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Man With Drone Gets Called Out By Deadmau5

Image result for joel zimmerman in torontoJust when you couldn’t get enough of Deadmau5 and his antics, he strikes again in this short story from Youtuber My Little Hobby, also known as Cdnstudman Mike. In this video, Mike details how he unexpectedly ran into the mau5 one day. Last spring in Canada, he decided to film footage of him doing a massive burnout in his truck.

He takes off in the middle of a road and lets the drone fly. With blocked signal from the trees, his camera malfunctions. Being the first time this problem occurred, Mike starts to inspect but catches from the corner of his eye, catches the mau5 approaching his truck. “What’s the deal with the effin’ drone man? You’re not supposed to film here, I own everything here,” mau5 sasses. Mike acknowledges his claim but doesn’t see the harm. Off he goes, but his license plate number gets taken down.

The next day, our drone guy gets a visit from two detectives. Surely we knew this was coming. After explaining the situation to the authorities, Mike stated it wasn’t smart for someone to show off drone footage of their home. Isn’t it then considered the same legal air space to roam? For someone that doesn’t want footage of his house, it’s not smart to show people where he lives.

Maybe he was just having a bad day. However, this is not the first time that a police report was filed and it was not public record. People that have known him say that he has such antagonistic demeanors. With great music producing, comes great pride we suppose. Let’s all take a stand on drone users. This interesting and true story was meant to provide closure for Mike on this stranger encounter. Hopefully one day Joel and Mike can make a coffee run in the McLaren and sort things out.

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Bassnectar To Play Moonlight Show At Okeechobee

Family Photo Okeechobee ’17 via

Bassnectar is treating his tribe to something special tomorrow night. Kicking off the third annual Okeechobee Music Festival, Bassnectar will play a moonlight set with no stage, no lights and no video. Although bassheads knew that the DJ would be playing a “special full moon set” as it’s on the official lineup, the production of said show is pretty interesting to say the least.

Bassnectar is no stranger to Okeechobee, he’s actually an alumni if you will. The DJ has played every year since the widely successful festival inception in 2016. According to his Facebook post, the Okeechobee team pretty much handed Bassnectar’s team the reins and a beach. He won’t be playing alone though, Lorin also mentions Thriftworks & OPIOU as “their sound was perfect” for their moonlit plan.

Catch Bassnectar on Thursday and Friday at Okeechobee and make sure to see other big names like Zeds Dead, Big Gigantic, Ganja White Night and more.

You can still buy tickets to Okeechobee if you’re one of those spontaneous festival goers here.  

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Billy Kenny Talks CRSSD, This Ain’t Bristol, And Future Endeavors

Innovative. Energetic. Wild. Driven. Refreshing. These are all words that come to mind when Billy Kenny does pretty much anything. The UK born DJ/producer has made quite a name for himself since he started releasing singles in 2012. Kenny has made music for an impressive number of labels (including his co-owned imprint This Ain’t Bristol), toured all over the world, and has big plans for the future. We got a chance to chat with Billy ahead of his next tour date at CRSSD this weekend.

How has it been since you made the move to LA? 

Amazing! I love the people here, the weather, my new home, and friends. It’s made such a positive impact on my life and I’m very grateful for it!

Your co-owned label has been a stage host and/or done showcases at several festivals the past year. What is the next festival you’d love to see This Ain’t Bristol host a stage at? 

Yes, so far we’ve done a few in Europe and have just recently done a few in the US including Nocturnal Wonderland, Dirtybird Campout East, Groove Cruise and more. We’ve got a CRSSD Festival afterparty coming up next week and Electric Forest stage takeover in a couple of months which we’re all really excited for. Sky’s the limit, we want to be at them all! I’d personally love us to do a takeover at LIB or Canada’s Shambhala off the top of my head.

Speaking of CRSSD, it’s coming up this weekend and This Ain’t Bristol is hosting a sold-out after party. What are some things fans can expect? Any surprises in store? 

That’s right, we’re at Music Box Sunday and it’s our One Night In concept whereby we don’t announce the lineup. We did one in LA last year and that sold out too! I can’t say anything about the lineup, but I’ll be there and we have artists from three different countries popping in to surprise everyone!
Could you possibly see TAB hosting a boutique festival like Dirtybird one day? 
Stay tuned! 😉

You are known and loved for your versatile house/techno music. But if you could, what is a genre you’d like to experiment with or explore more? 

