Alison Wonderland Changes EDC Orlando Set Time After Fans Complain of Illenium Conflict


Alison Wonderland had her EDC Orlando slot switched around at the behest of her fans.

It’s not often that an artist switches around their set times to accommodate fans. Alison Wonderland went the extra mile by switching slot around to alleviate a time conflict between her and Illenium at this year’s edition of EDC Orlando.

The festival recently announced set times for the 2018 edition, leaving fans of both artists distraught. Alison Wonderland (real name Alexandra Sholler) didn’t take their social media lamentation lightly. The Australian DJ/producer took to twitter today to reveal that she found a solution that will allow EDC Orlando attendees to witness both performances.

Before the switch, Vini Vici was scheduled to play the main stage (dubbed kineticFIELD) at 8:15 with Sholler taking the decks an hour and 15 minutes later. The updated schedule sees them trade time slots so that her performance will draw to a close two minutes before Illenium’s set is scheduled to begin. At present, Alison Wonderland fans have not grumbled as loudly about her new time slot conflicting with those of Tchami, The Martinez Brothers or Jupe

EDC Orlando will take place on November 9th and 10th on Tinker Field. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.


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