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Your Music Taste as a Teenager Influences Your Adult Taste, According to Study

A new study by the New York Times concluded that the music you listen to when you’re a teenager sticks with you the rest of your life.

We’re surrounded by music of all genres from the moment we’re born until the day we die. It’s inevitable that you’re going to be exposed to just about every genre and style on the planet at some point in time. Whether it’s at the grocery store, gas station, school, or even at the doctor’s office, one or many of those genres will stick with you throughout your adult life. You’ll always find yourself gravitating towards that specific genre or style. A new study by the New York Times concluded that the music you listen to when you’re a teenager sticks with you the rest of your life. 

Music listeners peak at varying ages

Males and females both have their peak influence at different ages, according to the study. Our brains are like sponges, especially in our younger years. If you listen to Beyoncé growing up, chances are you’ll listen to Beyoncé throughout your adult years. 

Women’s peak influence is at the age of 13, while men’s is 14. The chart below shows the age at which the music teenagers listen to most influences them for their adult musical preferences.  

In the studies that Stephens-Davidowitz performed, Radiohead’s “Creep” fans were about 14-years-old when the track came out back in 1993. This, in fact, showcased a universal trend: Tracks that came out a few decades ago are among the most popular with those who were around 14-years-old when the tracks were released. 

Stephens-Davidowitz also added that, “The most important period for men in forming their adult tastes were the ages 13 to 16; 11 to 14 for women.”

This doesn’t apply to everyone, of course

Everyone’s musical tastes are very different. Those in their early to mid-20s may still be developing their tastes, while some people’s tastes were solidified at an earlier age.

Did the songs and genres you listened to as a teenager follow you into your adult years?

H/T: New York Times 

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DJ Snake- Magenta Riddim [Preview]


DJ Snake- Magenta Riddim [Preview]

The superstar Frenchman has returned. After staying relatively quiet so far this year, DJ Snake is returning to the airwaves with a new track titled ‘Magenta Riddim’. I don’t know about you, but any track that has the word ‘Riddim’ in it is sure to set fire to a dance floor. The track is set to be released this Friday, February 23rd, but Snake gave it a premiere at one of his shows.

Although the video is only about ten seconds long, the bulk of the video is the rowdy drop. It has a heavy drum beat, giving it a moombahton bounce with an Arabic-like melody on top. The crowd ends up going nuts, pretty much showing what every crowd is going to do every time this gets played. Check out the preview video below, and stay tuned for the official release this Friday.

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Glastonbury Makes an Effort to Save The Environment With Plans to Ban Plastic Bottles Completely in 2019

In a major move towards saving the environment, Glastonbury plans to ban plastic bottles festival-wide in its 2019 comeback!

Festivals generate immense amounts of waste at the end of their three or four-day run and the environmental impact all that waste leaves is intense and unimaginable. 

While festivals are trying to make attempts in their own ways to reduce these very impacts and go-green as far as they can, Glastonbury has been leading the way for years with their efforts in its Somerset home ground. 

From 2014 when they introduced stainless steel bottles in combination with free water refill kiosks which were free of cost, to 2016 when they implemented their “Love the farm…Leave no trace” campaign which encouraged concertgoers to carpool to the venue, limit litter, recycle and refill water bottles among more. 

However, in spite of all these initiatives, the festivals 200,000 odd attendees end up using a whopping 1 million plastic bottles over the five-day festival. And what this results in is nightmarish clean-ups of the venue that have lasted as long as two weeks back in 2016 in spite of 1300 volunteers being on site simply to sort recycling! 

While 2018 is one of the “fallow years” when Glastonbury will not be taking place in order to give the farmland time to recoup, 2020 is going to be the 50th Anniversary of the festival and they sure have major plans in store for the big celebration. But in the meantime, they are gearing up for the 2019 edition which will be taking place from June 26-30, already with much anticipation. 

Speaking about one of the major initiatives the festival wants to take in 2019 with regards to completely banning the use of plastic bottles at the festival, Emily Eavis told BBC 6 Music

“There’s lots going on at the moment. “We’re working on banning plastic bottles. It is an enormous project, it’s taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with. That’s the big project at the moment, to get rid of plastic bottles across the whole site.”

While 2019 may still be a long while away, this hasn’t stopped the rumor mills from churning with regards to the potential line-up. While the boss man, founder Michael Eavis dropped some hints regarding the line up at the recent VO5 NME Awards where they bagged the award for Best Festival supported by ID&C, he stated there would be “two or three (acts) that had never played.” And that was all that was needed to get everyone’s minds to work guessing! 

