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Social Media Sensations Piques and Lexy Panterra Present "Get Loud!"

From Influencers to Artists, Piques and Lexy Panterra join forces for the release of “Get Loud!”

A clash of internet titans, “Get Loud!” from Jon Paul Piques and Lexy Panterra brings together two superstar social influencers for the creation of a deep, sexy new dance record. 

Piques x Lexy Panterra – “Get Loud!” (Album Cover Art)

Jon Paul Piques earned his chops as a Canadian-born actor, director, producer, former professional soccer player, and Internet celebrity, accumulating over 11 million followers worldwide. He is currently one of the most recognized social media figures from Canada, and even received the 2016 Digi Awards “Influencer of The Year.”

Jon Paul Piques

Lexy Panterra rose to social media fame with viral dance videos and collaborations with major recording artists such as DJ Snake, Major Lazer and Marshmello, as well as her wildly popular TwerkOut dance workout classes and video series. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with her on hit singles such as “Deep End,” another excellent showcase of her catchy pop/R&B-style vocals.

Lexy Panterra

When Lexy’s massive audience of over 7 million users (not to mention over 400 million views on her videos) is combined with the monumental international following of Piques, the result is a reach of nearly 20 million highly engaged fans – a number that dwarfs the reach of most records labels and many major media publications.  

We’ve certainly seen a rising trend of influencers parlaying their audience into other businesses, such as music and merchandise. Thus far the efforts have generally been met with a great deal of success. Few public figures wield the degree of influence and command the loyalty of so many people as those we’ve aptly designated as “influencers;” Piques’ and Lexy’s fans are some of the best and most loyal in the business!

Piques put it quite simply. “I currently have over 11 million followers worldwide who support what I do. I plan on releasing my music on my social media channels for the world to see,” he said.

“I’ve always been a singer/songwriter first and foremost. I got public recognition as a dancer, so I ran with it due to the many opportunities and fans that I accumulated,” Lexy added.

Piques and Lexy have worked together several times in the past, with Lexy making several comedic appearances on Piques’ channel. They’ve always had great chemistry, but “Get Loud!” has elevated their creative collaboration to a whole new level.

“I have always been involved in music. When I was younger I used to run a successful EDM blog, reviewing my favorite tracks of the day. So I kind of always had an ‘ear’ for music if you wanna call it that. I was inspired by some of my friends who are making amazing music right now in the EDM scene, I got into the studio and started to mess around and within a few sessions, boom, “Get Loud!” comes out of it. I’m super happy with the end results.” – Piques

We’re thrilled to see Piques getting into music, and we’ve been supporting Lexy all along her journey. It’s great to see figures who already play such prominent roles in the lives of their fans stepping into new mediums, and we look forward to hearing more from them.

Be sure to check out “Get Loud!“, and tune in for Lexy and Piques Instagram Takeover on @EDM.

Lexy & Piques – @EDM Instagram Takeover


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonpaulpiques/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/piques15
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/piques


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LexyPanterraOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LexyPanterra
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexypanterra
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5ERAjfcMwu9FCSIiw-eRA

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T-Pain Calls For Future Bass To Make Him Relevant Again

What do you do when you’re a musician from the previous decade looking to make a comeback in world with completely different musical preferences? Find a way to elbow your way into the world of EDM of course! It has been tried (even worked) for a number of old timey musicians or actors (or whatever).

Now the king of auto tune is reaching out for assistance. T-Pain is looking to collaborate with a future bass producer on his next album. He posted on Twitter saying ‘Man. I need some future bass on this new album. Who do I need to holler at?” Of course, a plethora of artists from all around the globe replied to T Pain in hopes of scoring this potential collab. Among the many artists that replied, Whethan’s response was among the wittiest. Wethan’s reply was “Let me buy you a drink and we can talk about it.” Other interested artists were Troy Boi, ETC! ETC!, Giraffage, Cash Cash, Moksi, SAYMYNAME and San Holo. Stay tuned to see who T Pain decides to do his future bass collab with! We just wanna see the B2B with DJ Diesel.

