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Krimer Releases Apex Legends-Inspired Bass Tune “Bamboozle”

“Bamboozle” is loaded with nods to Apex Legends.

While the world continues to feed their addiction to the hottest video game in the world, Apex Legends, bass music producer Krimer created the perfect song for both moshing and late-night gaming binges. Titled “Bamboozle,” the latest from Krimer (real name Simon Bertrand) is a high-energy bass tune that never gives the listener a chance to catch their breath. 

Inspired by a character from the game, fans of the game will enjoy the subtle nods while the headbanging continues. An ominous intro prepares listeners for battle with near-theatrical amounts of tension and suspense from the rising synths. What follows is nothing short of the musical equivalent of an intense battle from the game that is sampled throughout.

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Bertrand has made a name for himself in recent times with his growing library of bass heaters. He had collaborated with artists like Kayzo and Riot Ten and is releasing music on SKisM’s Never Say Die label. 

“Bamboozle” by Krimer is out now courtesy of Never Say Die. You can download it here.


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deadmau5 Shares Video of Ultra Music Festival Cube 3.0 Show ft. LIGHTS

Relive one of the high points of Ultra Music Festival 2019 right now.

After much deliberation, deadmau5 unveiled his anticipated Cube 3.0 stage show at the 2019 edition of Ultra Music Festival. He’ll take the setup on the road with him for the Cube V3 tour this fall – and what better way to whet the appetites of eager fans across North America than to give them a preview of what lies in store?

deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) shared a recap video of his Ultra performance to his YouTube channel. Set to his 2018 single “Drama Free” featuring LIGHTS – who appears in much of the footage – it chronicles the steps leading up to the production of such a larger-than-life spectacle.

As its name suggests, the Cube 3.0 is the third incarnation of a stage show devised by Zimmerman. In an effort to keep ticket scalper bots from keeping legitimate deadmau5 enthusiasts from getting ahold of tickets to stops on the Cube V3 tour, he’s adopted the Ticketmaster Verified Fan system for online purchases.

deadmau5′ Cube V3 North American tour runs from September 12th, 2019 through February 6th, 2020.


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Kanye Brings Sunday Service to Coachella Weekend 2

kanye sunday service
Photo cred: Billboard

For those lucky enough to celebrate Easter Sunday at Coachella, you will get a chance to see a show like no other. Kanye West is bringing his Sunday Service to Coachella Weekend 2!

What is Kanye’s Sunday Service? The mega star has been leading invite-only private shows playing gospel versions of his hits in the local Calabasas area. The shows have been star-studded with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Diplo rumored to have been in his audience.

According to Coachella’s official Sunday Service site, the show will be held at ”the Mountain” in the campgrounds. For those lucky enough to attend the event live, it will start at 9am PST on Sunday, April 21st. For the rest of us, Youtube will live stream the show.

Given the unpredictability of Coachella shows from weekend 1, we can only guess at what will happen at Sunday Service. With surprise appearances from Cardi B to Selena Gomez from the first weekend, it might be expected for Kanye to have a surprise guest or two on the stage. Stay tuned for what Kanye has up his sleeve!

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INZO, Align, and Pauline Herr Join Forces on Dreamy, New Single "Notions"

Producers INZO and Align team up with singer/songwriter Pauline Herr for a chilled-out future bass single release on Elixir Records.

For the past year, Elixir Records has demonstrated time and again the power of an A-List curation platform-turned record label. In addition to having a built-in promotional platform, the majority of these top-tier curators already have a strong infrastructure for finding new talent, as well as a network of vital industry relationships built through years of providing value to managers, record labels, artists, and everyone else that is relevant within the music industry.

A prime example of the exciting music Elixir has been backing is their newest release, “Notions” by INZO, Align, and Pauline Herr. “Notions” is a chill, groovy, melodic and sentimental journey through a future bass hit that’s absolutely perfect for an intimate night with your special someone.

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Combining the excellent production of INZO and Align with the superb songwriting and vocals of Pauline Herr, “Notions” blends a sultry, passionate aesthetic with a rich, future bass sound palette. The combination makes it strikingly clear that the line between pop and dance has all but disappeared, especially when it comes to the more melodic, accessible genres of electronic music. 

To get lost in the gentle sonic musings of INZO & Align and bask in the emotionally-laden serenade of Pauline Herr, stream or download “Notions” today.


Facebook: facebook.com/inzo.music.official
Twitter: twitter.com/Inzo_music
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16 Things You Know If You Went to Ultra 2019

Ultra Miami finished 3 weeks ago, and we’re still having moments of nostalgia. We couldn’t help but reminisce about the things that only someone who went to Ultra would know – believe us, there’s PLENTY of them. Here’s our list of things you only knew about if you went to Ultra’s first year at Virginia Key.

Deciding which shuttle stop to take – A, B, or C?


Ubering to the shuttle stop for $5, seeing the line, and ubering the rest of the way to Ultra for another $8.


Asian Trains


Checking your watch to decide the last moment you can leave Armin’s set to get to testpilot.


That choreographed dance (and outfits) by an army of gay gays. GET IT BOYS.