Who do you think will make the Glastonbury ’19 lineup? Or shall we say who do you wish will make it there, other than yourself ofcourse, yeah?


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Wolfgang Gartner & K?D’s New Collaboration Brings Back Electro Nostalgia

Why “Banshee” is already one of the top releases of 2018.

There’s little question as to why K?D has been named one of the most successful breakout artists in dance music over the last year. Now with his first offering of 2018 in full view, a highly rumored collaboration with Electro house pioneer Wolfgang Gartner, K?D takes his sound back briefly in time.  with the help of a dance music legend. 

K?D & Gartner’s collaboration “Banshee” a wild and gritty electro house tune, will fill late 2000’s dance music fans with nostalgia. These were the sounds that piqued many listeners’ interest in dance music for the first time, but of course, despite the welcoming trip down memory lane this track is by no means a walk in the park. Over the years, Wolfgang Gartner has lent his touch to some of the most impactful songs within the genre from Deadmau5’s “Animal Rights” to Skrillex’s “Devil’s Den.” With K?D by his side, the two bridge old and new school influences in a piece that’s sure to stand the test of time. 

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Check Out The Trailer For “What We Started,” An Authentic Electronic Music Documentary

Featuring Carl Cox, Seth Troxler, Martin Garrix and more.

Electronic music has grown from a niche genre to a global phenomenon, intertwining with pop and dominating airwaves all over the world.

With rapid digitization, technological innovation and commercialization, electronic music has become easily accessible. Gone are the days where illegal warehouse parties were the only way to get your live show fix. Multi-million dollar festivals and world-famous nightclubs have become the norm, though you can still find a great underground shindig if you want!

As for the performers, the world’s best DJ’s can rake tens of millions of dollars a year. While music sales have deteriorated due to the rise of streaming, the value of performances only continues to grow. The DJ has risen from an often ignored music curator to a superstar in the spotlight.

Many producers have seen electronic music explode in popularity through the course of their careers, experiencing its meteoric rise first hand. Meanwhile, with the advancement of technology like digital mixing and digital audio workstations, hopeful up-and-comers have found it ever-more easy to deem themselves electronic music artists; an impossible feat not too long ago.

What do these two distinct groups, the old school pioneers and the millennial stars, think about each other? How did electronic music get to where it is today? Where is it going next?

What We Started,” a documentary executively produced by dance music legend Pete Tong, aims to answer such questions. Featuring stars like Martin Garrix, Carl Cox, Seth Troxler and Moby, the documentary gives an unfiltered look into electronic music through interviews, retro rave footage and a deep dive into its history.

View the official trailer below:

The documentary premiered at Los Angeles Fim Festival last year, and has received great feedback. It seems to be a true exploration of electronic music, contrary to Zac Efron’s glamorized “We Are Your Friends.”

Before making its way to Netflix in June, the film will be screened in Miami on March 22nd, a day before Ultra Music Festival.

We cannot wait to see how this turns out! It’s great to see electronic music’s rich history properly examined. An education to some and a refresher to others, surely, the documentary will explore facets of electronic music often overlooked by mainstream media. 

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Tomorrowland Announces 2018 UNITE Satellite Events

Unite As every year for the past decade, tickets for Tomorrowland are sold out in a matter of minutes. No matter how anticipated you are, and how prepared you get for the sale: the day the sale starts, you must leave whatever it is that you are doing and just pray to the Rave God that you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets access to the server.

The good news is that, since last year, there is a workaround for all of those who cannot make it to the big festival in Belgium, but still want to be a part of this unique experience: UNITE with Tomorrowland.

The original concept of Unite with Tomorrowland consists of massive parties happening simultaneously in different parts of the world, so you can connect, celebrate and live the magic of this unique gathering even if you could not attend to the main event. Taking place in 7 spots at the same time, Unite counts with a live satellite streaming connection with Tomorrowland in Belgium and epic lineups across all the locations.

This year, Unite will occur on July 28th (thus during the second weekend of Tomorrowland). The chosen countries for 2018 are Abu DhabiItaly, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. That’s it: you no longer have an excuse, so watch the video below, pick your destination and get ready for a new chapter with the People Of Tomorrow.

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mau5trap Announces Electric Forest Curated Stage

Now that deadmau5 and Insomniac have buried the hatchet, he is turning up all over Insomniac’s event portfolio. Not only is deadmau5 performing at a series of Insomniac events, but he is even letting his label curate festival stages for them too.

