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Luca Lush Talks Tour, His Mad Decent Debut, and Making "Variety-Step"

We sat down with Luca Lush to discuss his big plans for his upcoming tour, his creative process, and we may have touched on memes a bit as well.

Hailing from New York City, Luca Lush (Real name Frederick Jabronious) has found his niche in the future house realm. With a unique sound of his own design, it’s easy to see why some are dubbing his style of music as “Variety-Step”. 

26-year-old Jabronious recently moved to L.A. to fully immerse himself into his production. Based off his recent discography, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a set list and quiver of tracks as wild as his signature bright blue hair, Frederick’s sets are instant party starters sure to get a club moving. 

EDM.com had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his upcoming plans for the future as well as how he has defined his own style. See what he had to say below:

EDM.com:  We hear it’s your first time playing here in Atlanta. How do you like it so far? 

Luca Lush:  Well actually, your boy’s got family out here, but they bailed on me tonight. Chris and Michelle if you see this, I’m annoyed (laughs). But yes, it’s my first time playing here and the city is pretty tight.

EDM.COM: In another interview you said that prior to getting into dance music you were actively playing in emo bands. What was it in particular that steered you into producing the genre that you make today? 

Luca Lush:  The first bit of music I started making, I was trying to emulate Flying Lotus or a bunch of other washed out, chillwave artists. Unfortunately, I was just so technically incompetent and didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so it all sounded like trash. 

I started going to more shows and hanging around people that were in the moombahton scene in New York when it was popping off, so I was trying that but people weren’t playing my tracks because they always had these big, melodic sections. It was inappropriate for that scene to have anything “feelsy” combined with all my other drops, so I scrapped all that and started Luca Lush with a more focused idea of having those kind of melodic and weird chords. 

I taught myself, so a lot of my chords are considered weird and my progressions are a little strange to some people. Fucking Modest Mouse, they’re why my chord progressions are weird – but that makes it unique and special to your experience. 

EDM.COM:  A lot of musicians tend to hang out with a group of like-minded artists. Do you have that same type of support system? If so, who is in it and how do they influence you?

Luca Lush:  This was really important to kind of getting my ass in gear. I had this big Facebook and Twitter chat with a bunch of SoundCloud kids that I knew – there was like Young BaeFlamingosis, Ekali, Josh Pan, Dirty Chocolate, Y2K and a bunch of other people I’m forgetting about. We would always post tracks and demos, and basically just shoot the shit, it was a nice little environment to have. I guess now maybe not as much, but I still have my friends in LA. I still play video games with Prom Night and Ekali and a few other people regularly. At the end of the day after producing, you hop on Dischord and have a bunch of friends on there, so it’s kind of flow. 

I’m tight with people like Minnesota who brought me on tour two years ago, which was a great experience. I’m bringing Bijou on tour whose also on our management team. He’s put out some great tracks recently and is really coming into his own, I’m super excited to have him. 

EDM.COM:  As you mentioned, you have a big tour announcement coming up this week. Want to go ahead and tell us a little bit about it? 

Luca Lush:  Yes, a Big North American tour. I think it’s twenty three or twenty four cities, a lot of markets that we haven’t hit, as well as a lot of places that we already have. We’re gonna have some cool production for the vast majority of them, an all new visual package, everything. I can’t say who all the support acts are just yet, but it’s going to be a really good time. The shirt will come off at a lot of shows, I’m certain of that.

EDM.COM:  What about the pants? 

Luca Lush:  I don’t know about the pants, I might need to do so and step it up a notch (laughs).

EDM.COM: You’ve had a pretty successful year, on top of your tour you also just had your first original release, “Another Life” on Mad Decent. We noticed you took a heavier and deeper approach to producing this song, what was it that made you want to incorporate that change? 

Luca Lush:  I’m actually really glad you noticed that, in general I was moving in a heavier direction. When I first started playing, I didn’t have much of a feedback loop, once you play more shows, you start getting more feedback. At first I was just making whatever I thought was cool, which was obviously more catered to a home listening environment rather than a club experience.

