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TC Releases 30 Tracks in 30 days via Total Carnage Mixtape Vol02

TC shows us what true commitment looks like

30 tracks in 30 days is no easy feat. TC shows us that doesn’t stop him with the release of Total Carnage Mixtape Vol02. 

It features 30 tunes in one mix featuring originals and remixes of artists like Post Malone, Pendulum, Valentino Khan, Skrillex, XXXtenacion, and even my favorite Toto.

Tip of the hate to TC for the amount of dedication and hard work it took to pull this off. 

I wonder what he’s going to do now that he has all this free time? 

Check out the impressive mixtape here:

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All L.A. I Dream with Lee Burridge and Friends

On July 1st, Lee Burridge’s iconic open-air gathering, All Day I Dream, will make its way to Los Angeles for the weekend. Over the past 8 years, the event has evolved from a small monthly gathering into a worldwide movement, with thousands around of enthusiasts from every corner of the globe enchanted by the roller coaster, journey-like quality of Burridge’s sets.

All Day I Dream has charmed its international family of friendly, open-minded souls in some of the world’s most gorgeous venues as well as stark cityscapes. With each event rooted in All Day I Dream singular aesthetic and artistic designs it garners new eccentric party nomads as it goes. All Day I Dream is where structural art and free-flowing spirits unite under floating decorations to the melodic spell of All Day I Dream’s cast of musical masters.

In 2018, All Day I Dream has expanded to more than 50 shows in 20 countries around the planet. Highlights this year include multiple Summer Residency dates in Ibiza and Mykonos, taking place on the beach at Blue Marlin and Scorpio’s. Dubai’s winter sun season closed out in March leading neatly into Miami Music Week and a stage at Brazil’s Warung Beach Club Festival. London hosts three dates in 2018 while  In the USA New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco continue to host their regular Summer season of events while Toronto, Montreal Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas and more entertain single one-offs. New locations include Istanbul, Iceland, and Turkey.

Gorje & Izhevski and Oona Dahl will be joining Lee for the Los Angeles stop of the tour this weekend, be sure to get tickets below before it’s too late. 

Also be sure to check out Lee’s new EP titled ‘Elongi’ that was recently released on his ‘All Day I Dream’ label.

For More Info and Tickets to All Day I Dream’s 2018 World Tour Visit:

Connect With All Day I Dream:

All Day I Dream 2018 ‘Journeys of 2018’ World Tour Dates:

June 30 – San Francisco’s – Golden Gate Park

July 1 – Los Angeles, US

Jul 8 – Montreal, CA

July 14 – Toronto, CA – Fort York

Jul 15 – New York, US – Brooklyn Mirage

Jul 19 – Ibiza, ES – Blue Marlin Ibiza

Jul 20 – Boom, BE – Tomorrowland

Jul 27 – Boom, BE – Tomorrowland

Jul 28 – Berlin, DE – Haubentaucher

Aug 2 – Mykonos, GR – Skorpios

Aug 5 – Bloemendaal, NL – Woodstock’69

Aug 9 – Ibiza, ES – Blue Marlin Ibiza

Sep 15 – Chicago, US

Sep 16 – New York, US – Brooklyn Mirage

Sept 20 – Ibiza, ES – Blue Marlin Ibiza

Sep 21 – Portimao, PT

Sep 23 – Los Angeles, US

Sep 29 – Oakland, US – Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Oct 5 – Las Vegas, US – Wynn Las Vegas

Oct 13 – Itajaí, BR – Warung Beach Club

Oct 20 – Amsterdam NL – ADE

Dec 8 – Miami, US – Art Basel

Dec 30 – Los Angeles, US

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Malaa Revives Us With New Single & Tour [Listen]

Malaa releases a hair-raising new single to prepare us for his upcoming mixtape and tour.

’Tis the season of Malaa. The masked crusader returns with his latest single “Bling Bling”, warming us up for his upcoming Fall tour. This is just a taste from his highly anticipated “Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2” through Tchami’s “CONFESSION” imprint. This track is jam-packed with Malaa’s pulsating bass, upbeat tempo and comes sprinkled with thrilling lyrics. We can only imagine how filthy his tour will be.

Tickets are on sale here and take a listen to “Bling Bling” below!