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Listen To Valentino Khan, GTA And 4B Play B2B At EDC Orlando 2018

One of the most fire sets from EDC Orlando 2018 has finally been released. Valentino Khan, GTA, and 4B performed a mammoth B2B set. It is a thrilling set and has all the right dubstep tracks to jam out to. The trio closed out circuitGROUNDS in dramatic fashion. They played numerous IDs that had headbangers rejoicing.

They, of course, also played classics like “Whistle,”  “Pop Dat,” “Deep Down Low,” and “Boy Oh Boy.” This is the first time the three artists have played all together for a show. If you love the set, Valentino Khan and 4B are still on tour. Check out Valentino Khan’s tour here and find 4B’s tour here.

You gotta give this wild set a listen below!

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YouTube Facing Copyright Restrictions With EU’s New Article 13

Article 13, a new copyright law, is one of the most controversial news happening in the EU. This law will force major social media platforms like YouTube to scan through everything that is uploaded to the platform to ensure that nothing includes copyrighted content. The fact that YouTube is opposed to this article of the recent European Copyright Directive, adopted this summer, is no secret.

These proposed copyright changes present a big problem to YouTube, as the company would be obliged to check who the original right holders are and then pay each accordingly. And with more than 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute, that will be a big challenge.

Suzanne Wojcicki, director of YouTube, stated:

The parliament’s approach is unrealistic in many cases because copyright owners often disagree over who owns what rights. If the owners cannot agree, it is impossible to expect the open platforms that host this content to make the correct rights decisions. and the potential liabilities could be so large that no company could take on such a financial risk.

The statement lists the latest projects of the platform, and Article 13’s new regulations would put the entire community at risk. Normal users could be less inclined to upload their own videos, viewers blocked and small creators could be ruined. Ultimately, this new rule could change the Internet that we see today.

Article 13 “threatens to shut down the ability of millions of people – from creators like you to everyday users – to upload content to platforms like YouTube”, “It threatens to block users in the EU from viewing content that is already live on the channels of creators everywhere,” The new rules also “threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs”, she said.

The statement also includes a direct call to mobilize users against Article 13. User content will run through even more aggressive filters than YouTube’s current Content ID system. However, Article 13 claims that it will fight against the theft and reuse of videos and music.

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BREAKING: City of Miami Approves Ultra’s Contract for Virginia Key

After a long debate, The City of Miami Commission has approved Ultra Music Festival’s move to Virginia Key. We have learned a great deal about the plan during the deliberations. The commision meeting, which began at 9 a.m. today, included several statements from community members. Concerns included environmental harm, noise pollution, damage to wildlife, increased traffic and transportation issues.

The Price

Originally Ultra was pushed to pay $2 million to stay at Bayfront Park. During this move to Virginia Key the contract was negotiated to be $1.4 million. During deliberations several council members wanted to push Ultra back to $2 million or more. Their representatives argued that there is at least $800,000 in additional transportation costs and the possibility of much lower attendance. Ultimately Ultra was asked to accept the deal for $2 million to sell 60,000 tickets and they accepted that deal.


Ultra’s Head of Production testified that the Miami Marine Stadium area could squeeze in about 4 stages. While Bayfront Park is about 32 acres, we were not given a total square footage for both new spaces combined. The Miami Marine Stadium area is about 17 acres.

The Space Between

It’s gonna be a trek and a half, guys. Ultra’s own people discussed how European festivals feature a lot of walking between the stages and “that’s what we are trying to create here”. While we doubt they set out to create a long walk, that’s what we’ll get. The plan is to use a paved bike path between the Miami Marine Stadium and the Virginia Key Historic Beach. So get in shape because you’re gonna trek it. Ultra will probably split the areas so that similar stages will be near eachother, with people testifying that many people pick a stage and tend to stay there.


Ultra plans on spending at least $800,000 on transportation expenses relating with this new venue. That includes busing for an estimated 50,000 people, water taxis, and rented parking garages.

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Ultra Music Festival Moved to Virginia Key for 2019

The Miami City Commission has reached a decision regarding Ultra Music Festival.

The tug of war between Ultra Music Festival and various Miami stakeholders has concluded with today’s Miami City Commission meeting. In today’s proceedings, commissioners voted 4-1 on behalf of the event taking place on Virginia Key next year.

Prior to the commissioners’ discussion, a number of Miami residents spoke on the matter. Naysayers outnumbered those in favor among the speakers who addressed the commission, citing environmental and infrastructure concerns as well as the increased presence of drug use in the surrounding community.