I’ve been loving the new deep tech breed of sounds at the moment! Always been a fan of people like Stephan Bodzin, Adriatique and all of the Dynamic crew in Germany but there are so many new names popping up for me in that area that I’m really into. 

Your fan base is a dedicated one. What are some of the ways you connect with them? 

Yeah, people tell me that and it’s really awesome to see! I love reading and replying to as many funny, heartfelt, entertaining messages and comments as I can. I never really used Twitter until a couple of years ago but I find that’s such an easy way to connect with loads of people, quickly. So Twitter would be my go to, but I’m always meeting with people before and after shows to hang out whenever I’m able to. Then, of course, there’s the notorious partying after my sets in the crowd at festivals. People are so shocked when I’m dancing next to them right after my set, haha!

As of right now, you seem to have busy 2018 ahead- what are you looking forward to the most?

So many things! To be honest, the majority I’m not allowed to mention yet, but some announced things would include CRSSD festival this weekend. I got my set time last week and it’s a good one! I’m heading to Europe next month to play a string of shows there, I’ve missed Europe! Keen for my debut at Bonnaroo too! I’m also heading to one of my favorite clubs again in Johannesburg. The club is called Truth and it’s a huge old snake pit but it has one of my favorite crowds

What is a must-have essential while you’re touring? 

Cigarettes, phone, zelda on my Nintendo Switch.

If there’s one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be? 

More LOVE!
Be sure to catch Billy Kenny in San Diego this weekend at CRSSD and the This Ain’t Bristol after party. We are sure that it’ll be a distinct highlight of the festival and a precursor for what is to come the rest of 2018.

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The Chainsmokers Feed into Swedish House Mafia Reunion Hype

The pair want to know if you think Swedish House Mafia will reunite at Ultra The hype for a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra’s 20th anniversary is strong and seriously undying. Though no concrete evidence exists (aside from Axwell, Ingrosso, and Steve Angello re-following each other on Instagram), the hope of many big-room fans […]

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Billboard Introduces Its Own Top 100 DJ Ranking

Billboard released some monstrous news this week as they are now going to include Dance within their top 100 charts. Billboard Dance 100 is their own credible charting system that includes the following:  Artist rankings gathered from streaming, track sales, album sales, radio airplay. Touring data like show capacities, festival bookings, and residencies. And last […]

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Kill Them With Colour Unveils Intoxicating Destiny’s Child Remix

Are you ready for another bangin’ remix from Kill Them With Colour?

Truly, each new addition to Kill Them With Colour’s discography further proves their immense talent and production versatility. Formerly a duo and now a solo act, Wesley Marsh has been unstoppable and impressive since the project began. With singles like “Always Somethin” and “Diamonds”, it’s easy to see how he’s got us starving for more.

Today, the multifaceted DJ/producer has dropped a groovy house remix that we can’t get enough of! Kill Them With Colour’s re-imagination of Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath” is addictive, fun, and contains those summer vibes that we’re longing for late into spring. This tune will surely be on repeat deep into this coming festival season. Check it out:

Kill Them With Colour is a name you won’t want to forget, as their unique and vibrant sound will be circulating throughout the EDM scene in the months to come. Keep your eyes peeled for their next heater.

Keep up with Kill Them With Colour:

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Get Caught in the ‘Rapture’ With Music That Matters From Luciano, Guy Gerber & More!

Ditch the pool parties for a taste of nature at Rapture Electronic Music Festival on March 22nd.

Just a short drive from the looming skyscrapers of downtown Miami lies the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, where for a single day the scene transforms from just a tranquil beachfront to a scenic backdrop for the melodic and beat-driven sounds of the underground.

Find a Reason to Connect at Rapture Electronic Music Festival

Rapture Electronic Music Festival is returning for its second edition this March 22nd during Miami Music Week to create a 20-hour journey of collective consciousness with experientially-minded music fans. Away from the tired old scenes of dimly lit nightclubs or the excessive bottle-popping of posh daytime pool parties, Rapture is connecting with nature with the help of an exquisitely curated lineup of artists.

The magical Luciano will be making his Rapture debut at the Terra Stage, with the help of Chris Liebing, Guy Gerber, and a Rapture exclusive – MANFLY, featuring the lethal combination of beats from Audiofly and M.A.N.D.Y. 

