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ATLiens Resume Extra-Terrestrial Bass Invasion with "Closer" via Insomniac's Bassrush Records

ATLiens collaborated with Mau5trap alumni EDDIE on a bass-heavy new single titled “Closer” for release on Insomniac Records sub label Bassrush Records.

Emerging from the shadows of Atlanta, Georgia, masked DJ/production duo ATLiens have been invading the airwaves with their unique brand of alien-inspired, undeniably ruthless bass music since the release of their debut single “Chief” with Astronamar, Bot and Neo‘s Main Course imprint. 

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A sci-fi-inspired fusion of hard trap, tribal bass, and out-of-this-world melodies, ATLiens’ signature sound brings to mind the idea of a full-on extraterrestrial invasion. Deep, dark, gritty and even haunting at times, ATLiens’ uniquely evil brand of interstellar audio assaults has set them on a collision court with musical greatness.

Their most recent release, “Closer,” is an unearthly collaboration with Mau5trap alumni EDDIE. The lead single from their forthcoming Ghost Planet EP with Insomniac Records imprint Bassrush Records, “Closer” gives us a taste of ATLiens leveled-up sonic on onslaught. A throaty bass growl provides an ominous foundation for sinister martian scratching and an overwhelmingly eerie ambiance. 

A testament to the dynamic and intricately textured musical stylings of ATLiens, “Closer” is a ruthless followup to their previous single “Contact,” a collaboration with Kannibalen Records‘ resident monster of midtempo bass, Blanke. If “Closer” is any indication of what is yet to come, expect ATLiens forthcoming Ghost Planet EP to bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

Stream or Download “Closer” today.


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Seven Lions and Dimibo Share 8-Bit Teaser for Abraxis Single "Black Rainbow"

The Abraxis song teaser arrives at the end of a “Cognition Evaluation” survey.

The organizers of Dreamstate SoCal sent ripples through the EDM community when they announced that Seven Lions and Dimibo would debut their new psytrance project during the festival’s 2019 edition. Amid the excitement, only a few caught wind of the new Abraxis song teaser shared by the former artist.

To be fair, though, Seven Lions (real name Jeff Montalvo) went to unconventional lengths to tease “Black Rainbow.” It arrived at the end of a “Cognition Evaluation” survey on AbraxisInstitute.com – and given its 8-bit format, it’s difficult to imagine what the actual single might sound like.

Psytrance is the bread and butter of Seattle-based duo Dimibo, but that doesn’t mean Montalvo’s the odd man out. Despite his penchant for feels-heavy melodic dubstep, he’s been known to wade into the waters of psytrance during DJ sets from time to time.

You can skip past the survey and listen to the teaser for Seven Lions and Dimibo’s unreleased Abraxis single “Black Rainbow” here.


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Nicky Romero Joins eSports Investment Firm ReKTGlobal

Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki and more are already involved.

Nicky Romero‘s affinity for gaming is well known, making him a good fit for eSports ReKTGlobal. The Dutch DJ/producer has joined the likes of Imagine Dragons and Steve Aoki now that the ink has dried on his deal with the investment firm, which is the parent company of brands like ReKTVenues, ReKTLive and ReKTAgency.

As we’ve been over before, Goldman Sachs expects the eSports industry to grow 22% annually for the next three years. ReKTGlobal is involved with such popular games as Fortnite, FIFA and League of Legends, and has facilitated State Farm‘s sponsorship of its first eSports player, Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo.

On the topic of the partnership, Romero said:

“I’m excited to join my good friend and fellow DJ, Steve Aoki, with my investment into ReKTGlobal and Team Rogue. I love gaming because it provides a great way to unwind after long nights in the studio. It’s also how I stay connected with friends when I’m on the road performing. Rogue is killing it at FIFA right now and I’m counting down the days until I can link up and play with MSDOSSARY and the rest of the team.”

Meanwhile, Nicky Romero will resume touring with a performance at A Summer Story in Monteagudo Del Castillo, Spain on June 22nd.

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Study Finds 45% of People Believe You’re Never Too Old to Attend Raves

Ever wonder when it might be time to hang up the towel and retire from raving? TickPick, a ticketing platform from New York, found that the majority of people believe you never have to retire from the rave scene. TickPick did the hard work for us and surveyed 1,000 people of varying ages. Questions ranged from “What’s the prime age for every concert and night out”, to “When do people feel you’re simply too old to party?”