Key Biscayne Mayor-Elect Mike Davey, who has made his stance well known, was among the first to speak on the agenda item. “We’re against [Ultra’s move to Virginia Key] on a number of issues,” he said. “We have one way on and one way off the island, and that’s the Rickenbacher Causeway. What this item proposes is putting at least 160,000 people out there. This is going to impact our safety.”

Key Biscayne Village Councilmember Allison McCormick made pointed criticisms of the city itself in her own comments. “This commission can and should consider the impact of its decisions on the broader community,” she said. “I cannot claim any firsthand knowledge on this, but my guess is none of you are personally passionate about electronic dance music – and please forgive me if I’m wrong – but this is about the money. 

Following a lunch break, lawyers speaking on behalf of Ultra Music Festival addressed the Key Biscayne councilmembers’ concerns by highlighting inconsistencies in their rhetoric. They also alleged that despite Rapture Electronic Music Festival‘s strongly worded statements, no contract existed between their organizers and the city.

As Councilmember McCormick had speculated, the commissioners discussed matters of money more than anything else. After extensive deliberation, they agreed to let Ultra Music Festival relocate to Virginia Key as long as the event’s organizers paid $2 million in fees to the city.

Ultra Music Festival has taken place annually in Miami since 1999. It initially took place at Collins Park on Miami Beach, but it quickly outgrew the location and moved to Bayfront Park in 2001. In September of this year, the city rejected the proposed contract for future editions of the festival to take place there.

Ultra Music Festival will take place from March 29th to March 31st, 2019. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ultra
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultra
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultra/

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From Music to Comics Run-D.M.C.'s Darryl McDaniels Is Still Our Superhero [Interview]

Darryl McDaniels may have ventured into comic books, but he’s still going to make music.

Darryl McDaniels, one third of the legendary hip-hop group, Run-DMC, made a huge impact on the music world in the ’80s. Now, he’s aiming to make waves in the comic book world as well.

Through his independent publishing house, Darryl Makes Comics, McDaniels has been putting out his own comic book series for the past few years. Working with partner and Editor-In-Chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez in addition to Senior Editor Rigo “Riggs” Morales, who is currently the vice president of A&R at Atlantic Records, McDaniels and his team have already released three volumes – and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. 

New York Comic Con

At this past New York Comic Con, EDM.com caught up with McDaniels and learned how he got into comics, what his comic book series is about and his love for Marvel Comics and Stan Lee.

EDM.com: What made you go from music to comics?

Darryl McDaniels: Well, it’s not going from music to comics. Before hip-hop came over the bridge from the Bronx and 1970s rock radio, as a young man all I did was read, collect and draw comic books. That’s all I did. I went to school, did my homework and got my straight As because I wanted nothing to keep and deter me from reading my comic books when I got home. 

I read a comic book over and over and, when I got bored of reading it, I took out some tracing paper so I could trace all my favorite superheroes. That was when I was in first grade; by second grade I didn’t need the tracing paper anymore. So I went back to the foundation of a thing that gave me the ultimate powers in hip-hop. Before hip-hop and music, it was all comic books.

So when you did hip-hop, what made you decide to go back into comics?

Well, I didn’t decide to go back into comics. What had happened about three years ago, I went to a music meeting. It was up in Atlantic Records with a young man named Riggs Morales, who was Eminem’s right hand man for the rise of the Shady Records empire – and big shout out to Eminem because he’s a geek and a nerd and a comic book head like all of us here. 

So, I went into the meeting and when I sat down with Riggs to speak about some music stuff. He said, “Yo before I start talking about this music, I’ll probably never get this chance again. Your music’s words, you’re DMC, you’re my superhero. The way you look, the way you sound with your gloves and your glasses and your hat and your Adidas shoes and your leather suits and all that.” 

He asked what was it like when I was a kid and I told him exactly what I just told you. I was a little kid, all I did was read and collect and draw comic books. And then Riggs says, “comic books?” 

We sat there for three hours and we didn’t talk about music – we talked about comic books. I came out of that discussion and he said, “Yo you should do a comic.” 

