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Elephante Gears Up for Packed ‘Glass Mansion’ Fall Tour

Los Angeles DJ Elephante is known for creating some serious catchy tunes. His expert skills in combining pop with electro elements has become a signature sound for him and can be seen in hits like ‘Troubled‘ and ‘Come Back For You‘. Just this June, he released his Glass Mansion EP which earned over 10 millions streams on Spotify in a few weeks. The party doesn’t stop there however, as Elephante is getting ready for a jam-packed Fall tour in support his sophomore EP.

Appropriately dubbed the ‘Glass Mansion’ Tour, it will cover 33 cities all around the U.S. Included on the tour are a number of festivals where Elephante will be playing some of his biggest sets. These include Moonrise, Breakaway, and Prime Music Festival. Other stops include Atlantic City, New York, Portland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and more, but more cities have yet to be announced so keep a lookout for those.

The first stop of the tour will be at the Hakkasan in Las Vegas where Elephante continues his annual residency. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here. Check out the full tour schedule below.

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The Story Of How I Got Hired At

You can listen to the Music Industry Marketing podcast on Spotify HERE.

Being able to live full-time from my music is an absolute privilege which I am truly grateful for. Because of it, I’m constantly asked how I got a job at, and how I’m able to travel so much. This article aims to answer both of those questions. But in order to get to the root of the question, it’s worth going all the way back to my origins. 

I had quite a normal upbringing. We weren’t rich. But we weren’t poor either. As a family, we were able to get by financially pretty well. I ended up going to a place called Broadstone Middle School. As we lived in the area, it was generally pretty convenient for me to attend there. But around 2008 I think it was, I encountered quite a lot of bullying. Admittedly, I can’t remember what it was for. But at times, I felt like an outcast. Sure, I had a few friends that I stuck close by. But there were always gonna be days in which I felt lonely. And I just had to accept that.

When I was 11 or 12 years old, my mum moved us to Highcliffe as she grew up there as a kid. Essentially, she wanted to be close to her roots – which was fair enough. I don’t blame her for that. For the people unfamiliar with UK geography, Highcliffe is about 2 hours south-west of London. Anyway, I ended up going to a school which was about 10 minutes up the road. It was cool. But once again, I encountered some bullying troubles now & again. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop it. I guess I just kinda accepted it. Because deep down, I knew that although they were making fun of me, I’d be able to stick it to them in a few years time when they saw my success. Many many people in Highcliffe doubted that I would become successful in the music industry. But I had a passion for it. And so any hate was simply converted into motivation. I loved it. 

During October 2016, I made a Charity single called “Beautiful”. Here’s a quick clip of it:

I teamed up with some people in the local area, and a vocalist from Greece to create the track. In aid of Cancer Research UK, it actually did pretty well. The song was alright. It was an acoustic track. But I knew that there was no mainstream appeal. Therefore, I brainstormed ideas of how I could make this project into a commercial success. 

After days of solid thinking, I came up with a solution: EDM. After contacting 20-30 producers, and getting a lot of messages saying the song sucked sh*t, I eventually was able to get a remix from my favorite producer at the time: Klaas. He was a multi-platinum selling producer from Germany that created Infinity 2008 with Guru Josh – a dance classic. 

I remember being in the car on the way back from West Quay (a shopping centre in Southampton) when he sent me the final version of his remix. I put my earphones in, and listened. A smile went across my face. I was so impressed that I almost cried. It was amazing. I felt a sense of achievement. HOLY SH*T. My favorite produced remixed MY song. This is incredible. I didn’t know what to say. But I was happy. Here’s a clip of the Klaas remix:

As well as Klaas, I also got a remix EP from producers in multiple genres. My thinking was that by covering different genres of music, I’d be able to get it heard by a sh*t tonne of people with different interests. MRVLZ, Dan Domino, White Vox, and several others just to name a few. The strategy worked. They were supported on tonnes of YouTube promotion Channels. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike supported the Klaas remix. The MRVLZ remix made it into Spotify’s “Fresh Electronic” playlist. Oh, and it was also played at Tomorrowland. Not bad considering it was my first song. The feeling of knowing that my song was helping out a charity was truly wonderful.