 I think I played 70 shows last year and close to 80 the year before, and that really does influence the way you look at production. You start to think about how these songs are going to work in the main place they’re going to be played. No hate towards people that are like “I want to make stuff for Spotify“, I do that too and that’s totally cool. Honestly, you just have to know where the track is going to be played, and this track was obviously going to be catered towards a crowd at a club.

EDM.COM: You’ve done a great job of developing your own signature sound and style, just curious what your creative process of formulating that sound was like?

Luca Lush:  Well I have my roots in Hardcore, Emo, and whatever have you. A lot of the progressions of my songs where there are repeating sections or a little bit of a tempo change is considered “not normal“, and not so much mainstream EDM. I love Mars Volta, they’re very technical just for the sake of being technical sometimes and I try to incorporate that. I’ll also go the other way and try to structure something that’s very accessible for somebody that might not be into dance music or familiar with those things. I’ll try to have a bit more of a traditional pop-verse chorus structure and appeal to a larger demographic.

I love heavy metal, I like Slipknot and shit like that. Growing up, the first CD I ever bought was Linkin Park‘s “Meteora”. When I was younger, tech house and everything going on in New York at the time was a big influence as well. I was 15 or 16 years old going to these raves, enamored by the scene and the music, sorry dad. I mean I still want to make more house at some point, It’s in my blood as a New Yorker. 

EDM.COM:  So out of that creative process, what would you say might have been the most important aspect to dial in your sound? 

Luca Lush:  I would say being comfortable being eclectic, some say my sound is a lot more diverse than a lot of other artists. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable and testing the waters of territory you’re unfamiliar with. Earlier this week, someone described my style of music as “variety-step”, and that’s actually pretty accurate. 

Like I said before, it’s really important to have that sense of community as well. It’s good to have friends that are also really into what you’re doing and kind of pushing you forward, that can be a huge impact. It’s fine to take influence from artists, I take influence from other artists still to this day. I’ll check out my friend’s songs that I think are dope and try to figure it out on my own. I’ll spend an hour or two and just tap out the structure, maybe reverse engineer some of the sounds, then I’ll go ask them about it. I don’t want to sound like a dick and be like “Yo… Can I get that patch?”.

 A lot of people will ask “How do I get better?”, but it’s about having friends that are also doing it and actively giving you that constructive criticism. It’s good to have people that aren’t going to blow smoke up your ass because they want something out of you. When they’re doing their own thing, they can tell you honestly what is shit and what might be good. At that point you can be like “I disagree with you here“, and go your own way with it. At the end of the day, it’s good to be able to get that kind of feedback in a truly honest fashion. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LucaLush/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LUCALUSH
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucalush/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucalush

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dialdIN Delivers the Heat in Latest Tune, "Follow Me"

Pantheon Select has provided a platform for L.A. producer dialdIN.

If you crave wonky trap drops and lush synth melodies, Pantheon Select invites you to have your cake and eat it too. The latest song to find a home on the label is “Follow Me,” the brainchild of Los Angeles producer Frank Zagarino A.K.A. dialdIN.

The first several measures of the track evoke dreamlike mental imagery by pairing echoey vocals with reverberant, atmospheric chords. The drop is a completely different story. If you can listen to it without head banging, you might be hard of hearing.

“Follow Me” by dialdIN is out now on Pantheon Select. Stream or download the single across platforms here.

Follow dialdIN:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dialedindialedin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dialedin_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dialedinmusic/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wearepantheon/dialedin-follow-me

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Max Vangeli Shares Avicii's Phone Number on Social Media

This Max Vangeli meltdown puts the last two to shame.

Maksim Vangeli A.K.A. Max Vangeli has found his name in the mouths of EDM fans for all the wrong reasons lately. The Moldovan DJ/producer has previously lashed out at Diplo and Steve Aoki this year, but in his latest outburst he’s shared what appears to be the late Tim Bergling A.K.A. Avicii‘s phone number on social media.

In a post to his Facebook page, Vangeli shared his contact information screen for Bergling as it appears on his iPhone. “I have shared this with my group of Tim fans and as much as its weird as fuk im just going to put it here, [sic]” he wrote. “I text the ones I love all the fukin time and if you want to say something to the legend then DO IT! If I go to hell for this I know Tim will pull me out.”

EDM.com has reached out to Max Vangeli’s team for comment but they have not responded at the time of writing.