I was like, “Naw, I don’t want to do a comic book. I don’t want my fellow geeks and nerds mad at me trying to be another rapper to capitalize off of something for commercial and money reasons.” 

Then, Riggs goes, “Yo D, your first foundation was comic books, that’s what empowered you to do hip-hop.” He also said I could be a clear representation of all of us because if DMC goes to the top of the hill, top of the mountain and says that nerds and geeks are cool and comic books rule. It’d be done, it’d be over, it’d be official. 

Riggs went on to say that with the comic book I could do what I’ve been doing with my music all of these years: inspire, motivate, educate and entertain. And I was like, “Whoa I never thought about it like that.” He said I had an advantage because it was comics first then music. It wasn’t like I did music and said, “Ah what else can I do, I’m gonna sell clothes, sell liquor and this and this and that.” It’s cool to sell comic books.

Growing up, what was your favorite comic to read?

When I was growing up, my favorite comic book to read was Captain America. There was just something about his stories and the in-depth of his personality and his struggles. I’m kind of like a Captain America right now because I’m an OG in the hip-hop game. 

Captain America was in ice for years, for decades and then he woke up and the whole damn world had changed. Anytime he’s trying to function in this world to do what it is that is needed to do, he gotta fall back on his morals. I’m kind of like Captain America who fell asleep in ice for many decades, but my problem is I got to see all the stuff that was changing. You know what I’m saying? It wasn’t like I was sleeping and woke up. I like Captain America because I can relate to him and his struggles. No matter what’s going on, stay true to who you are. 

Does the Captain America story have an influence in this comic that you’re doing?

Well, Marvel Comics has had a huge influence on the comic that I’m doing. DC was cool. Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, all some of my favorites to read. But Metropolis and Gotham were fictional. Stan Lee was brilliant. Stan Lee was a genius because he put the superheroes in New York. So when I read a Marvel comic book, it was real to me. Avengers Mansion is in Manhattan. Why do you think my whole life on every record, “My name is DMC, I come from Queens, Kings from Queens, from Queens comes Kings, my name is Darryl Mac I live in Queens, I’m DMC I love eating chicken and cobb.” The reason why I had to emphasize that Darryl McDaniels DMC was from Queens was because where does Peter Parker live? Where’s Spider-Man? Spider-Man’s from Queens! Oh shoot, Spider-Man’s from Queens, I’m from Queens too!

Marvel had a big influence on our presentation, our storytelling and the coolness of the characters. We wanted to build a universe that was relatable to all race, creeds, colors, religions and demographics and genders. And Marvel was just beautiful because it’s from New York City. Having the comic books from New York City, you also get its music, style, breakdancing, graffiti and the fashion. 

When I was younger and I saw The Beat Boys, they looked like superheroes to me. Then, when I was seeing all the graffiti, I was like, “Oh shoot the comic book jumped off the pages and jumped up on the side of the train and the wall.” So Marvel comic books are a huge influence on it. 

Could you tell us what the comic’s about and who the hero is that we’re following?

My comic book is basically in this universe. My superpowers are hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s Darryl McDaniels from Hollis, Queens University. Everybody in New York City, no matter what part of New York you live in, you can relate to what I’ve done with my superpowers of rock ‘n’ roll.

The comic book’s an alternate universe. It’s me, Darryl McDaniels – but I never meet Run, I don’t become a rapper, I actually graduate from St. John’s University, and I become a teacher. In the same way I was younger I discovered that I had the superpower of hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll, in that universe I discover I got superpowers. So I use it the same way here on earth that I’m gonna make it a better place and beat down the bad guys. I’m doing that in the comic book and it’s an alternate New York City. It looks like New York, sounds like 1980s New York, it feels like 1980s New York, but the question is that it could also be the future. So everything that you’ve gotten from hip-hop from the last 45 years is in my book, but the unique thing about it is that in this universe there’s technology, science, supernatural and the occult. 

What’s the difference in the process of making music versus making comics?

I don’t think there’s really a difference. I mean for me, it’s come easy because, remember, my whole life onstage while I was pretending to be this mic-hopping king of rock, all my imagination and confidence onstage was coming from the comic books. So the same way I sit down and say, “I’m gonna write ‘King of Rock,’ I’ma write ‘Tricky,’ I’ma write ‘Walk This Way,’ oh man I’m gonna do a record about my sneakers.” It’s the same, I sit down and say what would this hero do tomorrow, what would he do in the future – so it’s not like I got the whole thing planned out. 