These idiots during deadmau5 who could’ve gotten killed


Dealing with outages at Cube 3.0 AND Armin’s ASOT set


Getting stuck behind somebody really slow while walking on the road bridge.


The Outrageous 280+ Sushi Platter. Um…

Ubering to Virginia Key in 10 minutes, and then spending another 15 figuring out when/where you can get out of the car.


Walking from Resistance to Marine Stadium and hearing the speakers switch from Techno to mainstage music.


Those hammocks over by the Megastructure. #UltraComfort


The amazing pizza in VIP. NOM!


Those Afterhours Sets to control traffic leaving the festival.


The sudden craving for KFC…but realizing none was available

History being made. New location, new experience.


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Croatia Squad Presents: SQUAD GOALS Boat Party!

New York City has its fair share of venues, and if you’ve been around the circuit, you might have seen and done it all. Well…it’s time to take your party to the next level with Croatia Squad presents SQUAD GOALS!

Jump-start your Cinco de Mayo weekend on a Boat Party hosted on a double-decker yacht. Set to sail the evening of May 3, 2019, from Pier 40, Swiss producer and DJ, Croatia Squad, will lead this crazy night to remember. Supporting acts include Druu, CapriSanj, and X / A!

Gaining his reputation through uplifting house music, and plowing through the world of underground house and techno, Croatia Squad’s talent to delve into deeper house as well as high-groove nu-disco, promises the perfect pairing of an amazing night out. VIP ticket holders can also enter to win a chance to win an epic meet & greet experience like no other.

Yacht? Check.

Banging music? Check.

Squad Goals? Check, check, check!

Enjoy the Manhattan and Jersey City skyline as you sail down the Hudson River with your crew.

Only a limited amount of tickets are available so grab them HERE now!

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Avicii Billboard Appears on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Avicii’s death, tributes are aplenty.

The sentiment that Avicii‘s legacy will live on forever is clearly a widely shared one. Right before the one-year anniversary of the Swedish superstar’s death, a billboard communicating such a message has popped up in Los Angeles.

Under an Avicii logo on the Billboard are the words “TIM BERGLING: 1989 – FOREVER” in white over a black background. At present, no agency has released statements indicating that the tribute is part of any bigger campaign.

The timing of it suggests otherwise. As of tomorrow, April 20th, it will have been a year since Bergling took his own life in Muscat, Oman at the age of 28. Last month, his family shared plans to launch a suicide prevention and mental health awareness initiative called the Tim Bergling Foundation on the anniversary.

The remaining songs comprising Avicii’s final album, Tim, will also be released sometime this year. The lead single, “SOS” featuring Aloe Blacc, arrived last week.


Faceboook: facebook.com/avicii/
Twitter: twitter.com/Avicii
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Netflix and Hulu Face Possible Subpoena Over Fyre Documentaries

fyre festival documentary
It’s been two years since the infamous disaster that was Fyre Festival. Earlier this year, both Hulu and Netflix released documentaries about the event. The documentaries were a bit different, but both detailed what went wrong. And they also included exclusive footage of co-founder, Billy McFarland. This footage is now under question.

The Chapter 7 (or Bankruptcy) Trustee for the Fyre Festival Estate, Gregory Messer, wants to know how the streaming companies got this footage. More importantly, they want to know how much they paid for it. It’s already known that Hulu paid McFarland for the footage they used, but it’s unsure just how much, or what happened to the money.

Messer is requesting for a New York Bankruptcy judge to allow him to subpoena Netflix and Hulu. He states that they need to know where the footage came, as it may have been an asset of Fyre Festival LLC. This money could be used to generate money for the company’s creditors.

“Due to a lack of information, it is impossible for the Trustee to determine where the footage came from and whether such footage was an asset of the Debtor’s estate,” Messer said in his filing.

There has been no comment so far from either Netflix or Hulu.

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Deadmau5 Shares Ultra Recap With Lights

Deadmau5 Ultra RecapDeadmau5 debuted his monstrous Cube 3.0 on Ultra Music’s live stage on March 30. With that in mind, he brought out Lights to perform the classic ‘Raise Your Weapon‘ alongside their collaboration, ‘Drama Free‘. To commemorate the occasion, a recap video was released on Deadmau5’s channel.

The video compiles a time-line between February 7 up to the day of the show. It begins by showing stage parts moving into a warehouse where they built the Cube in Toronto. Quickly showcasing the build, videos from the visual testing are presented, demonstrating how massive the project is. Moreover, we’re taken to the rehearsals with Lights ending with the Cube reaching Miami for Ultra. Finally, the on-site rehearsal segment is paired with footage from the live show.

It’s going to be exciting to see him take the stage further on tour. By that time, he’s sure to have added more material to it considering the LED helmet is coming back.

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[WATCH] RÜFÜS DU SOL Performs ‘Treat You Better’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

There is no question that Jimmy Kimmel Live is an exceptional platform for artists to showcase their talents. Recently, RÜFÜS DU SOL made their US late night TV debut on the well-known talk show, leaving spectators in awe!

