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Jauz Announces Phase 1 of ‘Bite This: Bite America’ North American Tour

jauzJauz‘s 2018 North American tour, “Bite America“, will begin its first trial this summer. Many of the tour dates are published, with more to be listed.

Bite This

Although listed as a record label, ‘Bite This’ is a collective which Jauz a.k.a. Sam Vogel has created as a platform to produce music and to unify artists. This label gives selected producers a means to get exposure and collaborate together by performing at events and posting mixes. At the end of 2017, Jauz released a statement entailing his plans for the 2018 year. His perspective sounds ambitious so we can appreciate someone who puts their heart and soul into their work. This is especially true if you love what they produce.

“This isn’t a record label, this isn’t some giant conglomerate EDM Machine trying to take over the universe, this is just my vehicle for being able to put out my music, the way I want to, and most importantly a way for me to help shine light on the artists around me who are so talented and haven’t been heard or seen by the world yet.”

Jauz is a producer who began his reign of fame in 2013 with massive success. He plays exclusively hard music and collaborates with countless others. Jauz has retained a divergent aquatic sound throughout his years of activity -which is instantly recognizable by his close followers, the Shark Squad.

With twenty-two cities announced for phase 1 of the tour, this will be Jauz’s biggest tour to date. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 am local time.

Jauz_BiteAmerica_Tour_Square-ALL_Phase-1 (1).jpg

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Nonsens Gets Real About Their Roots, Personal Strengths and Advice For Aspiring Artists [Interview]

This interview is far from (nonsens)e.

Meet Nonsens. This talented and ambitious trio are making their mark in the music industry, one demo at a time. With their tenacity, these guys have already worked with the best names in the business, making music with the likes of RL Grime, Diplo Flosstradamous and many more. You know that song Era, yea they co-produced that with RL. Their impressive portfolio is just getting started, with a plethora of new songs to be released! We sat down with Nonsens before their EDC set, gaining insight on making it in the industry, crazy festival moments, and their exciting collaborations to come!

EDM: How did you guys meet and what made you form this trio

Nonsens: We’re from Denmark, Scandinavia, so thats where we met each other, on a small island. We went to the same high school, it wasn’t a big community, so when someone had an interest in electronic music, like ourselves, something other than what you hear on the radio all the time, we kinda connected through that. After finding out we were into weird electronic music, we started DJing, producing, and that’s like 6 years ago. So we just started chilling with it. After a year and a half we decided we wanted to go all in and rent a studio and then move to Copenhagen, we had our jobs and studies on the side but that’s pretty much how it started.

EDM: It’s hard to find people on the same wavelengths as you too with music, what challenges do you face when you’re producing?

Nonsens: It’s always trying to do something different. It’s kinda easy to do generic stuff but trying to stand out with sound and who you are, that’s what challenges everyone. A lot of people want to make it, so trying to stand out in our productions is the biggest challenge. We moved to LA 3 months ago, since then we’ve been going all in. I think loosened up some things that were difficult in Denmark, trying to connect in the US. It’s a lot easier for us now, and we’ve announced a 10 date US tour.

EDM: How did you guys get to co produce with heavy hitters like RL Grime and Diplo? That is a an accomplishment many artists strive to reach.

Nonsens: We always sent music to artists we looked up to and that were our idols. Diplo was one of them and RL Grime also was one of them. So we kept on sending the new stuff and then they just started replying. They read the emails they listened to the music, and we had some trips back and forth coming to LA for 2 weeks and we would hit them up and say “we’re in LA for a couple weeks, if you want to hit the studio lets go”. They replied yea for sure, and we started doing stuff with henry, RL Grime, co produced Era, and with Diplo. You have to be persistent, because these guys get so tracks per day.

EDM: Who is the type A of the group and who is the type B and who is in between?

Nonsens: We all are type A but we have different strengths, one is works with the videography, one is good with business and numbers, and one is a fast at producing, gets the beats down in a second. We supplement each other. If one of us is lazy in the morning, the other one will get us up.

EDM: So EDC is a pretty crazy festival. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a festival or show?

Nonsens: We had a guy who worked for our Danish label and we introduced him to a 3 second rule, where you drink from pure vodka and pure rum for 3 seconds. This was his first time drinking and he went for 20 seconds! Also at Roskilde, the biggest northern european festival, lots of people are free about nudity. So people would walk by our campsite fully naked! They would sit down and chat with us. (laughs)

EDM: Is there any artist you are dying to see as a spectator at EDC?

We love many genres. We love techno so we saw Cirez D and Zedd. We are seeing post Malone for the first time. We’ve been listening to his new album, it’ll be fun to see him at an EDM festival.