I did issue 1 without knowing what’s going on, which led me to, “Oh at the end of issue 1 this is where I could go with issue 2, but I don’t know where we’re going with issue 3.” So I’m building it organically as I go along, just like my music. Writing a comic is a little harder because I want to make sure it’s done with integrity and that it’s something that you and my fellow geeks and nerds can respect. Sometimes with a song I don’t care about what people think about it, it’s just me getting my feelings and my emotions out. So I don’t care if you don’t like it; I’m happy I got these emotions out.

Do you think more music artists are going to on this path of making comic books to enhance their music?

I think many musicians should use all of the arts to enhance the musical experience, because now music is digital. You’re just receiving it. I come from a generation that used to have records. With my new EP – which is cool because the artwork on the cover is done by Tony Moore from The Walking Dead graphic novel comic series – you can hold it in your hand, you could flip the album cover, you could read it. It’s sight, sound, touch and emotion. It’s a feeling experience, so I think all musicians should try to get into sculpting, pottery, painting, tap dancing and coloring books. I think all musicians should utilize all of the arts to create that extra sensory perception of experience. 

Follow Darryl McDaniels:

Website: thekingdmc.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DarrylDMCMcDaniels
Twitter: twitter.com/thekingdmc
Instagram: @kingdmc

Follow Darryl Makes Comics:

Website: dmc-comics.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DarrylMakesComics
Twitter: twitter.com/DMCMakesComics
Instagram: @dmcmakescomics

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SoundCloud Copyright Fraudster Attacks Dozens of Bass Music Artists

In the last 72 hours, 300+ bass music tracks have been removed from SoundCloud allegedly after false copyright claims were filed.

UPDATE: A spokesperson on behalf of SoundCloud has responded to EDM.com with the following statement:

“Our takedown notification process is designed to respect copyright, and it is our policy to review all infringement claims per the guidelines outlined in our Help Center. Upon review, we have determined these copyright claims are not valid, and are happy to report we’ve reinstated all affected content.” 

Multiple bass music artists have alleged that their tracks have been removed from SoundCloud for wrongful copyright claims. Working under an account by the name “Dr Egg,” an unknown user reportedly made copyright violation claims against multiple artists, which these artists are claiming resulting in the removals.

In the SoundCloud platform, uploads can be taken down for copyright violations if SoundCloud receives an email making a claim against the track. A copyright violation occurs when someone uses a sample or part of a song that was already copyrighted by another artist or company. Currently, it only takes one claim to have a track removed and it may be reinstated if the claim is proven false. 

According to reply emails from SoundCloud to the artists in question, “Dr Egg” used email addresses that pointed to Moonboy (moonboycreator@outlook.com) and Too Vain (toovain@outlook.com) to make these strikes. The user appears to have falsified Moonboy’s (Jaime Madsen) signature and used his name on the copyright infringement claims. Moonboy made a video on Twitter to speak out against the fraud.

The user has sent several artists direct messages on SoundCloud in addition to emails bragging about the takedowns. The emails include taunts like, “how are you liking your copyright strikes? hope you learned your lesson to not fuck with me. sorry not sorry. [sic]” 

In base 64, the coded message reads, “take a step into my world.”

Xaebor, Svdden Death, Wooli and Mastadon are among the dozens of artists targeted by the strike. In addition, labels like Interval Audio have been included. 

Many artists received notice of more than one copyright violation claim. Ubur, for example, woke up to an inbox flooded with copyright strikes. 

“Hey so SoundCloud looks like somebody mass copyright striked my account is there somebody I can speak to because this is a false flag and Im going through the process right now to fix all of this” – @uburdub

Numerous emails disputing the claims have been sent to SoundCloud. In reply, most artists have received an email directing them to contact the person who filed the strike. 

Several artists have tweeted their feelings on the issue.

EDM.com has reached out to SoundCloud for comment and will update this article as more information is made available.

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Terminite Delivers Explosive Collection of Bangers in New Album, Uprising

Terminite’s heavy-hitting new album blends aggressive bass music with anthemic EDM.