45% or nearly half of the surveyed users believed one was never too old to attend raves. Contrary, 65% thought you’re never too old to party. As far as the largest agreement, 89% believed one is never too old to attend small shows at local venues. Jazz music for example, has a wide audience, attracting party people as they got older.

The study did include key factors like aging and societal norms. As we get older, it may get more difficult to move, along with one’s ability to recover from late nights out and drinking. Furthermore, depending on where you’re from, your society may judge you if you’re that ‘one guy’ in your 40s-50s, still partying in clubs or bar hopping. Still, the choice is yours and you can stay in that scene as long as you wish!

Even though attending raves and parties with friends feels like the best time of your life, many older adults feel they prefer their current lives, once moved on. Around 86% of respondents preferred their current day to day life over their old partying days. It makes sense as dropping the party scene, usually leads to less drinking, which in turn, leads to greater mental and physical health.

Nonetheless, we hope everyone enjoys their raving days today, even if that last night out does arrive.

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Flosstradamus & 4B – Blackout

Flosstradamus & 4B – Blackout

Flosstradamus & 4B have linked up to produce a thumping trap heater in ‘Blackout.’ The collaboration grips you right from the beginning and sends you into a spiral of energy. A phone ring greets us right away as are left anxiously wondering who will answer. Rap vocals take us all the way to the ferocious drop.

Headbangers will rejoice as both of their signature sounds shine brightly in the track. The heavy trap drop will get everyone pumped up this festival season. The second drop is just as good as the first but with a sharper sound hitting the eardrum.

We hope these two artists can come together more often in the future. They previously hit magic a few years ago with their remix of Fetty Wap’s ‘My Way.’ They both are currently on their ‘Blackout’ tour that will span until August.

Check out ‘Blackout’ below!

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The Verge Covering Eric Prydz EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE

Since the announcement of Eric Prydz to reveal his Epic 6.0 Holosphere at Tomorrowland in July, fans are nothing short but eager to hear more about it. Eric Prydz unveiled a testing demo video of his Epic 6.0 Holosphere a few days ago that will feature an all-new design. In a recent twitter post from Future of Music Host, Dani Deahl, it looks like we’ll finally get a more in-depth coverage from The Verge soon!

In recent posts, Eric Prydz states that he’s been working on the Epic 6.0 holosphere for over 2-years. The Epic 6.0 looks like it will feature a mesh sphere design to display Prydz’ revolutionary 3D holographic technology. Dani Deahl’s twitter post reveals that The Verge may have had some involvement in reviewing the Epic 6.0 Holosphere during its testing phases. Being a huge tech and media network publishing platform, we can’t wait to hear and see what The Verge will cover for the Epic 6.0 Holosphere.


Eric Prydz just finished his last Holo show in Steel Yard Creamfields in London. His last Holo show featured the Epic 5.0 Cube which will be succeeded by the Epic 6.0 Sphere.

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Electronic Violinist Lindsey Stirling Set to Play PBS' Capital Fourth Concert

Lindsey Stirling remains a recognized electronic music innovator.

Considered one of the most boundary-breaking and revolutionary artists in both the electronic and classical worlds, “dancing dubstep violinist” Lindsey Stirling still remains just as fearless and explosive as ever. Since the release of her 2012 self-titled debut album, the artist, violinist and dancer has established herself as a star with her unique brand of classically-driven electronic music.

Stirling is set to perform at PBSA Capital Fourth which will be streaming live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol for its 39th year on Thursday, July 4 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM EST.

Stirling’s third studio album Brave Enough debuted at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart and went on to score the #1 spot on the publication’s year-end Top Dance/Electronic Album list, placing ahead of dance music heavyweights The Chainsmokers, Flume and Kygo. The album also had the highest-selling week for an album title on the ranking chart and held the #1 spot on the Classical Album chart for 21 consecutive weeks.  The artist herself placed at #6 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Artist year-end list.

Attracting over 11 million subscribers and 2 billion-plus views on YouTube, in 2015 Forbes placed Stirling at #4 on their yearly YouTube artists list, making her the highest-ranked females. she continues to advocate for a stronger female presence in the electronic music scene.