Following that, I ended up getting a writing job at The Wall Of Comedy. Although I was working for free, I was able to generate tonnes of connections within the music industry, and other aspects of entertainment. I got a complimentary press pass to see Stormzy, Giggs, Professor Green & a few more in Liverpool. As The Wall Of Comedy was under the Unilad domain at the time, I was able to go into the Unilad office, and understand social media analytics, how posts go viral etc. That kind of knowledge was absolutely incredible – and lead to me being hired within the music industry to run extremely successful social media campaigns, and many other opportunities. 

I guess that’s the thing. If you’re willing to work for free, you can accomplish pretty much anything you want to within the industry. Like imagine being able to intern for Richard Branson or Gary Vaynerchuk. The amount of knowledge and contacts you’d gain would be phenomenal. I was thinking exactly the same thing. 

In August of 2017, I moved to Australia. This was quite possibly the most difficult thing that I ever did within my life. Having lived with my mum for almost 2 decades (I was 18), It wasn’t exactly easy moving to the other side of the world. It wasn’t like I was just going to London for university. I was literally thousands of miles away. But the reality shock it gave me was incredible. It forced me to grow up a lot faster, and establish a full-time income from my music career. 

Even to this day, I get messages asking if I’ve ever worked “a proper job” in my lifetime. The answer is no… kinda. The truth is that upon Landing in Australia, I tried to find a job in Melbourne so that I was able to financially sustain myself. Hey, it wasn’t easy being an 18 year old kid on the other side of the world with no stable income. I ended up getting an interview to potentially work at a grocery store on Southbank (a popular area of the city). It went pretty well considering they offered me a trial shift for the following week. I turned up, and said to myself that I was prepared to work extremely hard in order to stay in Australia. My shift time was really awkward. I started at 3pm, and finished at 8. It meant I couldn’t do anything during the day – as I would have to be at work by 3. But also, the train from the city centre to my cousins house was at 8.10pm. So I literally had to sprint 10 minutes in order to catch the train. 

But within the first 3 hours of working there, I knew that it wasn’t for me. I hated working for someone else. I felt suffocated as I wasn’t in control of my income, or what I did during those hours. I was bound to one location. One job. Repeatedly. Over & over again. It was at this moment, I knew that I was destined to be an entrepreneur. 

A couple of days later, a realization came over me that I was still a young kid in a foreign country with hardly any income. But thanks to a dude called Gary Vaynerchuk, I knew exactly what to do: flipping. The basics of the 2017 Flip Challenge was that you had to make $20,170 during that year from flipping items on eBay. It was game on. This process is what taught me sales.

I went to garage sales, thrift stores, and Facebook marketplace to find some pretty good deals. TV remotes, games, sports merchandise, anything. If it could be flipped for a profit, I was buying it. Dollar by dollar, my bank balance was going up. I was actually making a decent amount of profit, and was able to sustain myself financially in Australia. I was happy. 3-4 times a week, I went out shopping for things to sell on eBay. Books seemed to be pretty popular if you knew where to look. I found a boxset of 50 shades of grey for about $6. Sold it for $35 Australian dollars. On that sale, I would have made around 25 dollars profit due to the purchase cost and shipping fees etc. Not bad. I was just thinking of ways to turn $5 into $50. You get the idea. 

But my best flip was undoubtedly some AFL scarves. They cost me around $1.50 each, and I sold them for $15. Considering I purchased at least 50, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I was using sales skills to flip my inventory pretty quickly and turn a good profit. 

Whilst in Australia, I actually ended up collaborating with the government on a music project. That was interesting. Basically I was the A&R for Chillyourmind, a music channel and record label. During the promotion of a release, I decided that I was going to contact a few tourism boards to see if they’d be interested in featuring the song. After speaking with Visit Queensland, the song ended up being featured… twice. The videos gained over 8 million Facebook views which was pretty sweet. LTGTR & GAB – Midnight Cruise was the name of the song.

View the original article to see embedded media.

It’s also worth mentioning that I got into artist management last year. I had an artist called Axol who was a producer & vocalist on NCS. But after a few disagreements, we ended up parting ways. Now managing an artist called Anikdote, we’re doing some pretty awesome things. Anikdote recently did a soundtrack for an Amazon TV Show, and is about to do a stadium performance in South Korea. On top of that, we’re releasing loads of new music with influencers, and aiming to release a track once a fortnight. It’s going to be intense. But defenitely worth it. I can’t wait to see what happens over the coming months.