EDM: What can we look forward to you for you guys in the coming months?

Nonsens: We’ve been in the studio with Flosstradamous, Boombox Cartel, there’s no plan for the tracks yet but hopefully that will end up with some nice collabs and we’ll keep being persistent and consistent about making music. We’re gonna release some new stuff soon, within a month.

EDM: What’s one piece of advice you would give someone trying to make it in the music scene right now?

Nonsens: I would say keep sending stuff, be persistent. It sounds obvious, but it pays off in the end. When we went to the studio with Diplo he opened up his iTunes library and had all the tracks we sent him. He searched for our name Nonsens, and a full list of tracks came up. He saved the first tracks we sent him until the last one. So I feel like even though people don’t always reply, because they are really busy, I would say don’t lose the hope, keep on going, keeping pushing keep sending your music, because they might download the music, play it out and you won’t even know it. I also think quality always speaks loud, put in the hours in the studio, stay focused on the brand. Have a vision. 

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This is Not a Drill: The Chainsmokers have Collaborated with QUIX

quixThe Chainsmokers are all about proving to not only the music industry, but more specifically, to the world of electronic dance music as to why they truly deserve to be ranked among the best of the business.

To continue their respectable goal, the dynamic duo have established that their sound is quite versatile. In the past, their army of fans have been disappointing in the lack of EDM in their tracks, as they have chosen to focus more on vocal collaborations with pop stars.

In a recent Instagram post, The Chainsmokers have confirmed that they have been working hard with one of the bass community’s biggest upcoming artists. A new collaboration between themselves and the talented QUIX has been leaving EDM enthusiasts completely floored – no one expected such an intense drop! Seriously, you have to check it out…

Unreleased QUIX collab on The Chainsmokers’ Insta Story! from trap

The (unexpected) fire doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Flashback to the American producers’ captivating Ultra Music Festival set and it is clear that the duo has more surprises to come.

In addition, a rumored collaboration with NGHTMRE may also be in the works.

Everything said, there are no doubts that the group will be slowing down anytime soon – we can only imagine the impressive projects that they have in the works.

Although we are slightly apprehensive, we can’t wait to see what else they have in store – the new track with QUIX is unreal!

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Marvin Humes releases massive new club anthem ‘Troy’ [Premiere]

DJ and producer Marvin Humes has unveiled his brand new single ‘Troy’, a rich tribal production which incorporates a marvelous reworking of the Blondie classic ‘Rapture’.

DJ and producer Marvin Humes has unveiled his brand new single ‘Troy’, a rich tribal production which incorporates a marvelous reworking of the Blondie classic ‘Rapture’. On 15th June, the track will drop via Marvin’s own LuvBug label, the track has already gained support on the club circuit from the likes of Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, and Oliver Heldens after first appearing as a frequently-played ID.

Pairing this with a huge summer of shows across the UK & Ibiza, Marvin will be playing shows at Hï, where he will headline Jonas Blue’s Electronic Nature event, as well as Craig David’s TS5 at Ibiza Rocks, and Tinie Tempah’s ‘Disturbing Ibiza’ at Ushuaia.

Marvin will also be launching his exciting live stream series titled ‘Marvin’s Room’ which will see the UK hitmaker going B2B in the mix with some of the biggest names from across the dance world, kicking off with Jax Jones & more.

Marvin spent much of last summer hosting ‘Ibiza lives on Capital’ for Capital FM, interviewing the likes of David Guetta, and Martin Garrix, and performing b2b sets with Jonas Blue, Sigma, and Sigala. Away from the White Isle, Marvin has also performed in Las Vegas with Major Lazer DJ and producer, Diplo.

The UK producer, who was included in Mixmag’s ‘Artists to Watch’, continues to cement his place as a respected DJ and tastemaker, with the massive ‘Troy’ set for release via his LuvBug label, on 15th June.

Check out the tune below!

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StubHub Will Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Hidden Fees

We’ve all had that moment when buying tickets where suddenly at checkout, those $30 tickets end up costing $50. Hidden fees right before checkout are unexpected but chances are, you’re still going to go through with your purchase. This past February, customer Susan Wang filed a class action lawsuit against StubHub for unexpected hidden fees during a purchase. Ticket prices can often increase 20-30 percent during checkout which is known as ‘drip-pricing’. Ms. Wang describes this tactic as misleading and a “bait tactic” for consumers.

In her case, Wang states that Stubhub has knowingly violated California’s unfair competition and false advertising laws. In further detail, she states the company “lures consumers into purchasing tickets for concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment from StubHub’s website by advertising artificially low ticket prices while hiding the amount of added fees that Defendants charge for each sale.”