The alternative dance group from Sydney, Australia, performed their hit single ‘Treat You Better‘ and absolutely stole the show with their impressive musical abilities and stage performance.

The overpour of success of their third studio LP, Solace, has resonated among different audiences. The applause following their killer performance proves that their triumphs are far from coming to an end any time soon.

Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt had recently showcased their skills on another impressive stage. The Trio performed at Coachella during last weekend’s festivities.

To keep up with the group’s hectic touring schedule, keep an eye on their socials; it’s truly impressive to see how many shows they have booked in the near future. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

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Rüfüs Du Sol Debuts 360-Degree Film For “Underwater” at Coachella

Deep inside Coachella’s innovative Antarctic Dome, Rufus Du Sol took us all on an adventure. It was a partnership with HP and video director, James Frost. They created a special 360-degree short film for their song ‘Underwater’.

The film is nearly indescribable. First, they bring you into this frigid expansive space. There are low-seated inflatable chairs all around the space, situated just right so that we can see the ceiling. There is no bad seat – however, it was hard to know that, since we had no idea what to expect.

They have us sit, and all goes dark. It begins simply with a beam of light to draw our eye. Then the music begins. ‘Underwater’ itself is a beautiful song. And the visuals that Frost and his team created to go with it were perfect.

Colors and shapes. Movement. It all felt like traveling through the cosmos, while at the same time, traveling through human consciousness. The film wasn’t 3D, but the way it was created and projected onto the dome made it feel like it was. Beyond 3D, really.

Prior to the opening of the festival, there was a small launch party for the film. Rufus Du Sol performed a small, intimate DJ set in Coachella’s HP Lounge. They also participated in a panel discussion about the film and the technology behind it.

This was the first time the group was able to see the film as well. They had seen bits pieces throughout the process, but never the finished product.

It’s one of those experiences where you really had to be there to get it. Words and even videos wouldn’t do it justice. In lieu of being able to see the video for yourself, you can listen to Underwater below and try to imagine a movie of your own.

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Memorial Day Weekend is Saved! The Elements Lineup is HERE

The ultimate East Coast camping festival is back with Disclosure, FISHER, Justin Martin, Damian Lazarus and more.

The choices are typically slim. Barbecue all Memorial Day Weekend with that weird uncle and spend the holiday grazing on cheese curdles and chicken parts over sporadic yelling way too seriously at “the game” or would it be preferable to revel in bliss with a few friends at a summer camp-themed festival adventure in the woods? 

Well, the arrival of the sensationally well-curated lineup from 6th annual Elements Music and Arts Festival just made the choice a lot easier. The growing but still grounded gem of an event from BangOn!NYC boasts a bill topped with heavyweights in a list that reads like the who’s who in today’s most talked about music experiences. 

With massive profiles like FISHER, Sofi Tukker, CloZee, Liquid Stranger, Shiba San, Justin Martin, Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, Monolink, Francesca Lombardo and a rare DJ set from Disclosure, Elements Lakewood is projected to be the first monumentally massive source of early Summer FOMO for fans of house, techno, and bass music. 

Of the lineup announcement for Elements Lakewood 2019, BangOn!NYC co-founder and partner Timothy Monkiewicz told EDM.com: 

“One of the beautiful things about a festival is that you have people’s attention for three full days and nights, and there are lots of opportunities to show them something they were not expecting. From personal experience as an artist, I know it can be so tough touring across the country and even selling 100-200 tickets at a mediocre venue, so it’s really special when you’re able to get a smaller act on a stage with big sound and lighting in front of thousands to show their potential.“

Photo by aLIVE coverage

If a stacked music lineup doesn’t get those dancing shoes laced up then the natural glory of the venue probably will. Set against a picturesque lakeside campground, Elements offers a series of Summer camp inspired games, multi-sensory areas to explore, art cars to ride, and adjustable camping options designed to recreate the most nostalgic moments from years gone by, with a rowdy spin. Get a teepee or cabin for your crew. Then, sail on a pirate ship. Zip-line through the trees or class it up with a gaggle of glampers in the Sun. There’s no shortage of experiences available this Memorial Day Weekend.

Photo by C Squared Photography

2019 started off with mounting concerns about what would be the “it” event during Memorial Day Weekend. This year alone at least two other festivals, that in the past have landed on Memorial Day Weekend, have canceled or moved to another date on the calendar. Wanes in the industry notwithstanding, the tuned-in audiophile can fret less about summer plans, knowing the exceptionally weird house and face-melting bass music dually await at Elements Lakewood, with a few extras along the way. 

Photo by aLIVE coverage

For a Summer that needs a little help getting out of second gear, Elements is the perfect tune-up. Tickets to the 2019 event are expected to sell quickly but were available on the Elements Website at the time of this writing. Don’t miss our upcoming exclusive EDM.com interviews and more updates all about Elements Festival hitting your feed soon. 


Facebook facebook.com/ElementsFestNYC/  
Twitter twitter.com/elementsfestnyc  
Soundcloud soundcloud.com/elements-music-arts-fest 
Youtube youtube.com/channel/UC2zgAjVTSqqmKElDzfOo2KA

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