Joel’s label, mau5trap, just announced that they will be curating their own stage at Electric Forest for 2018. Those attending the second weekend are in for a treat as deadmau5 brings his techno alias, testpilot, along with heavyweights like ATTLAS, Jeremy Olander, Claptone, and Lane 8. The vibes are sure to be unforgettable at Rothbury this Summer.

This comes as part of Electric Forest’s Curated event series. Some stage hosts will be Bassrush, Desert Hearts, LaLa Land, Forward Thinkers, Rufus du Sol & Friends, Soulection, and Bristol. Check out the full list below.

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Deadmau5 Christens New “Other Cube” with Orchestral Strobe Rework

cube 0.5Known for his amazing music, mau5-heads, Twitch stream, Twitter beefs and of course his spectacular stage setups, Canadian producer deadmau5 wowed crowds with the orchestral remix of his classic track ‘Strobe’ on Other Cube

Joel Zimmerman has teased the highly anticipated remix before, and recently tweeted about “seriously the most epic thing” he’s ever done with his music, something to do with a 60-piece orchestra. We seriously can’t wait for the release of that project.

Cube 0.5 is the latest of deadmau5’s high-tech stage productions. First there was the Cube (referred to as 1.x by fans), then Cube 2.0 and the enormous Cube 2.1. The footprint of 0.5 is actually small enough to fit in Zimmerman’s basement, and is much more suited to travel, especially overseas.

Check out the orchestral ‘Strobe’ remix below:

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Yotto Previews ‘Chemicals’ on Pete Tong Premiere BBC 1 Radio


Hot off the desk is another exclusive track from Finnish deep house wonder, Yotto. He previewed his new track, ‘Chemicals’, during his Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1. This is the first track of the year for Yotto, and it sees its release on Joris Voorn‘s Green label. ‘Chemicals’ is one of two songs on Yotto’s upcoming EP Chemicals. The other song, ‘Second Life‘, is the other half of this EP.

The track comprises of hi-hats skipping with a fuzzy hypnotic bass. The Fin’s instantly recognizable big room kick drums and soaring synths accompany each movement. You can expect to hear this flavorful effort resonating in sweaty peak-time nightclub sets everywhere. ‘Chemicals’ has the just the right amount of groove for it to be a dancefloor burner. With his heady, atmospheric electronic music, the change in his sound here is quite evident.

From ethereal tracks to peak time techno, Yotto creates intoxicating productions. He’s earned five ‘Essential New Tune’ nods from Pete Tong and two ‘Hottest Record[s] In the World’ on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. 2018 will showcase his multifarious remix list of the Gorillaz, Röyksopp and Coldplay. A 5-track EP on Anjunadeep is pending as well.

March 2nd is the release date. Preview the track on Soundcloud below. Don’t forget to pre-order your copies on Beatport here.

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Dillon Francis Teases New Single ‘We The Funk’ Feat. Fuego

Looks like our favorite jokester DJ, Dillon Francis, has another surprise up his sleeve. After releasing his latest track ‘Ven‘ just a few weeks ago, Francis has already announced another new track coming out tomorrow.

In recent social media posts, Francis teased his new track called ‘We The Funk‘ featuring Latin singer, Fuego. He’s best known for his collaboration J Balvin on their track ‘35 Pa Las 12‘. He’ll be making his first electronic debut on this moombahton track with Francis.

If you follow Francis on Snapchat, you might’ve been lucky enough to catch the sneak preview (sorta) of ‘We The Funk’ but if not, we got you covered below. The track is scheduled to release tomorrow so stay tuned here as we bring you the brand new track then.

Un poco de lo que viene con @dillonfrancis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A post shared by Fuego Fireboy🔥 (@fuegofbm) on Feb 15, 2018 at 7:55pm PST


A post shared by Dillon Francis (@dillonfrancis) on Feb 19, 2018 at 8:02am PST

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No Sugar Added 2018 Moves Venues & Changes to 1 Day

Miami Music Week 2018 is about a month away, so we are well within the prime time for big announcements and shows. While each year brings a few unique events, there are some side parties of MMW that have become institutions in their own right. No Sugar Added (NSA) is one of those events, raging as a 2 day event from 2012 onwards.

While No Sugar Added ballooned into a 3 day behemoth at Nikki Beach each year, for 2018 No Sugar Added is going back to its roots. DiskoLab is moving NSA 2018 to the fantastic 1 Hotel South Beach for a single day on March 24 (Saturday). With this change, the festival will focus on one gigantic stage in a luxurious beach/pool setting with its biggest lineup yet.

