Episode 13: Interviews with Armin Van Buuren and Kaskade! Our first guest is the one and only A-V-B. Not only has he been crowned the world’s number one DJ and Armin Van Buuren has had the privilege of performing at some of the world’s biggest and best festivals, clubs, events, and shows, and also maintains a radio show. No matter how many hours Armin has traveled to get there, as soon as he enters the DJ booth, the Dutchman puts his full focus on the music, the crowd, and how those two will combine. Once the beats of his first record have kicked in, the room lights up and chanting starts to fill the air. To witness a set by Armin van Buuren is to be blown away — to lose yourself completely in the music and become one with the people around you. Second, we talk with Chicago’s Own Kaskade. Though he was born in Chicago, the DJ, A&R director, record store owner, and producer is known as Kaskade found his spiritual and musical home in San Francisco by way of Salt Lake City and New York. One of the hardest-working people in the San Francisco house scene, he’s Kaskade the house music producer/DJ by night; by day he’s Ryan Raddon, A&R director for OM Records. As an A&R man, he helped kick-start the careers of many artists, in this episode we’ll discover how he came up the name “Kaskade” and the real meaning behind his tracks.

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