Does EDM qualify as a formal genre? It’s a controversial topic to some. However, upon listening to Terminite’s new album, Uprising, the answer rings loud and clear. Once an umbrella acronym to describe a diverse, hybrid sonic movement, EDM has matured into a genre in its own right – and U.K. artist Terminite (real name Sam Norris) has its sound pinned down.

Over its ten tracks, Uprising offers a compelling crash course in EDM’s most recognizable tricks and tropes. A skilled engineer in explosive-drop science, Terminite is clearly fond of the womps, wobbles, and shrieks that constitute dubstep’s contribution to EDM. But there’s more to Uprising than the mosh pits it’s sure to inspire.

EDM also has a soft side. Terminite reveals the genre’s tender underbelly in the Flume-inspired track “Crushin’ On You” featuring Georgia Denham, and power ballad “Standing Tall” featuring Jonah Hitchens. “A New Dawn” melds the producer’s tearout signature with a danceably catchy electro beat. Terminite’s dramatic touch for building technicolor tension is on display throughout Uprising, alongside a knack for hooks destined to stick in your head.

The album is arranged to play out through energetic peaks and valleys, but the purpose of the release is for each track to stand on its own. In the true spirit of EDM, Uprising is a collection of bangers.

Most of the tunes are upstanding anthems suited for any main stage festival set. That’s why it is disappointing that the album’s fourth track, “Party Time,” was chosen as the world’s introduction to the release. While the tune is an undeniable earworm, the contagious appeal of its high-voltage bass line is dampened by the tiresomely generic and Ke$ha-esque vocal hook, inviting listeners to “Put your hands on me and turn me on, turn me on.”

Does EDM really need more songs like “Party Time?” Such simplistic sexualization is already endlessly played out at clubs and festivals as the soundtrack (and moral subconscious) to EDM’s problem with sexism. At a time when the community is awakening to the prevalence of sexual assault at festivals and events – both in the crowd and behind the scenes – reliance on lyrical cliches that blatantly objectify women isn’t just boring. It’s a tasteless endorsement of the mindless misogyny propogated through EDM culture.

On an editorial note: It isn’t that women shouldn’t be portrayed sexually in music, but that in EDM, that is exclusively how women are portrayed. The theme is an underpinning of the gender gap among EDM performers, where women are far more underrepresented than in other segments of the industry. Through the music, female fans are sung the message that this music isn’t really for them. Such lyrics model their role at the party as on the dance floor, standing prop to a man.

Womens’ voices appear twice more on the album, in “Crushin’ On You” and “Make Me.” Twice again, they yearn for a lover’s attention.

Still, one can’t blame Terminite for the artistic choice. Sex sells, especially to the hormonal party-going audience that Uprising is made to thrill – and if EDM has one absolute mission, it is to sell.

Attempts at lyricism are overwhelmingly tacky throughout the album, but it’s not all toxic. There is redemption. Terminite’s collaboration with Chime and PsoGnar, “Monster,” is the easy highlight of the album. In a stolen moment of emotional honesty, the vocal track voices a relatable fear that’s all too real for musicians in the cutthroat music industry: “Please don’t let me become a monster.”

Vocals also play to musical purpose in “Make Me” featuring Said. Drawing from another of EDM’s familiar flairs, the song’s sweet, uplifting vocal build is contrasted by a bullishly aggressive dubstep-style drop. The effect is explosive. This tune is sure to delight headbangers on any dance floor.

Terminite shines brightest in the musical moments between contrived vocal hooks. “Rattlesnake” is standout. The gritty bass bomb is an unadulterated outburst reminiscent of big room bass forefather Figure.

The album’s most interesting instrumentation emerges in its second track. “State Of Mind” makes its musical statement in the form of a slightly confusing, but nevertheless enjoyable solo of stadium riffs. The cinematic break draws from arena rock, then from jazz and blues – but specific genre references aren’t the point here. The “solo” is held together not by continuity of style (or even of theoretical instrument) as much as its majestic, massive appeal.

These are big sounds meant for big spaces. Musically, this is what EDM is all about. Stadium superstardom is the point and pinnacle of the genre. Judging by the larger-than-life energy that defines the Uprising album, that is exactly where Teminite aims.

Uprising is available on November 16th. Stream and presave the full album here.