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15 Ways To Grow Your Artist Following Right Now

Let’s start this article off by saying that the majority of people who “teach” you how to grow a following don’t give you all the details because they want you to pay for the detailed answers. But I’m not like that. In this article, I’m going to share some growth tactics that the majority of people are too afraid to say – because they wanna keep the strategy to themselves. I’m not asking for money. I’m not asking for fame. But if this article helps you, please share it with a friend. 

And now for the interesting sh*t…

1. Give away your music for free.

I’ve done this one many many times. And the results are always exceptional. For example, In 2017, I did a collaboration with the Australian Government Tourism Department for Queensland. It got featured twice. 

In order to increase distribution of the song amongst the world, I emailed 200-300 influencers + tourism boards etc offering free use of the track in their content. We ended up getting tonnes of people on YouTube, Instagram etc to use the track. 

As a result, the project gained over 1.5 million streams. Due it being featured by so many large accounts, people were naturally searching for it on Spotify – thus increasing the fanbase on that platform. I’ve done tonnes of projects like that. But it was just an example.

By giving away your music for free to influencers (and not giving them copyright strikes or claims), you are spreading distribution of the song – leading to potential virality.

View the original article to see embedded media.

2. Facebook & Instagram ads are your new best friend.

I’m gonna be straight up honest with you. If the visuals/quality of your ad is terrible, you’re wasting your money. It sucks sh*t. You won’t get results. However, if the quality of your ad is great, and the targeting is good, it’ll be effective.

For example, if you release a remix of a Drake song, you can target everyone in his fanbase that also likes EDM, and then run ads against that audience with your remix as the content. With the option to like your fan page in the top right corner, it allows you to grow your audience quickly using an effective content strategy. Pretty neat right? Yes Indeed. 

3. Remix trending content.

Hats off to the bombs away lads who seem to be pretty damn awesome at this.

By remixing trending songs + viral content, it allows their remix to appear in the top search results – thus gaining views. Plus, if it’s a topic that people are already talking about, there’s a strong likelihood people will share it.

Let’s use their Walmart Kid video as an example. Because it was a trending topic at the time, loads of people found it absolutely fascinating. This allowed it to gain several hundred thousand views pretty quickly. 

4. Get featured on culture pages.

I used to work for one – so I know this method extremely well. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be one of the guys at The Wall Of Comedy. One of the founders is the lead actor in the new Purge movie. So that’s cool.

Anyway, culture/meme pages are pretty incredible for growing your artist fanbase. Let’s say that you make a video (like above), and send it to 300 meme pages across Facebook & Instagram. The odds are that MAYBE 10 will feature it if it’s good. The truth is that they get so many content requests it’s hard to read every single submission. 

A few examples of culture pages:

– The Wall Of Comedy

– TheLadBible

– Unilad

– EpicFunnyPage

– The Hook

By tagging your artist page in the description, they are driving traffic directly towards your social media. Of course, if each video is getting a couple million views, and 10 pages are featuring your content, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your fanbase is gonna grow. 

5. Pay for sponsored posts.

The past few methods can be done for free (if your content is good enough). But if you’re balls-deep in cash, and are looking for a productive way to spend it, sponsored posts are a great way to grow a fanbase.

Let’s say that you slide into the DM’s of a large Instagram page/influencer that you want to feature your content. The first thing they’re gonna say is “What do you want”. And although asking to be featured across every single piece of their content could work, your name isn’t Drake. Plus, the influencer wants to keep a bit of their dignity and not be a sell-out (unlike my good friends at Spotify).

Therefore, the most likely option is paying multiple influencers for a one-off post on either their feed or story. Personally, I prefer the option of stories as it allows consumers to swipe up. If you have a merch line you wanna sell, swipe up. If you wanna direct people to your new song, swipe up. You get the idea. Influencer collaborations are pretty awesome… even if you’ve gotta pay to get your name out there.

Get your ass on

SO MANY people laughed at me when I said that was a great platform for promoting your music. But after it sold for a billion dollars, pretty much everyone went silent.

What the majority of people don’t know is that the platform has a partnership with Apple Music. If a lot of influencers use your track on, you’ll notice a pretty awesome spike in Apple Music streams. If you want some advice on how to promote your music on, feel free to message me. 

