9) Name Mentions in REAL EDM Episodes (3 per episode)
  • (3) 30 Second “Host Ad Read” (65 words) as hosts feature you prominently as the exclusive sponsor
  • (3) 60 second produced commercial (155 words) to be played during your Episode
  • Website Logo and Link to accompanying Episode description citing you as the sponsor
  • Main Home Page Banner Display Ad for full 3 months
  • (6) posts per platform with name mention and website link

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We are open to collab with creative brands targeting the EDM audience!

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