Further on it says, “Only at checkout does StubHub for the first time list a total amount that includes hidden fees — after consumers have already selected seats at a lower advertised price (that does not include fees), created a StubHub account or entered login credentials, entered credit card information, and clicked ‘go to check out.’

Ms. Wang’s lawyers argue that StubHub hides these additional fees through a separate link, difficult for customers to find prior to purchase. If customers did click through the price details, they find “service and delivery fees” that can range from 24-29 percent, each ticket! Many believe these service and delivery fees are entirely for profit, as most tickets are sent electronically, requiring no shipping expenses. The complaint argues this point further saying, “There is no reason why StubHub would incur expenses of over 20% of the ticker price to deliver a digital download,” and “StubHub also does not do any work or suffer an expense listing tickets for sale.”

Class-Action Lawsuit Can Proceed

StubHub put in a bid to have the lawsuit thrown out entirely, arguing that it has never mislead or taken advantage of consumers. They stand firmly with this argument and add that they do not have to respect advertised discounts because their terms of agreement state they can legally charge additional fees. San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn told Wang her argument was sufficient to get “past the pleading hurdle” but may not go much farther. Judge Kahn also advised StubHub to list transaction fees upfront for consumers in the future. Now that a judge has ruled for the lawsuit to proceed, StubHub will have to rethink it’s pricing structure. We’ll see how this all turns out but what, if any, is considered a fair add-on fee when purchasing tickets?


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Freaky Deaky Unveils Their Big Headliners

Freaky Deaky Texas will be hosting all-star artists this Halloween.

EDM ’s hottest promoters, Disco Donnie Presents and React Presents are combining forces for a haunting celebration! On Halloween weekend, October 27th and 28th, Freaky Deaky will host the biggest artists in the game, bringing in DJ Snake, Excision, Kaskade, and Porter Robinson! This is just the warm-up of artists to be announced. Stay tuned for many more to take the stage with these incredible headliners. This is only one of the many Freaky Deaky events held in multiple cities across the United States.

Disco Donnie:

“We’ve produced Something Wicked for six years and felt was time to bring Houston an all new experience. For 2018, we’ve brought in a new festival brand and partners to help accomplish that goal. In coming weeks, Freaky Deaky Texas fans can expect dozens of more artists to be announced, alongside plenty of new surprises across three stages.”

Don’t sleep, grab your early bird tickets today!

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Jack Ü Will Be Featured on RL Grime’s New Album, NOVA

Just as you were believing that we’d never see another Jack Ü song ever again, RL Grime comes to the rescue.

For about a year now, RL Grime has been on a new wave. It started with “Reims” in early 2017, continued with “Wait for It” featuring Miguel, kept on strong with “Era“, and went even further with “I Wanna Know“, featuring Daya. Now, his deeper, darker sound has been fully fleshed-out on a forthcoming album, and it’s just about ready for release.

NOVA” comes nearly four years after Los Angeles-based, Henry Steinway‘s first RL Grime full-length, “Void“. The superstar trap and bass producer put together 15 tracks for the occasion, eight of which feature guest artists like Chief Keef, Joji, Jeremih, Tory Lanez, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Of course, as anyone in the music industry knows, it’s not enough to announce a new album filled with amazing features.

A screenshot shared on Reddit by u/ShotsLotta shows an iTunes screenshot that shows every song and feature on the new album. Remember the Jack Ü song, “Light Me Up” with Miguel and Julia Michaels that leaked last summer? It looks like the track made its way into an RL Grime collaboration. Obviously the Jack U name is dead now, but the producer credits from the duo remain.

Light Me Up Confirmed RL Grime x Jack Ü Collab from r/skrillex


We can’t wait to hear what this rework will sound like. NOVA is set to be released on July 27th, 2018, and will surely be the soundtrack to your summer. In the meantime check out a Jack U preview of the track below.

Jack u in the Studio like

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Exclusive Premiere of Tujamo & La Fuente – Funk You

Tujamo and La Fuente team up for a funky banger.

We are excited to exclusively premiere “Funk You” by the very dynamic and innovative house producers Tujamo and La Fuente released on Spinnin Records. “Funk You” is a combination of a groovy electro and future house melody making itself the official party anthem this summer.

The German-born producer Tujamo is a staple DJ Mag Top 100 artist performing at some of the biggest music festivals around the globe like Tomorrowland and Creamfields. His talent has spiraled upwards like his single “One On One”, released on music titan Universal Music earning him a nomination at the Los40 World Dance Music awards 2018. 