So now you have a good idea of how I ended up in the music industry, let’s talk about how I got a job at Having really enjoyed my time at The Wall Of Comedy/Unilad, I decided that it would be amazing to do something similar within the music industry. Therefore, I did some research into the biggest platforms within the EDM industry. Of course, was the top result. After contacting the company regarding an expression of interest for working here, I ended up speaking to the owner about my ambitions within the music industry. Due to my previous portfolio of work as a journalist, I was accepted as part of the family. To this day, it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. 

Now I’m able to travel the world off the back of my music career, and it’s truly a wonderful experience. I’ve met so many amazing people, and have strengthened a lot of connections within the music industry. For example, I’ve met the Australian ambassador to the USA, Grammy Award winning producers etc. I’ve traveled to 3 Canadian provinces, and 13 states in the USA. I’m also planning trips to the UAE & Australia soon.

The entire process of getting into the music industry was not easy. It involved multiple sleepless nights, constant networking & hard work. There were many times in which I almost gave up. But as Mohammed Ali said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now & live the rest of your life as a champion”.

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Illenium Shares Heroin Overdose Story

Illenium opens up about how he overcame his battle with opiate addiction.

It seems like each day we learn more and more about artists we care so deeply for so much. Their music has become an outlet for them to let it all out but sometimes there is more to it than what meets the eye. Illenium has taken a huge step with just recently posting his struggles with a heroin overdose and opiate addiction when he was young. This confession comes to light just before his new track ‘Take You Down’, which is set to be released on August 3rd. He originally premiered the track at Global Dance Festival in Denver, Colorado and it was full of pure emotion. Take a look at the message from Illenium himself and take a sneak peak of the track. Much love and respect to you Illenium. 

Never be afraid to ask anyone for help. Someone is always willing to listen.

The Drug Abuse Hotline provides toll-free calling and its available 24/7 and confidential. (844) 244-3171.

Connect with Illenium:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Illenium Releases Heartfelt Statement About Struggle with Addiction

Illenium has been on a huge roll this year. Combined with an international grand prize for ‘Crawl Outta Love’ and multiple stellar collaborations with Excision, Kill the Noise and 1788-L, he has shown to be one of dance music’s leading artists. Every artist is human however, and like everyone they can have weaknesses.

Recently, Illenium took to social media to release a heartfelt statement about his struggle with opiate addiction. In the sincere post he gets very personal sharing his overdose on heroin, loss of direction and how music saved his life.

The statement also give background into his new single ‘Take You Down‘ that is to be released this Friday. While the track focuses on addiction and how it can ruin families, it is specifically about his mom and how she never gave up on him. Illenium gets even deeper by making connections to others who are struggling. In summary, the melodic bass producer is thankful for other for sharing their stories, aiding him in finding his passion and ultimately leading music to save his life.

With such an emotional prelude to his next track, we can expect it to possibly pull on some heartstrings. Read the full statement below.

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Lollapalooza To Broadcast Live on Red Bull TV


Lollapalooza returns to Chicago’s historic Grant Park between August 2-5. This year’s Lolla will offer four live channels on Red Bull TV. Live broadcasts starts August 2 at 6 PM CDT and continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM CDT. There’s three channels of festival coverage hosted by Sal Masekela and Hannah Rad. Also, new this year there’s a dedicated channel on the Red Bull Music YouTube page broadcasting a virtual reality experience.

Lollapalooza’s stacked lineup melds genres, and this year’s is phenomenal. A few of the EDM artists on the lineup include Odesza, Dillon Francis, Illenium, Rezz and Rusko. Also, there’s hip-hop artists like The Weeknd, LL Cool J and Gucci Mane.

lollapalooza live broadcast Red Bull TV

Furthermore, the live broadcast can be accessed on Red Bull’s website, Lollapalooza’s website or on the Red Bull TV app. The Red Bull TV app is available for free on all connected devices or Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Photo credit: Charles Reagan Hackleman/Lollapalooza

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Cirez D x Adam Beyer Teasing Another B2B Show

Over Miami Music Week 2017, the best DJ performance (or maybe any performance) took place in a warehouse in Wynwood, Miami. Eric Prydz donned his Cirez D alias for a (we thought) one-off set with Adam Beyer. The crowd reaction was nearly unanimous – jawdropping mindblowing amazingness for 3 hours until 5am.

