Zedd & Katy Perry Announce New Collaboration ‘365’


With both at the top of their game and constantly topping music charts, it’s hard to believe that Zedd and Katy Perry haven’t done a collaboration until now. If you’ve been waiting for it all this time—it’s here. Titled ‘365’, Zedd and Perry’s new single is set to drop February 14th!

This comes after months of sneak peeks and speculation, as the two were first seen working in the studio together in as early as August last year. It almost seemed set in stone after it was leaked that the artists had registered a track called ‘365’ back in January with Universal Music Publishing Group. In hindsight, the rumors clearly haven’t failed us.

Following a not so subtle emoji battle between the two, Zedd has finally taken to his social media outlets to countdown its release. Alongside the announcement, came a 33-second trailer depicting Zedd being studied as a test subject. While the trailer itself doesn’t offer much on what we can expect from the track, it certainly peaks our interest. We’re excited to see the two finally coming together and can’t wait to hear their finished work. Be sure to check out the trailer below and remember to stay tuned for more!


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