Performers sharing the stage with Stirling include Carole King and the cast of Beautiful starring Vanessa Carlton, American Idol winner Laine Hardy, multi-platinum recording artist and star of television and film and Broadway Vanessa Williams, and Grammy Award-winner Colbie Callait along with her new band Gone West.

The program will be live-streamed on PBS’ Facebook page, on PBS.org, YouTube, and will be available as Video on Demand for a limited time.


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BREAKING: Miami Offers Resolution to Allow Ultra’s Return to Bayfront Park

Guess who’s back…back again…

Just when the public opinion about Ultra Miami 2020 was turning into concern, Miami came crawling back. The latest agenda for the Miami City Commission Meeting (scheduled for June 27) includes a contract for Ultra Music Festival to return to Bayfront Park. The agenda just dropped Tuesday evening.

The Resolution allows the City Manager of Miami to present a formal offer to Ultra for the return to Bayfront Park via a revocable license (like what they had at Virginia Key). There is not yet a deal reached, but Miami is going to propose one.

Miami felt the burn after Ultra announced its intentions to leave the City. Miami initially pushed Ultra out of its Bayfront Park home and aimed to place it at Virginia Key. The move proved exceedingly difficult and did little to settle down neighboring communities. When Ultra shared its infamous “break up letter”, other municipalities hyped up the idea of Ultra moving to new places. Then Miami felt pangs of regret and formulated a plan to prevent Ultra’s exodus. Here it is.

The resolution is more of an opening salvo, slim on details but heavy on importance. The resolution highlights Ultra’s history there and the huge financial impact the festival has had on the City. It also proposes essentially that the previous revocable license for Virginia Key be swapped for one at Bayfront Park.

Proposed Plan Highlights

Ultra reverts back to midnight closing time on Friday/Sat and 11PM on Sunday. The fee remains at $2million as it was last year, but a big change is how long the park will be closed. The entire property can only be closed to the public for 14 days. The entire build-up/festival/tear-down can only take 30 days TOTAL. This is because the local citizens want the park available for their use more often and complained about Ultra’s impact on that previously. The capacity is 55,000 per day but can be increased subject to reasonable discretion.

This deal is also indefinite like the previous deal for Virginia Key, with 1-year renewals. Generally, the rest of the finer points are carryovers from the Virginia Key deal. This deal has to be voted on at the June 27th City Commission Meeting, so you can be sure we’ll all be watching! It’s still not a done deal by any means, and Homestead is waiting in the wings as well. You can read the full resolution and license deal below.


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Miami City Commission Authorizes Offer for Ultra to Return to Bayfront Park

Ultra Music Festival may return to mainland Miami in 2020.

After a game of hardball that saw Miami officials flip flop from treating Ultra Music Festival like a thorn in their side to vying for its favor, the event looks to have a chance at returning to its longtime location. The Miami City Commission has authorized the city manager to offer the gathering’s organizers an opportunity to return to Bayfront Park in 2020.

On the day before Ultra’s organizers were supposed to meet with the commission to discuss their return to Virginia Key in 2020, they had announced that they were finalizing a different “South Florida location.” Homestead-Miami Speedway and Lummus Park in South Beach both emerged as possibilities before the Miami City Commission held a “Sunshine Meeting” in which officials expressed a desire to keep the event in the city.

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Ultra Music Festival has taken place annually since 1999. The first two editions called Collins Park in Miami Beach home, but for most of the festival’s lifespan it graced Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. After the 2018 edition, however, the Miami City Commission downvoted organizers’ proposed contract to return there and the festival was forced to relocate to Virginia Key. 

The move to Virginia Key elicited ire from nearby residents and local promoters alike. Following a tumultuous 2019 edition, Ultra’s organizers had cited a “simply not good enough” festival experience among their main reasons for pursuing a venue outside of Miami

The item is set for vote on June 27th, 2019. The 2020 edition of Ultra Music Festival is slated to take place from March 27th-29th. 


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Splash House Announces August Lineup Featuring Claude VonStroke, Lane 8, Ekali + More

Splash House Announces August Lineup

Every year Splash House comes to Palm Springs, California, and every year attendees have blast. From the looks of things, this year is no different. The event takes over the city of Palm Springs twice a year, with the first time being in June, and yet again in August.