Follow Max Vangeli:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxvangeli/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maxvangeli/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/maxvangeli

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Doctor P Gives Dubstep Fans "Something To Believe In" with New Release

Doctor P saves his best for last as we near the end of 2018.

Doctor P may be ushering dubstep into its next big resurgence. 

Like any genre of dance music, dubstep has greatly fluctuated in popularly over the last decade. Since dubstep’s 2010 breakthrough into mainstream consciousness, many artists who initially found success in the genre have moved forward to other areas of music. 

Meanwhile, as mainstay of prominent label Circus Records, Doctor P has continued to stand uncompromisingly by his signature sound. 

The UK producer’s new release, “Something To Believe In,” stays similarly true to form. With additional focus on songwriting, the track combines angelic vocals and unearthly, bass-heavy leads. Unsurprisingly, it packs a punch. 

Last month, Doctor P made headlines after EDM.com speculated that Kendrick Lamar had sampled his 2011 hit “Sweet Shop” for a demo. While the implications of this still have not fully been realized, the move lends credence to the idea that mainstream acts are taking a growing interest in dubstep. 

Additionally, with the growing success of bass music gatherings such as Lost Lands Festival, it’s not far fetched to think the dubstep community could see a new wave of growth in the coming year. Veterans of the genre, Doctor P among them, will share the responsibility of carrying it forward.

Saving his best for last to close out the year, check out Doctor P’s new track, “Something to Believe in,” out via Circus Records. Stream or download it across platforms here.

Follow Doctor P:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doctorpcircus/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/doctorpcircus
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doctorpcircus/?hl=en
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/doctorpcircus

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DESTRUCTO Demonstrates that G House Isn't Dead with "Boom" ft. Problem

“Boom” sees DESTRUCTO build on the G house formula.

G house didn’t die in 2016 – at least, not if Gary Richards A.K.A. DESTRUCTO has anything to say about it. The DJ/producer enlisted L.A. rapper Problem for a fresh take on the hip-hop-infused EDM genre titled “Boom.”

A pitched-down vocal refrain in the beginning gives “Boom” a gritty appeal from the onset. Problem’s charismatic verses provide an effective lead-in for the drop, which pairs a rubbery bass line with a danceable broken beat.

“Boom” is Richards’ first release since his Chris Lake collaboration, “Y.O.D.O.,” which came out on Black Book Records in July of 2018. Problem has contributed vocals to the former artist’s productions in the past; the two teamed up on a song titled “Dare You 2 Move” in 2014.

Stream or download “Boom” by DESTRUCTO featuring Problem across platforms here. If you’re in the L.A. area on December 1st, purchase tickets to his “Let’s Be Friends” show featuring Shaquille O’Neal A.K.A. DJ Diesel here.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/destructoamf/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/destructoamf
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/destructoamf/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/destructoamf

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Vibrant Melodies, Emotive Vocals, and Sprinkles of House with GRYFFIN on One Mix [INTERVIEW]

Ahead of his One Mix, we caught up with the melodic producer to talk about his upcoming debut album and new live show.

Beats 1’s weekly radio show One Mix hosts melodic dance music producer and multi-instrumentalist GRYFFIN for this weekend’s mix. His One Mix debut is set to cover plenty of sounds ranging from relaxed and emotive to groovy and deep. Expect tunes from Fisher, MK, füs Du Sol, SG Lewis, and Silk City as the L.A. producer likes to keep his sets balanced with energies high and low.

Tune in here exclusively on Apple Music.
Air Date: Saturday 17th November 2018 – 00:00 LA, 03:00 NYC, 08:00 LDN

It wasn’t too long ago that GRYFFIN (real name Dan Griffith) was a bedroom producer gaining traction on SoundCloud. His remixes, back in 2014 and 2015, of Tove Lo‘s “Talking Body,” Maroon 5‘s “Animals” and Years & Years‘ “Desire,” respectively, put him on the map. They formed the roots of his indie-electronic sound which embraces vibrant melodies, emotional vocals, and sprinkles of house.