Speak to anybody who was there and they will talk your ear off endlessly. The production team behind EPIC rigs a warehouse type space into a dark, hot, but incredible venue. The light and laser rig creates a high level of production to match the pulsating beats. Now the two are once again teasing another event. Just like Miami, Eric Prydz shared the exact same photo. Where will it be? At this point nobody knows but for some reason New York feels like a strong contender. At this point we feel confident it won’t be Miami again.

One thing is for sure though. It will sell out within a day and it will be the best set you’ve ever seen in your life…ok that was two things. Check out 1 hour that was released officially below and a fan made video above.

A post shared by Adam Beyer (@realadambeyer) on


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The Chainsmokers Rumored to be Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers

The Chainsmokers have made quite the name for themselves. Their hits include a wide range of songs with ‘Closer’, ‘Somebody‘, and their latest single ‘Side Effects being some of most notable. Now, based on a series of clues it looks the guys are showing no signs of slowing down. A recent show held in Los Angeles has many wondering if they could be hinting at an iconic performance in the future—The Super Halftime Show

Last week, Party Report reported The Chainsmokers held a rare, semi-private, hometown L.A. show where they partnered up with Pepsi to celebrate the brand’s history with Pop music. Several nods were made during the set at Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, but such a show has many wondering if there might be more than what meets the eye here.

This was the first sight attendees got to witness when they first entered The Palladium on Sunset Blvd. for their hometown show. The billing resembles that of another very well known event also sponsored by Pepsi as well, The Superbowl Halftime Show.

Could the recent partnership with Pepsi mean a future appearance and performance for next year’s Superbowl Halftime Show? If so, the second question is who could they bring on as guests for the once in a lifetime experience?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if speculators are onto something.

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Tale Of Us Spins Tracks in Grand Theft Auto V

As part of it’s recent update, Grand Theft Auto is adding in nightclubs to the game. After completing a set number of missions, players can buy nightclubs and bring in famous DJs to play them. July 24th saw the premiere of this feature, with Solomun becoming the first available resident DJ. Today, July 31st, saw the addition of Italian duo Tale Of Us to the DJ roster.

The Techno driven twosome is now available for residency at the After Hours nightclub. To celebrate the occasion the actual Tale Of Us hosted a video on their Facebook page. There you can watch the Italians entertain the virtual crowd by controlling the decks. In addition, GTA is planning to release Black Madonna and Dixon as potential resident DJs as well. If you love electronic music and Grand Theft Auto, this is sure to be your favorite update yet.

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Kaivon Makes His Debut At Soulstice Music Festival Following New Single [Watch]

Kaivon takes Soulstice by storm

Your first live performance is something you’ll never forget. That moment came this last Friday for the artist Kaivon. The young Los Angeles producer took the stage for the first time at Soulstice Festival in San Francisco, California. Stage fright clearly wasn’t an issue here because he held his own like he was a seasoned vet. Just look at that crowd! 

Kaivon Soulstice Recap (; 1:08)

His music is the perfect amount of trap and chillwave that will truly flourish at live shows. I love music that you can go hard a.f. to at a festival and the next day listen to it while you’re at work. That’s the special ingredient titans like Flume and Odesza have been able to tap into. If Kaivon keeps killing it with these live acts who knows, maybe we will be seeing him commanding the crowd at the main stage.

Kaivon started gaining attention with the release of his debut singles all following a theme of “rebirth“. Through these single releases, Kaivon aimed to tell the story of how one can lose themselves over the course of their lives, and then be reborn into their true beings. Among these originals, he has garnered high praise with some amazing remixes! However, Kaivon has emphasized that he only wants to put out solo originals for the time being because he wants his true, vulnerable self to be conveyed to the world. 

I respect that.

“I want to make music that inspires people to be the true versions of themselves. That makes people feel feelings they have never felt before. To make people live in the present moment for just a second because those moments when we are all hand in hand and time stops… are the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.” -Kaivon

His latest track entitled “Can’t Keep Loving” featuring Stella Smyth is a beautiful, dark melodic number that bangs hard. Does anyone else think Stella Smyth sounds a little like Billie Eilish? Huge compliment by the way. The heavy drop and sharp twang balance out the ethereal vocals in a really nice way. Top notch production here.