7. Pay For Remixes.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this works. For the sake of examples, lets say you hit up Kygo and he agrees to remix your song, his fanbase will see that he released a new remix, and thus go and check it out. By getting a well known artist to remix your music, it attracts their fanbase to yours. Simples.

8. Get featured on blogs.

With over 1.7 million people following, it’s not a bad place to get your music promoted. It’s certainly better than YourEDM.

If you wish to get featured by us, all you have to do is have good content, and be polite in your pitch. You’re more than welcome to send me demos on Facebook, or hit up my editor by sending an email to

9. Collaborate with people in other territories.

If you wish to break into a new market, you could either start from the bottom, or collaborate with one of the biggest superstars in that territory. I certainly know what I’d rather choose.

Justin Bieber is a ridiculously good example of this tactic to grow in foreign markets. By collaborating with Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, his name managed to penetrate deep inside the latin market. Oh, and earn a decent amount of cash in the process. 

If you wanna break into a new market, use the Spotify Top Charts to identify people within a market, and then email people within that list offering to collaborate or remix one of their songs. 

10. Utilize opportunities.

Here at, we love giving out opportunities to help you guys grow your audience. Therefore, the “remix of the week” is a concept generated that promotes upcoming artists by getting them to remix a track. As a result, they get their name featured across all of our socials. Not bad right?

My point is that you should constantly be searching for opportunities to grow your fanbase & network within the music industry.

11. Get your music on large YouTube channels.

Like a few of the previous methods, this one is pretty straight forward. By getting your music featured by loads of big channels, it allows your name & content to be heard by potentially millions of people.

12. Network with Spotify curators to get your music featured.

Once you have finished reading this article, go to Linkedin or Facebook, and type in the search bar “people who work at Spotify”. This will bring up a list of curators that own a Spotify playlist. If you have a few mutual friends, add them up and create a good relationship (but nothing inappropriate).

13. Livestream.

Livestreaming is a pretty cool feature as it allows a content creator to interact directly with their audience. My suggestion is to offer an incentive for people to share your stream. eg. A 1-1 Skype session or a name shout-out within the stream. This allows your Facebook page to be seen by a lot more people. 

14. Use the trending page for content ideas.

Stuck on ideas for social media content? Need some inspiration as to what will go viral? Go to YouTube, and click on trending. This will bring up about 100 popular videos within your location. If you see some patterns (such as multiple videos talking about the same topic), consider remixing it. As mentioned in method 3, remixing trending content is a good idea.

15. Be smart about your tags.

When using tags/hashtags in your content, you should try and focus on options that won’t have high competition. For example, #music will be extremely hard to rank your video for on Insta & YouTube. However, something more specific such as “Drake’s God’s Plan Remix” will be much easier to rank on. This essentially allows your content to be seen by more people – as it’s a lot higher in search results.

Anddddd that’s the end of the article. If you found it useful, please share with a friend and spread some positivity within the music industry. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to me regarding any questions that you may have.

Promoting your music brand can be expensive & costly. But the price is (probably) nowhere near what Drake’s team paid Spotify to have his face plastered all over the platform. So consider yourself lucky! 🙂

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Spotify is Opening a Brand New Office in Detroit & It’s Nothing Fancy

Image result for spotify

Music streaming giant Spotify has recently announced that they will be opening a small satellite office in Detroit. The New York-based business is scheduled to rent an office space at 132 N. Old Woodward Ave., which intersects with Maple Road in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham. Talk about plain and simple!

It has been speculated that a mere five to seven employees will work within the office inside a nondescript two-story building.

As Canadians gear up to celebrate Canada Day, July 1st will also now be pegged as the opening date for the official launch. Although Canadians will be busy unwrapping fireworks, it can be assumed that Spotify employees will be unpacking boxes at that time.

A representative for the well-known company suggested that they are expecting to grow beyond the Birmingham area. This is in addition to the nearly $3 million a month that the business pays for a dozen floors atop the World Trade Center.

It is still unclear as to why the company has opened the office in the Birmingham area. It has been speculated that it may be a sales office for local advertising.

Following the somewhat shocking news, Jack White has opened several Third Man Record stores in the city. In addition, the musician has recently opened the Third Man Pressing Plant.

Although Spotify focuses on the digital music, the Third Man Facility has helped make modern advancements within the vinyl market. Ultimately, this creates a curious contrast between the two. The classic vinyl format will always seem to be the popular choice. However, one would be surprised to know that the two are often intertwined.