His debut original, “Heading Home” featuring Australian singer Josef Salvat, cemented Griffith’s personal sound. It was the first of many well-received productions, like “Whole Heart” featuring Bipolar Sunshine, “Feel Good” with Illenium & Daya, and 2018’s “Winnebago” with Quinn XCII and Daniel Wilson.

Though he’s known to play eclectic DJ sets (as listeners will find out on his upcoming One Mix), Griffith shines in live settings. He uses guitars, pianos, drum pads and synths on stage, making for organic, heartfelt performances that connect with audiences on a level that’s hard with CDJs and a mixer.

The future looks bright for Griffith as he gears up to release his debut album Gravity next year. Plus, to celebrate, he’s embarking on a 20-show North American tour, with an evolved stage design and improved live setup.

As anticipation for the album and tour looms, we caught up with Griffith to talk about what inspired creating a new album, what to expect from the upcoming tour, and his history with music.

EDM.com: For our readers who have never heard your music, describe your sound in a sentence.

GRYFFIN: Organic, uplifting, emotional dance music.

You studied Electrical Engineering at USC. What inspired the jump to doing music full time?

Well, it was during my time studying electric engineering that I started to play around in Ableton. While I was in college, DJs like Avicii and Skrillex were becoming massive. Having been a classically trained pianist and learning guitar when I was a kid, I was very interested in how they made dance music and began learning how to make my own.

You released “Remember” with ZOHARA just over a week ago. What inspired that track? How did it come together with ZOHARA?

I originally received the demo from ZOHARA about six months ago and immediately had an idea to make it into a house record. Last year, I had done a remix for Snakehips that had this metallic bass line and techy vibe to it, and I felt like working that sort of style into an original track. I felt this was the perfect vibe for it.

What’s the theme behind the LP as a whole?

The idea behind the album revolves around portals. I’ve always tried to make music that could transport listeners to different places. The album will have a number of different feels to it but all of them will transport listeners to a certain place.

For you, what makes now the right time to put out an album? Was this something you have been planning for a while, or maybe a recent spark of inspiration triggering the intention to put together an album?

It was a combination of things. I’ve been working on some of these records for a while, and after a while it sort of just came together. I think it’s also the perfect time to release an album because I feel like my project is in a place where it’s found its identity and now I can really bring my fans, old and new, into my world.

What sort of artists are you hoping to list for support on the Gravity Tour?

It’s going to be artists that I really respect but a mixture of live and DJ acts. They’ll be announced soon.

What does your live show setup look like? Will there be any changes to your live setup on the upcoming Gravity tour?

My live set up is a combination of guitars, a keyboard, an upright piano, a MIDI pad, an SPD pad, and a mixer. The setup on The Gravity Tour will be similar but more custom and slightly different. I’m really excited for it. The stage design and feeling of the new show is completely different and evolved though, I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve been working on.

How do you approach a live set versus a DJ set?

A live set certainly takes more time because I have to really think about the transitions and the different musical arrangements. I also have to think about what instruments I want to be playing at certain moments and how that will all translate live. For DJ sets, I’m able to have a little more freedom and sort of play what I want to. I always try to have a good balance of energy and familiarity so that any type of crowd can enjoy it.

You find a lottery ticket that ends up winning you $10 million. What would you do?

Probably buy more music gear then buy a house on an island somewhere. Wouldn’t stop making music though!

First show experience?

Rolling Stones in San Francisco with my dad.

First time you brought your mom to one of your shows?

My first live show at SnowGlobe in 2016.

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

First artist I was truly obsessed with as a kid was Sublime.

Go-to places for new music?

Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud.

Guilty pleasure record?

“17” by MK

Desert-island dance record?

“Around the World” by Daft Punk.

Dream B2B partner?

Calvin Harris.

Favorite BPM?


Piece of gear you always need on the road?

Computer with Ableton and headphones.

All-time favorite festival?

Austin City Limits.

Biggest misconception about dance music?

Dance music producers just press buttons. There’s so much more that
goes into creating dance songs.

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go?

I try to get out and have fun when I have an off weekend from touring. I
usually stick around Venice where I live and hang out with my dog Gigi,
go to the Beach, and hang around Abbot Kinney.

City with the most underrated dance scene?


Industry prediction for the next year?

