Episode 5: Interview with The Chainsmokers! The Chainsmokers have become the hottest young American EDM DJ duo. They’ve gotten immense support by friends such as Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki, Pete Tong, Afrojack, Tiesto, W&W, and more. Their live shows are becoming the most sought after in EDM. Their wild antics, hilarious personalities, and addicting productions have fans interacting with them non stop and running to see them live every chance they get. In this episode, we dig into their #1 smash hit “Roses” and learn more about their signature sound, overcoming #SELFIE, how you can become a hit with what they call 10,000 hours to success, and so much more! Then laugh at this week’s Drunk Dial… ever get wasted and prank call a bar?

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