Regardless of the reason behind the decision, we look forward to seeing the overall progressions within the company.

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Don Diablo Takes a Crack at the Mysterious New Artist Big Pineapple with 'Another Chance' Rework

Don Diablo knows who Big Pineapple is, do you?

Don Diablo is back at it with a new edit of Big Pineapple‘s ‘Another Chance‘.  

I can’t get enough of this Big Pineapple backstory.

“The mysterious Big Pineapple grew up on a remote island where he was left as a baby. Growing up there he made the most out of his lonely situation, mostly making toys and later on art from the pineapples he was surrounded with.  

A few years ago he met a stranger who showed him the wondrous world of electronic music. He fell in love with the sound immediately and decided to dedicate his life to making music. 

Years pass. Until one day that stranger saw his dedication and hard work and decided to take him under his wing. That stranger is also known as Don Diablo and the rest is…well about to be history. “

I love an epic friendship origin story! 

Don Diablo takes inspiration from the 2001 UK Hit ‘Another Chance’ by Roger Sanchez and loops in a sample from Toto‘s ‘I Won’t Hold You Back’. Anytime you throw in Toto, you got yourself a fan.

It’s a skillful edit and gives a nod to noughties house with a flare of future house.

Check out the track for yourself here:

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[LISTEN] Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop

Where's The Drop

Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop

It is no secret that Deadmau5 is quite the audiophile. Earlier this year he released his groundbreaking album, ‘Where’s the drop‘. The album saw the Mau5 recreate his biggest hits in orchestral form. The album was also paired with two live events. As we all know, the music was produced by Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5. What many don’t know, is that the orchestral renditions were composed by Gregory Reveret.

The album was initially released as a TIDAL exclusive. This meant it would be available as lossless audio data. This would allow listeners to hear the music just as its creator meant for it to be heard. By releasing ‘Where’s the drop’ as a TIDAL exclusive, this left the rest of the world waiting. It goes without saying that this definitely angered many fans.

It didn’t take long for word to reach Deadmau5, as the the Canadian DJ & record producer reassured us all that the album would be available through other streaming platforms. That time has come, and the album can be streamed everywhere today. The album includes fifteen of Deadmau5′ most iconic productions. Check it out below, enjoy.

Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop | DOWNLOAD

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‘In Search of Sunrise’ Ends 3 Year Wait With Mix #14

in search

The festival season is upon us and new music is coming from all angles. As the summer gets going, pool parties and festival alike are coming in full swing. However, something was missing, but what was it? We think we’ve got the answer: ‘In Search Of Sunrise’.

For the first time in 3 years the legendary trance summer mix is back. Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden and Andy Moor have all taken on the responsibility and it’s safe to say they delivered. The three acts created a mix which features some mainstays of the music scene, including Above & Beyond, Dakota, Cosmic Gate, Solarstone, Ferry Corsten, and others.

Markus Schulz is the first DJ up to the task. He kicks off the mix with ‘Hymn of the Replicant’ followed by Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa’s ‘Cold Feet’. He then lifts again with ‘Something About You’ which showcases his Dakota alias. The song also features upcoming trance stars Arkham Knights.

Next up is the American duo Gabriel & Dresden. The two have undergone a serious revival as of late and their inclusion on ‘In Search of Sunrise’ is a testament to their growing popularity. They treat listeners to several big tracks such as their club mix of their single ‘Over Oceans’ and Estiva‘s big hit ‘Space Dust.

Rounding out this year’s mix is transcendent British superstar Andy Moor. From Moor we get tracks like Paul Thomas’ ‘Shadow’ and Airbase‘s timeless tune ‘Vermillion.

Trance fans can enjoy summer with the return of this trance mix. Check out ‘In Search of Sunrise’ below and let us know what you think.


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We "Can't Get Enough" Of This New Track From Julius Dreisig & MYLKY

Recently, Julius Dreisig did a collaboration with upcoming producer “MYLKY“. Titled “Can’t get enough“, the production certainly highlights their talent within the entertainment industry.

With several million combined Spotify streams, this talented duo are names that we will certainly be watching out for over the next few months.

Featuring a truly wonderful drop, the combination of the vocal riff accompanied by the drum patterns is absolutely spectacular. 