Follow Terminite:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Teminite
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Teminite
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teminitemusic
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/teminite

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Jauz Made a “Controversial” Tweet About Coffee & People Got Mad

Jauz vs. Starbucks vs. The Internet?

The internet always needs to be up in arms about something. It helps when artists post stupid things on Twitter. This week’s outrage: Jauz, the shark-themed music producer, tweeted that Starbucks needs an express lane for their “professional customers”.

What does that even mean?

This all came about because he did not want to wait 45 minutes for his cold brew. And you know, he’s right. Doesn’t the world know that this man has a Baby Shark Remix to work on?! He needs his coffee gosh darn it. He shouldn’t have to wait in line. He’s a professional.

In all seriousness, though it was a stupid thing to say, he did clarify. Initially, he said by “Pro” he meant people who drink real coffee (and not the fancy drinks that Starbucks has to offer) which did not help his situation.

He followed that tweet by saying that he shouldn’t have said professional, he should have said non-complicated.

Some on the internet agreed with his original statement, but most just told him to download the mobile app and order ahead, or just make his own coffee.

All in all, it’s a non-issue that the Internet will forget about soon enough.


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ilo ilo Premieres New Single by Taking Louis The Child on a Scavenger Hunt

The mysterious ilo ilo took Louis the Child on an interesting journey.

Although no one knows the identity of up-and-coming artist ilo ilo, the mysterious project has accumulated over a million streams on Spotify alone. Ilo Ilo has gained a popularity for their enigmatic presence, taking fans and artists alike on crazy adventures. Three months ago, they took a fan on a wild journey through NYC filled with riddles, gifts, and of course, music. 

This time, they took two familiar artists on a trip. Last Friday, Louis The Child was taken on a scavenger hunt through NYC by ilo ilo. The electronic duo documented it all through their Instagram story. After following clues sent to them via Instagram and text, the pair discovered a secret package that contained a rose and a USB. They opened it on a laptop to find a new song, guest mix, and tracklist. 

Louis The Child (consisting of Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett) broadcasted the adventure on their Instagram story. On November 12th, Louis the Child uploaded the guest mix to their XM Playground Radio show. Well played, ilo ilo. 

ilo ilo’s new single, “come over,” was premiered during their guest mix on Louis The Child’s Playground Sirius XM Radio Show, and is now available for streaming. Watch the full episode here.

Follow ilo ilo:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iloilofeel/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/iloilofeel/come-over

Follow Louis The Child:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouisTheChild/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouisTheChild
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisthechild/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/louisthechild

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Luttrell Announces ‘Into Clouds’ Tour with Latest Track Release ‘Out Of Me’

Luttrell’s New Single Debuts ‘Into Clouds’ North American Tour

San Francisco native artist Luttrell is quickly rising to the top of the melodic techno greats. The house and techno artist has had a big year with even more to come. He impresses his fans around the world with his powerful performances. With the release of his new single ‘Out of Me‘ on Anjunadeep, you can bet he is ready for blast off in 2019.

His latest tune exemplifies everything music lovers fall in love with his signature sound. It pairs powerful low-end melodies and broken beats with a hypnotic vocal hook, so you’ll find yourself dancing all night long while feeling that deep hypnotic bass. We bet you can’t hit repeat just once.

This may very well be the next best thing since his ‘Intergalactic Plastic’ EP release. Can we just say we are loving this interstellar theme? Where else does his music transcend you but into a higher place?

“I love the idea of truly recognising something, someone, or even someplace that has helped you become a better version of yourself. I think everyone has some experience or relationship in their lives to which they can attribute that idea.” – luttrell

Our mustache enthusiast is a veteran of the Anjunadeep family with 5 releases, numerous remixes, and all his productions championed by genre greats Annie Mac, Pete Tong and more. If someone asked you to name five artists of this label, he would surely be one.

2018 saw breakthrough performances at Tomorrowland, Holy Ship!, and the DoLab Stage at Coachella. He supported Rüfüs Du Sol, Lane 8, and Above & Beyond on tour. He’s got a remix for Tycho, a highly anticipated debut album and is spearheading the Into Clouds North American Tour for 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, the new chapter of Luttrell is here.

Listen to the new single below and check out tour dates here.

Luttrell – Out of Me | Buy/Stream

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