Keep a look out for the name Kaivon. No doubt he will be doing some big things soon. 

Follow Kaivon:
Soundcloud: @kaivonmusic

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Ekali Opens Up About Mental Health In EDM

In 2018, more than any other year, mental health has been taking the forefront in EDM. The tragedy of Avicii’s suicide put a spotlight on how we, the fans, treat our favorite artists and what they go through to deliver the music we enjoy and the insane performances we pay money to go see. While […]

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EDM Twitter Still Has Some Things To Say About Datsik

No matter what side of the fence you are on the issues, this year’s motif in the music industry has been more or less the year of sexual abuse scandal. From the murder and VERY heated debate on how to remember XXXtentacion after his death, to Chris Brown supposedly beating ANOTHER woman (FFS man), to […]

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We Spoke to the Newest Dutch Sensation On The Block Todd Helder [Interview]

At only 19 years of age, he’s already played at Tomorrowland and is supporting Martin Garrix on his Ushuaïa Ibiza shows!

The Dutch are born and bred to be stellar DJ’s aren’t they just? Well, there’s no exception to the stunning talent coming out of the region. 19-year-old Todd Helder saw his claim to fame kick off with a Marshmello remix contest and there was just no looking back from there on for this young man. 

With a number of stellar releases on acclaimed labels like Martin Garrix‘s STMPD and Trap Nation, Helder also happened to play his first ever set at Tomorrowland Weekend 1, just last weekend! With his most recent releases, a single called “Pixel Love” and an official remix for Martin Garrix and Khalid’s “Ocean”  the up and coming youngster has shown a lot of versatility in his soundscape all while marking it with his signature trap sounds infused with smooth chord progressions and complemented with choppy vocoder vocal lines. 

We had a chance to grab a quick chat with the Dutch bred DJ and producer and here’s what he had to say! – So, how did your musical career kick off and who would you say was your biggest inspiration starting off?

Todd Helder – Remixing Marshmello’s ‘Alone’ really kick-started it all for me, the track was picked up and played by him all over the world in almost every one of his sets. He’s also a big musical inspiration for me.

How did you crack your debut release on a major label like STMPD Recordings? Tell us a little more about “I Need” and your journey there. 

It started out as a bit of fun, recording my brother’s voice and building the track in around 4 hours. The next day I sent the track to my manager to see his reaction. He had the track on repeat for the next 2 days and pitched it to STMPD!

You’ve been supporting Martin Garrix at his iconic Ushuaïa shows this summer, how does that feel for a start?

Ushuaïa Ibiza was the one that really did it for me. The fact that I got to play on the same stage as some of the most iconic musicians of all time was surreal. It was also one of my favorite sets I’ve ever put together. Ushuaïa is definitely my favorite show to date.

You played at one of the largest music festivals this year, Tomorrowland; many DJ’s take years before they achieve this mean feat, what does it feel like to have checked this off so early in your career?

My Tomorrowland performance came just one week after my Ushuaia debut so it felt like a dream. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to play there. I had never actually been to Tomorrowland until now. Of course, it came with a lot of pressure because the DJ’s who were playing there are some of the best in the industry so I had to really step up my game!

What would you say is Todd Helders’ signature style and sound of music?

In 3 words, Electronic, Dark & Happy. I love blending genres so you can definitely hear elements of Trap, EDM and Instrumental Hip Hop in my tracks.

Tell us a fun fact about you which not many know.

Well, this isn’t really about me but my manager is a professional yawner, he is actually a record holder for the most yawns in 1 day.

What’s in the pipeline regarding new shows, releases and more? 

 I just released my first official remix for Martin Garrix’ and Khalid’s ‘Ocean’ and my next STMPD single called ‘Smile’ will be released on August 3rd!

If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with in the near future, who would it be?

 I’d love to work with Dua Lipa because she just has the most beautiful voice. Skrillex would also be high on my list of dream collabs.

His veristality within the genres of dance music and unique signature sound are sure signs that make Helder an artist to watch out for as he steamrolls his way to sucess! 

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