As you walk along the sandy beach, you may find yourself drifting towards the minimally inclined sounds of the Un_mute Stage, which sees the return of tINI, this time with the support (and rare US appearance) of the full trio of Romanian guns, RPR Soundsystem.

Where music goes, gardens grow, as is the case with The Soundgarden Stage which sees the Argentine maestro, Hernán Cattáneo bring the deeper melodies for a blissed-out vibe accompanied by YOTTO, Eelke Kleijn, and more.

But the artists aren’t the only offering at Rapture Electronic Music Festival. The immersive event offers the opportunity to connect with fans from far and wide as we step out of the norm to connect with one another in a transformative, and inclusive experience. Whether it’s finding your rhythm as you float through a sea of bodies swaying to the same beat, or catching yourself in awe at the combustible elegance of fire dancers, Rapture offers an alternative to the typical Miami experience.

Purchase Tickets to Feel the Rapture in Miami

This sustainable experience is for everyone, as Rapture focuses its efforts on environmental awareness by limiting its footprint. By teaming up with Big Blue and You, Rapture is bringing awareness to the importance of ocean conservation. In order to maintain the pristine beautify of Virginia Key Beach Park, Rapture is also partnering up with Ocean Generation and will enforce a strict no-straw ban in order to cut down on unnecessary waste that pollutes our oceans. Volunteers and fans alike are encouraged to be sensible about their environmental impact, as we all come together to enjoy our tight-knit music community.

Follow Rapture:


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Getter and Ghostemane Have Teamed Up to Unleash An Impecable EP


Getter & Ghostemane – Dahlia I EP

Getter and Ghostemane are taking on 2018 in full force with the release of their fresh EP entitled ‘Dahlia I‘. Consisting of 3 fresh tracks, called ‘Hack Slack‘, ‘Grain‘, and ‘Beware, The Sirens‘, the new releases will have you headbanging until the sun comes up!

Ghostmane’s distinct style radiates through the EP – these tunes will seriously be stuck in your head almost instantly! Getter is known for his bass-heavy, yet melodic productions. The recent EP showcases his style, however, also shows his fans that he can mix a slightly darker rhythm into his pieces.

The American duo seem to be a match made in musical heaven, blending their creativity and sound perfect together. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and more importantly if you have managed to listen to the tracks without getting them permanently stuck in your head.

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Beyond Wonderland Releases Official 2018 Trailer

beyond wonderOur initial hype for Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland festival came when they released the lineup. Now, our excitement is at a new high with the release of the official trailer.

While the lineup showcases the incredible DJs who will be spinning sets, the trailer conveys just how Insomniac will be offering yet another unparalleled festival experience.  

The surreal world of Alice in Wonderland shines through in this trippy trailer. The stages, such as Madhatter’s Castle and Cheshire Woods, drive home the “through the looking glass” vibe of the festival. Beyond Wonderland is a unique and magical experience that you won’t want to miss.

Tickets are on sale now! You can buy them here.

So get excited and prepare to enter the wonderland on March 16 & 17.

Beyond Wonderland lineup

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16-Piece Orchestra Performs Daft Punk In London!

DPInsIt’s rare nowadays to hear anything about Daft Punk. So when news comes out about anything concerning the two famous robots, word spreads fast.

From the brand, Re:Imagine, A 16-piece orchestra group in London held a orchestral rendition of some of the greatest hits in Daft Punk History. The event took place at the XOYO club and seems to be an event that goes down quite a few times throughout the year.

Check out some of the footage posted on Reddit from a user lucky enough be able to attend!

Check out the tracklist of the songs in the video below:

Da Funk (0:00-0:16)

Technologic (0:16-0:25)

Around The World (0:25-0:34)

Digital Love (0:34-0:49)

One More Time (0:49-1:18)

Get Lucky (1:18-2:19)

The next Daft Punk orchestral event will be held on March 8th. If you’re in London then, check it out for a unique experience to take in. Tickets are on sale now!

Feel free to visit the event page here to get even more information and to purchase tickets.

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HARD Will Take Over EDC Vegas’ Cosmic Meadow Stage in 2018

These are strange times in the world of EDM festival business. Not too long ago HARD Events and Insomniac were seen as bitter rivals, but actually Insomniac owned a large piece of HARD and let it operate on its own. Now Gary Richards is out at HARD and the two biggest festival brands on the West Coast are coming together. HARD will host its own stage at EDC‘s cosmicMeadow in 2018.

