Tokyo Machine and Pegboard Nerds Team Up on "Moshi"


The new collaboration is out today via Monstercat.

The elusive Tokyo Machine is back once again, this time teaming up with bass heavyweights Pegboard Nerds. “Moshi” is out today via Monstercat, and it’s huge. 

The 8-bit-infused single is everything you’d expect from Tokyo Machine. Nostalgia-laced sounds within the buildups and breakdowns bring to mind classic side-scroller video game action in a Tokyo arcade. When the drop hits, it’s evident that the Pegboard Nerds brought their A-game to the tune, fusing a chuggy bass line with an electro-tinged beat. 

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“Moshi” is a boss fight in musical form. This collaboration is a massive one, and a perfect fit among a multitude of new Monstercat music. Tokyo Machine and Pegboard Nerds make for a sensible as they’re both versatile bass music acts with similar styles and themes. 

While it’s expected that this combination of artists would blow a collaboration out of the water, the listener will still be surprised at the level of intricacy and detail on “Moshi,” and how it perfectly merges the sounds of Tokyo Machine and Pegboard Nerds. 

“Moshi” is out today via Monstercat and can be found here.


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