Known for his versatility as a producer, Julius teaming up with MYLKY shows his true technical ability as a producer to produce hit after hit. Often incorporating trap elements into this track, it’s been stuck inside my head all day.

We certainly can’t get enough of this track. You can check it out here:

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Amsterdam Dance Event Announces First Wave of Artists For 2018 Event

Amsterdam Dance Event is back again with yet another stunning lineup of artists partaking in this year’s schedule. As the largest and perhaps most well-known music conference and festival in the world, the event never ceases to amaze us with their jam-packed offerings from artists, industry leaders and more.

Taking place this year from October 17-21, 2018 in Amsterdam, the event offers a combination of daytime programming filled with talks and workshops, along with nighttime programming across various venues in the city. It’s a truly eclectic and unique experience for all forms of music lovers, with 550 speakers, over 2,500 artists and 160 locations for the five-day span.

The first artists announced for ADE include Adriatique, Ben Klock, Jamie Jones, Hardwell, Mano Le Touch, Patrice Baumel, Stephan Bodzin, Tale of Us, Pleasurekraft, Tom Trago, KiNK, Floating Points, Maceo Plex and many more.

ADE’s event director, Richard Zjilma, explained:

“We’re almost at the point of reaching the magical 400,000 visitors mark, and we still see lots of opportunities to grow. ADE aims to be a world stage for musical talent and the music industry. With visitors from more than 100 countries now you can confidently claim that Amsterdam is truly the beating heart of the worldwide music industry during ADE, while being at the same time a breading ground for cultural and technological innovation for five days and nights.

You can find the full first wave lineup announcement below.

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KANDY Remixes Classic "Milkshake" Song [Premiere]

KANDY travels fans back in time with his latest remix of “Milkshake” by Kelis.

Following his vogue-house drag inspired track and video, ‘Feeling KNT’, KANDY continues to bring his irresistible sound to pride month. Early 2000’s throwback meets vogue, in KANDY’S new industrial remix of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’. The remix has not only become the PRIDE anthem for the year but has also been sweeping the electronic dance music scene with big acts dropping the remix. For instance, Diplo played it for the first time during his Boiler Room set and it had the room singing along!

The hugely talented and well-known dj duo Adventure Club just recently dropped their latest Superheroes Anonymous 9: Survival mix. In the mix, KANDY’s remix is featured and blends perfectly with the other tracks. It comes in around 21:30. Take a listen down below. 

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The remix transports listeners back to the early 2000’s. KANDY simply takes an old musical hit and turns it into another masterpiece. The remix has perfect builds and drops from start to finish.  There is not one melody or beat in the remix that overpowers anything and its refreshing. It is one of those remixes that will unite people together by singing the famous lyrics while adding an electronic twist to the end. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Growing up in the cultural melting pot of New York, Kevin Schuppel aka KANDY has earned the respect of the ever-expanding electronic community by creating one of the most distinctive sounds while embodying his own world of hectic continuity. Striving to inspire others by any means necessary, KANDY continues to push the envelope by combining unique musical elements with his signature sound. As a member of the LGBTQ community, KANDY recognizes the importance of a voice within the dance music scene.

KANDY has already been accomplishing major milestones this year. He was the first artist to be featured on Diplo’s new SiriusXM radio station “Diplo’s Revolution.” DJ SNAKE dropped has dropped his track “PAUSE” with PURGE live at an event. He has been playing shows and festivals all around the U.S. and breaking boundaries with his music. He believes love conquers all. With that mindset, 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the talented musician.

KANDY will be bringing this track and his other latest track ‘Feeling KNT’ to San Diego Pride the weekend of July 14th when he performs during the festivals so make sure to check him out. This will be a set you don’t want to miss, trust us. 

Connect with KANDY:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify | Website |

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PENDULUM DROPS "The Reworks" Album Today!

The line-up is STACKED with remixes from Noisa, Knife Party, Skrillex, Moby, and more!

Today is the day. Legends in Drum N Bass music, Pendulum, have enlisted the help of their superstar friends to rework the classics we know and love. 

The group is also releasing The Complete Works box set so you can get yourself in a deep hole of Pendulum nostalgia to kickstart your weekend. 

Each track is getting a 2018 spin and we are here for it! Listen below to hear remixes from the greats including Noisa, Knife Party, Skrillex, and Moby to name a few.

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