Vinyl Sales Grow 500% In 5 Years


It’s been said over the last few years that vinyl is making a come back. As music becomes more digitized and accessible, there are some who argue it loses its individuality. And apparently there is some truth to their opinion- at least on the market side of the music industry. According to DJ Mag, “research conducted alongside online record shop Norman Records” confirms a 500% jump in vinyl record sales since 2013.

Whether this resurgence in vinyl is due to many individuals’ discerning taste in music or just the hype over vinyl is uncertain. But one thing is. There’s never been a better time for vinyl salesmen or die-hard old school vinyl heads. The ability to have practically any track pressed at the drop of a dime is undoubtedly helping as well!

So let us know what you think about the return of vinyl by leaving a comment. Is it a great comeback for a long lost music medium? Or a way for music fans to feel elitist by having a less accessible route to the sound?

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