This past June saw various artists such as Justice, Jai Wolf, Armand Van Helden, & Troyboi take the stage. With the June edition now behind us, we can start to look forward to the August edition. If you’ve ever been to Splash House, this event needs no introduction. If you haven’t, allow me to hype you up.

Taking place August 9-11th, Splash House is set to take over The Renaissance, Riviera, and Saguaro Hotels. All three of these are located in the desert of Palm Springs, California. In regards to after parties, the Splash House “After hours”, takes place at the Palm Springs Air Museum. This last part is especially neat, as the stage is surrounded by the unique backdrop of vintage aircraft.


If you’re still hesitant about attending Splash House, don’t worry as the lineup is to die for. Acts such as Claude VonStroke, Lane 8, & Snakehips are slated to perform. In addition to this, numerous others such as Ekali, Solardo, & Escapade (Walker & Royce + Ardalan) will take the stage.

The After Hours at the Air Museum parties follows suit in that they too have stellar lineups. After Hours artists include Hot Since 82, Mark Knight, & Phantoms on their schedule, as well as Walker & Royce and Enzo Muro. If you’re curious about who else is playing, be sure to check out the full lineup below, as it is jam-packed with Grade-A talent.

For more information, as well as tickets to the August edition of Splash House, be sure to check out their official website here. Keep in mind that guests must be 21+. Last Call passes are available for $195, while After Hours start at $45. Hotel packages are officially sold out. See you soon!

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Electric Island Relocates Following Flooding on Toronto Islands

Electric Island’s second event of the summer will instead take place in Woodbine Park.

Toronto’s Electric Island will take up a temporary home in Woodbine Park when it kicks off Saturday, June 22nd. The event’s primary residence at Hanlan’s Point on the Toronto Islands has undergone flooding, hence the relocation inland. 

Electric Island has roots dating back to 2012, and what started as a local event has since become a four-part event series taking place throughout the summer months. The forthcoming June 22nd date will be Electric Island’s second gathering of 2019 with forthcoming events still planned for August and early September of this year. There’s been no announcement as of yet as to if the event’s late summer dates in August will be impacted.

For house and techno fans, Electric Island is fielding top talent. Seth Troxler, DJ Harvey, and Blond:ish are set to headline the event. The event also coincides with Pride Week, also occurring at the end of the month. 

Check out Electric Island’s full June lineup below. For more information and tickets to Electric Island’s forthcoming events, check out the event’s official website

Electric Island 2019 June Lineup


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Evidence of Swedish House Mafia at Tomorrowland 2019 Continues to Stack Up

A look into the evidence behind this growing conspiracy theory.

Tomorrowland‘s 15-year anniversary is drawing near with each passing day, and despite the festival’s recent full lineup release, there’s still one rumor that seemingly won’t go away: Is Swedish House Mafia playing? 

Of course, while the trio at this point is not scheduled to play the festival, fans claim there have been digital breadcrumbs released along the way indicating Swedish House Mafia will take the stage at Tomorrowland in August. 

First, there was the announcement of Tomorrowland’s One World Radio. Tomorrowland’s top 1000 tracks were counted down and perhaps unsurprisingly, Swedish House Mafia’s “One” took the top honor. However, outside of the countdown results and the title of the program, Tomorrowland’s marketing rollout included the below teaser, which briefly sees their logo flash in a 3×3 grid formation. The same format was used by Swedish House Mafia to cryptically unveil several of their reunion performances throughout the world earlier this year.

If you’re not sold on this theory yet, there’s more evidence to consider. On the current schedule, the closing slots on Tomorrowland’s Sunday lineup are notably blank for both weekends. Could the closing “15Y Spectacle” be a performance by Swedish House Mafia?

Tomorrowland Weekend 1 Lineup

Finally, we owe this last breadcrumb to the internet sleuth who discovered pressing the period key three times while on the Tomorrowland website yields a digital firework display. Of all combinations, given the similarity to Swedish House Mafia’s three dot symbol, it seems a little more than a coincidence that typing three dots yields this hidden effect. Try it for yourself here.

You may think these individual pieces of evidence are circumstantial at best but as they say, grains of sand make a heap. For the final answer to this burning question we may just have to wait until Tomorrowland’s closing bell to find out. 

Tomorrowland takes place July 19th to 21st and July 26th to 28th for weekends one and two respectively.


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