Yes you heard that right. The groovy beats of HARD are coming to EDC and bringing heavy-hitters like A-Trak, Zeds Dead, Tchami v Malaa, Getter, DJ Mustard, The Benches (Dotcom, Kayzo, Ookay, Yultron), Snails, Boys Noize, Borgore, Ekali, Chris Lake, MK, and Shiba San.

This collaboration bodes well as HARD prepares for another outing of HARD Summer and another back to back set of Holy Ship cruises in 2019. This collaboration is sure to make many fans happy. Get your EDC tickets here and join the fun!


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Virtual Self Reveals Ghost Voices Music Video

Virtual Self posted the official music video for ‘Ghost Voices’ today. The video was posted to Porter Robinson‘s YouTube channel and included so many goodies. Virtual Self is Porter’s passion project and a majority of the hype behind it has been the mystery. Today, in the comments of the video the two characters behind Virtual Self have been answering questions.

The video itself is a dystopian trip, pairing the neotrance song with the world of the two characters behind Virtual Self: technic-Angel and Pathselector. A number of people were involved in producing the video which was directed by Porter Robinson himself. In place of pixelation over faces, a distorted static is used for the actors of technic-Angel and Pathselector. These two are featured as ghosted images in an old laboratory filled with snowy CRT screens.

Porter has put a Herculean amount of effort into the project and there doesn’t seem to be a single slip in any part of the video. He is a perfectionist and it really shows in the performance over the last few months.

In the comments of the video (below), you can see technic-Angel and Pathselector answering fan questions with cryptic answers. There has been no definitive answer for anything, but boy is it interesting, and impossible not to be drawn in.

Questions and Answers as of posting:

technic-Angel Questions

Where do you come from?: I come from “Virtual Self”

How did you and Pathselector create this marvelous beauty?: Pathselector created this song, but we decided that we would both feature in the video. Please ask her about her inspirations.

Were you made by machines?: I was made by Virtual Self

Has one experienced the particle?: Particle of egoism becomes technic self-Sense

Do you know who Porter Robinson is?:

When were you born? Are you a digital entity or something else?: I have always existed. Please pass through the sacred myths of EON.

How does the digital-Angel-Awaken?: Endless sense-awakening through this gate

What is your favourite song ever?: Onoken – Felys. That song inspired elements of Particle Arts.

Are you eternal?: I think so.

Wait for me: Wait for me.

Can you resurrect the self-Light of this oblivion?: The eternalistic reflex of the abyss is once-Unlimited

How would you best describe the differences in your and Pathselector’s sound and production style?: I incorporate elements of hardtrance, hardcore, jungle and cybertrance. Pathselector’s music focuses on neotrance, 2step, and garage elements.

Do you know the creator of the world you live in?: We created this void.

Is it your sweet voice we hear in the beginning and outro of Particle Arts?: Lately, I’ve been hearing the cries of angels when I close my eyes, Remember?

Why is the song called Ghost Voices? Is this what you hear?: Please ask Pathselector

Am I eternal?: The utopian gate is infinite.

What is your purpose?: We’re waiting for you. Be sure to come.

Is the boundless heaven the key to our endless utopia?: You believe that these infinite heavens will lead you.

Can you sleep?: I cannot sleep, so instead I make music.

If the antidiluvian time ends, do we all disappear, or do we all become one? Maybe heaven is just a concentrated type of delectation?

Pathselector Questions

What is your purpose?: I’m here to make music and to share ideas.

What is your relation to technic-Angel?: We are both members of “VIRTUAL SELF”. I wrote Ghost Voices and A.I.ngel (Become God), and technic-Angel wrote Eon Break, Particle Arts, and Key. I also contributed elements to Eon Break.

What is your favourite track that is not from Virtual Self?: My favorite song of all time is Tenth Planet – Ghosts (Vincent de Moor Remix).

Are you and technic-Angel planning on working together moving forward?: We always share techniques, sounds and ideas.

Can you hear the crying of the angel when you close your eyes?: Lately, she’s been hearing the cries of angels when she closes her eyes.

In what realms do you exist?: We exist within “VIRTUAL SELF”

Am I convinced of nothingness?: Sense-paralysis is felt through Reflexes of EON.

I’m here. So, I am with you forever.

Since you wrote it, who exactly is A.I.ngel? technic?: Both of us.

What does the crystal symbolize?: This abyss is sacred

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