Diplo Drops Remix of Carnage's "Letting People Go"


Deep, summery house vibes abound in this groovy remix.

The workhorse known as Diplo is at it yet again, this time remixing Carnage‘s emotional track “Letting People Go” featuring indie outfit Prinze George

Maintaining the 4/4 house beat of the original, Diplo amps the energy up a bit with a groovy bass line much akin to the work of Gorgon City. The emotion remains within the “Letting People Go” remix, but the danceability of the track is more palpable. The vocals from Naomi Almquist of Prinze George are well highlighted within the breakdowns before the beat drops. 

Carnage spoke highly of the remix. “My brother Diplo hit me up the day I dropped the record and said he needed to get his hands on it,” he said. “Diplo really came through with this remix and created a dance floor banger.”  

Diplo first premiered the remix at Coachella. Speaking on it, he jokingly said, “I liked this song a lot and I really want Carnage to owe me a favor cause one day I might be in jail and need bail money.” 

Carnage will donate a portion of revenue generated from “Letting People Go” and its remixes to RAICES Foundation, a nonprofit agency that provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrant families based in Texas. The track and music video themselves are dedicaged to “all the families that have been split in border towns all over the US,” and reflect Carnage’s own family’s journey. 


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