La Fuente has made a name for himself as one of the top tiers DJs to exist and one of the most distinct and eager producers in the scene. After performing last years WMC Miami at Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Pool party’, he landed a resident spot as a DJ on Laidback Luke’s well-known ‘Super You and Me’ parties.  

The combination of both Tujamo’s and La Fuente’s soulful and vital house sounds results in a bouncy and funky track. Listen to “Funk You” below and get ready to be hyped!


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Greece’s Renowned Club "Cavo Paradiso" Turns 25

It’s Cavo Paradiso’s 25th birthday and here are the DJs celebrating there.

From 1993-2018, Cavo Paradiso has been bringing people together with music. Greece’s distinguished club has been running the best parties Mykonos has to offer, and now it is turning 25. The one of a kind venue is celebrating their birthday in the best possible way, announcing a huge summer lineup! The schedule will blow you away with Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren, Sven Vath, Alesso, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Afrojack, Alan Walker, Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, Benny Benassi, Tchami, Solomun, Cedric Gervais, R3hab, W&W, DJ Snake and many more taking the stage. 

Check out more of the fun here and watch their 25th-anniversary video below!

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The Deadbeats Tour Is Taking Over Electric Zoo For A Day

The Deadbeats tour is making a pitstop at Electric Zoo with these all-star artists.

Zeds Dead’s creation Deadbeats Records launched a massive North American tour this year and they are making one very special stop at New York’s Electric Zoo. They are bringing along heavy-hitting friends TroyBoi, Mija, Habstrakt Chuurch, Eprom, GG Magree, and DNMO to the party. The crew will make their appearance at the Hilltop Arena Saturday, September 1st. 

Zeds’s Dead:

“It’s been almost 3 years since we last played Electric Zoo and we’re stoked to be back! This time we’re taking over a stage for a day and bringing our Deadbeats Tour to EZoo. No better way to celebrate EZoo Ten than by throwing together a stacked lineup of some of our best friends and label mates, crazy new music, and a whole bunch of surprises. See you there!”

This will be Electric Zoo’s 10th anniversary so we have a feeling this is going to an unforgettable day.

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Whethan Releases Mysterious Phone Number To Listen to His New Track

If you text this number, you can hear Whethan’s new track.

Today Whethan revealed a unique way you can listen to his upcoming track with Oh Wonder. On social media, the young producer shared a phone number (we hope it’s not his) for fans to get an exclusive sneak peek at his latest creation. 

Yesterday, Whethan announced the collaboration and said it would be out this week. Now we can get a taste of it with this mysterious number! 

Check it out for yourself and text (708) 206-7578.

View the original article to see embedded media.
View the original article to see embedded media.

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What Does It Take to Be a General Manager and Booker for a Music Festival?

We Spoke With Ostend Beach’s Jan Mortelmans. Experience and drive are key to working in the industry.

Ostend Beach is a two-day electronic music festival held on Klein Strand beach in Ostend, Belgium.  This boutique festival is all about celebrating summer and takes place directly on the beach. Complete with four stages, boat parties, craft beer, and more, this festival is heading into it’s eighth year.  80 artists will grace the sun-kissed stages this year in July.

The man behind the magic is Jan Mortelmans, who is both the general manager and the booker for Ostend Beach.  He has been involved in the music industry since 2000 as a DJ and currently manages bookings and marketing while also being the creative director for the festival.

In between spending time with his son, shifts at the office, and seemingly endless planning, we got the chance to speak with Jan about how he’s gotten to where he is now. How long have you been working in the music industry?

Jan Mortelmans: I have been a DJ since 2000. Started playing in the infamous Decadance club in Ghent (Belgium) for 10 years on every Thursday and Saturday. The club has always been a hotspot for underground house music, so I was able to play with almost every big name in the scene during that period. From Green Velvet to Josh Wink, Joris Voorn to Kevin Saunderson. All DJ’s liked to play in a 300 people venue during that decade.

Typically, people who work in music started out as big music fans. What were some early artists or records that really caught your attention?

That must be the Africanism label by Bob Sinclar. You know, when the stuff he and Martin Solveig did was so refreshing and something totally new in the house scene. Also, Dj Gregory’s Faya Combo label was a game changer in the house scene. So yes, you can say I was there in the beginning and was a big fan of the early Defected stuff as well.

What was the first event in the electronic music industry that you attended?

That must be Fuse On The Beach. Fuse is a legendary Belgian club and they did a yearly party in my hometown. All Detroit legends played there from Kevin Saunderson to Derrick May, I remember Green Velvet playing as well. I Instantly fell in love with the techy house vibe from those days.