Tickets Here

Promising to serve as the hub of MMW’s most in-demand activity, the 1 Hotel South Beach
boasts 425 guest rooms including 168 studio suites and one 3,500 square-foot oceanfront
presidential suite. Guest rooms at the hotel average 700-square-feet, the largest in all of South Beach. Occupying an entire city block on Collins Avenue, 1 Hotel South Beach sits directly on 600-feet of pristine beachfront, offering unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami’s ever-expanding skyline.

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Audio FX 101: Using Reverb to Your Advantage

Using the right kind of effects can make any track stand out. For many producers, using the right amount of effects can be the difference between a banger or a complete bore of a track. Today, we’ll discuss one of the most commonly used effects and what it can do to help your productions.

When you learn how to produce music, the last thing you probably want to think about is how much the audio effects can alter the sound of track. We all just want what’s in our head to be jotted down and completed in the DAW as fast as possible. While it would be nice to have instant gratification for creating a track, creating the next great banger isn’t always that easy. 

Understanding the different production tools available to you can make a world of difference in how your track comes to life. A big aspect of how your track shapes up is the audio effects that you use on your track. For those of you that are new to producing, audio effects are plugins that you place on a track to add a specific sound effect to that given track. 

For example, if you wanted to have a piano sound like it was playing in a hallway, you could add a reverb plugin in to help reach your desired effect. With that said, our audio effect of focus today will be Reverb and how it can positively (or negatively) alter the outcome of your track. 

How it Works 

Reverb (short for Reverberation) is an effect that’s present in our every day lives. Any sort of movement that you make can has reverb. Let’s say you’re walking down a hallway by yourself. The sound of your footsteps will bounce off of the walls and result in a deep, echo type sound. That is an example of reverb effecting the natural sound of a movement. 

Reverb is essentially the amount of space used between the initial impact of the sound and the final result we hear in our ears. Depending on where you’re at, the amount of reverb could drastically change. Just because one movement sounds a certain way in a hallway doesn’t mean it’ll sound the same on a sidewalk. Due to the varying type of reverb, not every reverb effect will result in the same outcomes. Here are some of the most popular types of reverb and what they do to your sound. 

Types of Reverb

Hall Reverb: This type of reverb is designed to give a lush, spacious sound that would be heard during a performance at a concert hall. With its crisp and accurate interpretation of the original sound, hall reverb serves as that complimentary piece to help that sound stand out in front of the crowd. 

Room Reverb: The most straightforward of the reverb types, room reverb is the sound you would get from your typical, run of the mill room build with no acoustic treatment.  What you hear is the natural echo bouncing off of the walls and that’s it. While the type of rooms will differ on the building you’re currently in, room reverb will provide a very similar effect to any space that isn’t built for these purposes. If you want an intimate, no-frills reverb that feels natural to you, room reverb may be your best bet.

Plate Reverb: Of the different reverb types, plate reverb may give off the smoothest and richest effect of them all. Based off of the reverberation from a sheet of metal, plate reverb tends to give off a greater density of the effect and is known for having the best taper of any reverb.  Plate reverb is a great effect to use with other reverb types because of its balanced tails at the end of each reverberation.

Spring Reverb: The last type of reverb I’ll discuss today is spring reverb. This type of reverb is used on mostly individual instrument tracks and not a bus or a return/send channel. The reason for this is spring reverb was initially intended to give a bounce or a type of character to the instrument it’s being used on. Unlike other types of effects, spring reverb tends to be Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) and gives more of a natural feedback.  For synths that are modeled after acoustic instruments, spring reverb could provide that ounce of life in the instrument that would normally be found in the instrument it’s based on. 

Popular Reverb Plugins

While the native plugins in your DAW may handle all of your needs, here’s a few popular reverb plugins that you can add to your arsenal in the near future. The plugins listed below are for reverb only. Plugins with multi FX functionality are not included in this list. Details about these particular plugins can be found in the price links below. 

Valhalla Room Reverb

 Creator: Valhalla DSP 

Price: $50

FabFilter Pro-R 

Creator: Fab Filter 

Price: $199

Renaissance Reverb

Creator: Waves Audio

Price: $39 (current sale price)


Creator: Native Instruments

Price: $149


There we have it!  A summary of what reverb can do to your track and how the different types of reverb can make a world of difference when you’re working on new material. I hope you’ve found this article helpful! There will be more overviews of other audio effects coming in the future, so stay tuned! 

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