House music will be back in a big way. Dance music cycles through
genres every few years, and a few house producers right now are really
bringing the genre back into the mainstream.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gryffinofficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gryffinofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gryffinofficial
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/gryffinofficial

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JACKAL Introduces New Sound with "In Love With Nobody"

Grab some tissues and get ready to tear up with JACKAL’s new twist.

Get ready to get into your feels with Mikey Pennington A.K.A. JACKAL‘s newest single, “In Love With Nobody,” released via Lowly Palace. It’s a new twist to Pennington’s traditional production as it captures a nostalgic sense of despair. 

The U.K.-born and L.A.-based artist decided to take his usual sound for a more futuristic and mellow bass spin. The intro smoothly transitions to the song’s goosebump-inducing future bass drop. 

After coming out of hiatus, Pennington appears to have taken a new direction with his sound. Driven by his passion as an artist, he moved to L.A. following the debut of his 2013 single “Shakedown.” Having such courage and desire to achieve great things has led to his music finding a home on labels like OWSLA, Buygore, and Mad Decent. Pennington’s performances are diverse but he remains under the bass music umbrella. 

Breaking down the walls of limitation, JACKAL’s latest single and those to come will reflect a different side of him. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackalproducer/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackalproducer
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackalproducer/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jackalproducer

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Ultra Hypes Move to Virginia Key with Video

Ultra Hypes Move to Virginia Key with Video

A new chapter of Ultra is upon us. Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation around if Ultra will truly move to Virginia Key. Yesterday, City of Miami approved Ultra’s contract for the location. In response, Ultra released a hype video for the move to the new location. The video covered the festival’s history from Miami Beach to Bicentennial Park, to finally Bayfront Park.

Bayfront Park provided so many incredible memories for EDM fans. It was awesome to be able to dance and party in the center of the city. But, it looks like Virginia Key will allow Ultra to do things they were limited to in the park. Albert Berdallans, the Marketing & New Media manager for Ultra, released a statement about the move.

“I know a lot of you got used to Bayfront but the truth is that park was holding us back for years. now we can do some INCREDIBLE things we never could”

Who knows exactly what he means by this. Maybe they will be doing more ‘festival-ly’ type acts throughout the weekend. I always found Bayfront Park was a little cramped for space so hopefully Virginia Key will open up a bit and allow for more activities. It does seem like there will be more walking in between stages. Overall, the location does look to be safer than Bayfront Park.

We are excited to see what Ultra has in store for us next. They have surprised us many times before. And as they like to say “Expect the Unexpected!”


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Diplo Nonchalantly Dishes On New Collaboration With John Mayer

Flashback to 2017 and you’ll find James Corden appearing as a special guest on Katy Perry‘s Witness World Wide YouTube live stream, where Corden proceeds to play a shockingly revealing game of Truth Or Dare with the singer.

The Late Late Show host asked Perry to rank three ex-lovers, i.e. Diplo, Orlando Bloom, and John Mayer, according to their sex performances from worst to best.

The outcome was quite entertaining, resulting in Diplo coming out first, followed by Bloom, then Mayer. Talk about cringeworthy – especially now that Perry and Bloom have rekindled their relationship.

Fast forward to 2018, and fans can see Diplo and Mayer’s name coming back into the mix, but for a much more intriguing reason.

Diplo and the American singer-songwriter have teamed up in the past, and it comes as no surprise that ‘Get It Right‘ DJ has several projects on the go, most still undisclosed.

In a recent Instagram post, 40-year-old producer casually dished that he has a forthcoming collaboration with Mayer in the works, and fans are stoked!

His army of followers was equally delighted that he chose to tell it like it is, stating:

“I wanted to post a picture of me and @johnmayer last night working in the studio because I know it would have been a moment. Something of a benchmark in my augmented reality of Instagram … But then I never even thought to ask – as the idea of stopping [real-time] (while we were both in a state of creative delight) to create something fake for me to revel in and build engagement around my brand … It just seemed awkward”

We can’t wait to hear the final result – hopefully, sooner, rather than later.

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Knife Party Previews Epic New Track ‘Ghost Town’

Related image

It’s currently snowing in Canada, and you know what that means, the Christmas season is quickly creeping up around the corner! Keeping the giving spirit in mind, Knife Party has gifted their army of fans an early holiday present: a brand new track preview!