How did you get started in the music industry?

Studying in Ghent. They had the best record shop in Belgium: Music Man. Every Thursday I was looking for records in the shop and had a chance to play in the Decadance club. The owners must have loved the stuff I played and I started to play twice a month, then once a week and later on had a residency with 2 gigs a week for years. And the best thing was, they were open very late so DJ’s got a 4-hour slot to play. Can you image? 4-hour slots with vinyl only. A dream to play as a DJ, not possible any longer in the scene today.

You work for Ostend Beach – an international festival located on Klein Strand beach in Belgium that is heading into its 9th year. Describe to us your role.

We were doing events in our hometown for quite some time and always wanted to do a big beach party, as there were no parties at the beach. So in 2010, we started the party with the idea to have a big beach event. Lucky we had good weather and the event was attended by 3.000 people. It grew year by year so we decided in 2013 to do a 2-day event with camping. It’s now heading for year 9 with 18,000 people over the 2 days. Mainly I book the DJ’s, I’m the creative director of the festival and also take care of the marketing. As the festival is run by 2 people, it’s a lot of work!

What does a typical day/week look like for you as the General Manager and Booker of Ostend Beach?

Monday is off-day and quality time day with my 1-year-old son. We have an office in Ostend and we work from Tuesday till Friday, 9 to 5, like any other daytime job. Although we have lots of (cool) lunch meetings, lot’s of field visits as well. We start preparing the festival in September. October / November is all about looking for the right hostings and artists for the 4 stages we do (4 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday). December is the start of the campaign and from January onwards it’s all about selling tickets.

What skills do you think are the most important in your role? What is the most challenging part of your job?

It’s all about experience. I’ve been in the scene since 2000, that’s 18 years non-stop DJ’ing, I’m still a DJ and play my 12th year in a row at Tomorrowland this summer. We had a cool underground club from 2010 till 2017 (Krush Club), we still do a lot of other events during the year as well. And it’s also all about passion. I’m a big music lover, the biggest fan of house music probably in Belgium, so you just need to have that specific “know how” to work in the dance music scene and you need to have that passion. If you do it for the money, look for another job.

Did you go to a university specific to the work you do now? If not, what experience did you gain instead?

Haha, that’s a good one. Yes, I went to the university… But I’m a Master in Geography & Urban Development. Although I finished my study, I never worked in that business. I started as a DJ and was lucky enough to have lots of gigs. Then we start throwing events, then we opened a nightclub and now with the festival I have plenty of work to keep me busy.

A lot of the industry isn’t about “what you know”, but “who you know” – what (or through whom) did you gain the strongest connections that helped lead you to where you are now?

I think everybody needs some help to get things started. But the best way to achieve this is, is to just do what you’re good at. I must have played the right sets and sound in the Decadance club when they asked me to be a resident. So yes, all credits go to Bart from Decadance for giving me this opportunity. Without his belief in me, I would never have survived 20 years in the scene.

Ostend Beach is regarded as “the best beach festival in the world”. Can you tell us more about it?

I guess we just have the most unique setting in the world. Ostend is a lovely small village on the Belgian Coast and our playground is set against the sea, the harbour and it’s in the centre of the city. The beach is crystal clear white sand and we care for booking the right artists on a 4 stage setting with a wide range of cool underground music. For 8 years now, the boutique festival has been bringing nearly 80 acts a year to the seaside. With Green Velvet playing now for his 6th year in a row.

Since Ostend Beach is rebranding for its 2018 edition of the festival, what can guests expect this year?

Well, we went bigger and bigger year by year. Not only in the number of people, but also in production. The thing for 2018 was… why do we order more fireworks? Bigger stages? More confetti etc… Why not go back to where we came from? A nice and cozy beach happening. So yes, the whole setting of the festival is totally rebranded as a cozy beach event, without losing space. I think the people will just love it! All stages are built especially for our festival, we have a unique BBQ concept from Brazil (Churrascada), we have a Belgian Beer Café and even do boat parties at sea.

What is one piece of advice that you would give someone trying to pursue a position in the music industry, specifically in management?

Again, experience! Never give up. Give it a long time and try to hold on during the first couple of years. It might be hard. It was even very hard for us as well, losing money year by year. But if you believe in the long term of what you’re doing, just hang on. Whether it’s being a DJ, making music, doing events or even hosting festivals. Although I think there is an overkill of everything these days, so it might not be as easy as it was in my early days… Good Luck!

To keep up with News about Ostend Beach as well as view their 2018 lineup and purchase tickets, visit their official website.  If you’re making the journey to the Belgian coast this summer, make sure you dance hard for Jan!

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