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Jax Jones

Jax Jones, is an English DJ, songwriter, record producer, and remixer. He rose to fame in 2014 by featuring on Duke Dumont’s number-one single “I Got U”. He followed this up with his own singles “You Don’t Know Me”

featuring Raye and “Instruction” featuring Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Jax’s debut studio album, Snacks (Supersize), was released on 6 September 2019. It was preceded by the single “One Touch” featuring Jess Glynne.

Luis 2 Live:
We are talking to London-based producer, Jax Jones.

Jax Jones:
Like for me, I was always a spectator from afar so I wouldn’t be the guy that will be hitting the rage, I was always in studio. So for me, the way I got house music was people giving me music to listen, giving me a bunch of compilations, giving me their old records, and like just absorbing myself into them. You know what it’s like now, there’s so many genres of house music, it’s like you’re trying to find the one that speaks to you the most, and that was definitely the Chicago style. This is Jax Jones.

Jax Jones:
I grew up in the era of that Neptunes and Timberline era of production in the 2000’s and that was my school of production outside of the house music and their use of sonics and stuff. So that influences my house music, and I hope you can hear that in what I’m putting out.

Luis 2 Live:
What is your relation with Duke Dumont, how did you guys get together and connect with the single, I Got You?

Jax Jones:
Before I was making a living off of making my own music. I was working as a music director, which is someone who puts together on the live shows for acts, and nothing too Cadillac, a one-off live show a couple of years ago. They asked me to get involved, to help him put together the live aspect and I played him some of my beats, as you would if you were working for someone like Duke Dumont. I had the first generation of I Got You. Yeah, and then I just finished it off with him, and then it was from there, and then he bought me into work on a bunch of stuff off of that, including my Ocean Drive, and his other song, Won’t Look Back.

Luis 2 Live:
So you got your latest project, Housework. What’s up with the water bottle, the Housework water bottle? Is that like an accessory that you need to have when you’re on the dance floor?

Jax Jones:

[inaudible 00:02:23]. When I’m playing it get so heated, you need to give yourself a quick spray. Yeah, it’s a homage through a old detergent here in the UK called Fairy Liquid.

Luis 2 Live:
So how did the concept come about?

Jax Jones:
When I wrote the lyric, MNEK had some Hoovers just chilling in the room, and I always wanting to do a accolade to house music, similarly to like Larry Hertz. Do you know what I mean? Where they’ve this homage to house music. And when I saw the Hoovers I thought [inaudible 00:02:52] house work, it’s light work. And then we just jammed it for 20 minutes and it was done.

Luis 2 Live:
Now, why’d you seek out Chicago house legend, Mike Dunn, for his signature voice on the track.

Jax Jones:
I wrote the record with MNEK here in London, and we were doing it in our English accents and they just did it sound credible. Yeah, I’ve always been a fan of Mike Dunn and I thought, “Man, who could pull this off?” And we just reached out to Mike via email and [inaudible 00:03:18] he was into the track and just did his thing.

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