That’s right, the Australian electronic music duo comprising Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, have already checked off their followers’ top item on their wish list. How awesome are they?

On the latest release of their Knifecast radio show, Episode 008 to be exact, the group previewed a fresh new track christened ‘Ghost Town‘, and from what the demo showcases, it’s guaranteed to be a chart-topper.

Check It Out below:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the preview; shoot a message in the comment sections, or reach out to us via our official social media pages.

Stay warm, Canadian readers. We suggest blaring this preview because it’s fire!

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deadmau5 Releases Surprise EP, mau5ville: Level 2

What a way to start the weekend!

This morning, deadmau5 surprised the world with the release of a new multi-genre EP, mau5ville: Level 2.

The latest entry to the mau5ville series comprises three original tracks from deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) alongside a medley of remixes and songs from other mau5trap artists and collaborators including Monstergetdown, Gallya, and Chris Lorenzo.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Similar to July’s mau5ville: Level 1, Zimmerman leads off the EP with a high-profile collaboration. The opening track sees Zimmerman collaborate with the Canadian synth-pop star Lights for the glitched-out, bassy track “Drama Free.” Lights’ melodious vocals and punching delivery combined with deadmau5’s ethereal keys and a glitchy bass line make this track another heavyweight collaboration to add to the iconic producer’s arsenal.

Fans of the classic deadmau5 sound will find solace in the track “GG”. The signature, minimal sound fans of deadmau5 love is on full display in the rising eight-minute tune.

The black sheep of the bunch is Zimmerman’s collaboration with Mr. Bill, “10.8.” The opening moments of the track are reminiscent of IDM while a twinkling interlude leads listeners into a smooth glitch-hop groove. After weaving through genres, the track concludes with a cataclysm of synth and drums.

This EP comes as a welcome surprise to fans of the dance music legend, as recently, deadmau5 has been working towards improving his mental health and taking time away from social media.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deadmau5/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deadmau5/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/deadmau5
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/deadmau5

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[Event Review] Deep Therapy: Halloween in a Warehouse

Image may contain: text

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, Canada’s Nation Capital was blessed with one of the best Halloween parties of all time! FloorPlay Group’s Deep Therapy: Halloween in a Warehouse undeniably checked off everything that the attendees could have possibly of wanted in a spooky-themed event.

The hardworking team behind the highly anticipated series of Deep Therapy events prides themselves on delivering a memorable experience for all by, “showcasing the sounds of deep and cutting edge house music in a unique and inviting atmosphere that defies the ordinary. It’s your remedy from the mainstream, and it’s cheaper than a psychiatrist!”

The Halloween edition was no exception; as always, the overall production, atmosphere, music, and costumes, offered a truly memorable experience for all who participated. Dare we say it, but this edition was the most sensational one to date!

Extra special touches such as the shockingly captivating chandelier constructed with plastic heads (as seen in the recap video below), a truly artistic designated photo area which forced participants to “UNPLUG” and show off their costumes (some punnier than others…), a vast array of mesmerizing quotes, and much more, undeniably created the unique ambiance that some partygoers have been lucky enough to encounter.

Image may contain: 1 person, textCheck Out The Official Highlights Below:

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = ‘https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v3.2’; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

As we quickly approach the cold season, Deep Therapy’s team has provided us with musical remedies to help us fight the winter blues, and more importantly, avoid the trip to the doctors office. Trust us, music heals all, and with impeccable live sets by the very talented Ali Harb & Sergio Pari, Adam Husa, and Victor Rodriguez, attendees left feeling like the healthiest version of themselves.

Deep Therapy (Oct 27) – Live Sets

Although the event was a couple of weeks ago, we are still left feeling refreshed, energized, and simply wanting more! To stay up-to-date, and to ensure that you get your remedy from the mainstream, keep it locked to Deep Therapy’s official pages.

We have heard through the grapevine that Floorplay‘s upcoming Deep Therapy NYE: The Masquerade event will be transforming the Albert Island Courtyard (Zibi) warehouse into another spectacular event. Will you be attending? Grab your tickets here, before it’s too late.

Fun fact: a tequila mockingbird mask can be reused for the next event!

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