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Latroit Remixes the New deadmau5 single, Monophobia

House of Latroit Radio 007 premieres Latroits remix of a deadmau5 classic.

Latroit is known for debuting new tracks that he has produced or remixed himself on House of Latroit Radio, which is his own show. House of Latroit Radio 007 kicks off with his new remix of the deadmau5 track “Monophobia.” On July 3, deadmau5 announced on social media that a special eight-track EP called mau5ville: Level 1 featuring a lot of unique artist collaborations, would soon be released on July 13. 

Now, there truly is no other way to listen to a deadmau5 remix than to listen to it without any expectation, so the only way to find out how it sounds is to press play on HOL #007. However, you will be getting a little insight from Latroit on what it was like to remix a track from a true electronic artist icon. 

What led to you wanting to remix a deadmau5 track?

“Well, first off, when someone asks you to remix deadmau5 you do it! I consider Joel Zimmerman to be one of the great minds in music, not just electronic music. We have the same management and I believe the management should get credit for bringing me in on the project. I was asked if I was interested in remixing the track and I said yes immediately. Rob Swire, is doing the vocals and I am a huge fan of him also. It was a big moment for me to sit with the parts and to try and absorb Joel’s intention creatively. Then contemplate on what I would be able to contribute with a different interpretation. This was a special project to be a part of.” 

Photo: Ted Prescott’

What was your favorite part remixing the track?

“My favorite part remixing the track was sitting with the individual parts and really listening to the stems. Meaning the individual tracks from Joel’s lead line. You hear it in the song, obviously, but when you hear it soloed all by itself you can really understand what he was doing and how he got it. You can picture him behind that massive wall of modules and synthesizers that he messes around with all the time. That was my favorite part of working on this track just having a moment with each individual track of his and being able to see how it put it all together to create the overall effect. To me as a producer, and as a fan, that was my favorite thing about it.”

What direction were you aiming towards with this remix compared to past remixes you have produced before?

“With this one, I tried to keep a common vocabulary between this remix and “Depeche Mode” remix and the “As the Rush Comes” remix. That is kind of a sound I spent years developing and creating. I wanted to offer that to the remix and that is the direction I went and why.”

Is there anything else you are working on right now?

“I am excited about the sample pack that I just did for where I share some of my favorite and most important soundscapes and instruments with likeminded producers. It is available right now on The name of the sample pack is “Latroit Remix Essentials Vol. 1.”

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Take a listen to Latroit’s deadmau5 remix right now on the latest House of Latroit Radio and let the world know what you think of it by using the #HOLradio. 

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Paavo from Above & Beyond Opens Up about Mental Health

We all have those days in which we just feel a little bit down. Life happens so fast, that sometimes we even forget how to be happy. For the record, let us tell you that you’re not alone in this, and sharing these thoughts might not only be a way for you to comfort yourself, but it could also be the perfect way to help those around you. Above & Beyond‘s DJ & Producer Paavo Siljamäki reminded us today that even our idols might face such moments in life from time to time, and that in order to overcome them, we shall admit our fears in the first place.

In a very touching message on Above & Beyond’s official Facebook and Instagram, Paavo took the time to express how struggling with anxiety and stress has always been a part of his life and his career, and how it’s always a good idea to reach out for help and open up about our feelings:

“I am personally recovering from my second burn out in my life, in part I went that way due to the way I’m wired, partially due to the pressures of artist, personal and family life, and also due to past trauma. I am incredibly grateful for finding help through Hoffman Process – real group therapy – that I went through in January, and that has given me so many great tools for helping me cope with myself, my stress and my anxiety – things that I still find challenging. But it’s also been a journey of little victories – I’m learning to accept myself as the vulnerable being that I am.”

Don’t be afraid to talk about Mental Health. Or, as Paavo calls it, Mental Fitness. And don’t forget: you’re never alone.

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We Get Up Close and Personal With KOVEN [Interview]

We hear the ‘Voices’ behind the duo

We had the pleasure to chat with UK duo Koven for an interview in lew of their upcoming release ‘Voices‘, in which they took to the internet to give fans the opportunity to record their vocals and send them in to be featured on the track! They’re flying high of the success of their latest track ‘Board Game‘ so we thought no better time than the present then to pick their brains and see what Koven is all about.

Check out the interview here: Your song “Board Game” has almost a 100,000 plays on Soundcloud in only 20 days! How long did it take you to make this hit?

Koven: “This was actually one of our longest records to make actually, but only because we had the demo version for so long and new our situation and timing wasn’t right for it to be a single. We sat on it for awhile and then went back to it once we knew we began writing the EP for Monstercat because we knew it would be a good fit. It’s probably over 2 years old now – but we are so happy with how it’s being received!”

You’re known for your transcendent melodies and powerhouse vocals, and “Board Game” delivers that with powerhouse bass. When developing your style, how do you think you landed where you are today?

“I think its just a combination of the music both myself and Max like to make and listen to. I personally have such a range of taste in music, I love going to drum and bass events and raving my butt off on the dance floor, but I also like to listen to real emotional music and have a good cry, haha. I love dramatic music, with strings but also love a heavy drop, so we enjoy mixing the two.”

With a song like ‘Board Game’ do you tend to create the lyrics or the beat first?

“This was an instrumental first track. Some of our songs work that way round where we might write lyrics or I might send awful piano chords with vocals over to Max as a real early demo that somehow turns into something amazing, but sometimes Max starts a really cool instrumental track and we’ll fit the vocals in somewhere – board game is the latter”

The idea of doing a group harmony for your new track ‘Voices’ is so creative! Where did you get the idea?

“I believe it was our manager’s suggestion, he sent over an example of a track that had a really cool group singing section, but then I think it was Max’s idea to reach out to eh Monstercat fans to get involved. Basically, I had nothing to do with it – but I will gladly take full credit.”

Meshing together all these voices from around the world seems like it’s going to be no easy feat. What is the process to make everything sound cohesive?

“We were concerned it would be a really long and difficult process and there would be lots of autotuning required but we were so pleased with the amount of really strong vocals that it hasn’t been that bad at all”

Looking forward to 2018 and on, what are you most excited about moving forward?

“We’ve got some awesome shows coming up, playing one of our absolute favorite festivals in Holland – Liquicity and also Supporting Seven Lions in our hometown London, but most importantly we are already in the process of making our first official artist album, which is already coming together really nicely. So excited for that!”

Since we’re on the topic of ‘Board Game’, what is your favorite board game? Who is more competitive between the two of you?

“I have a love-hate relationship with Monopoly, I love it but only when I win. I’m not an overly competitive person but I’ve gone through my whole life winning almost every game of monopoly I play so when I lose on the rare occasion I hate it! I don’t think either myself or Max are competitive but if I had to say who was more so it would probably be me because Max is just super chilled out with that sort of thing.”

If you were a pizza, what flavor would you be and why?

“Well I’m currently trying to cut down/cut out meat, its a long and hard process but for this reason, I’d be a plain cheese and tomato pizza”

Well, there you have it ladies and gents!

Check out the duo’s latest track ‘Board Game’ here and make sure to be on the lookout for when ‘Voices’ is released:

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Conro Speaks On New Single & Life On The Road [Interview]

We’re “Fired Up’ for what the future has in store for Conro

We got the chance to catch up with Canadian DJ/Producer Conro to see how life is going following the release of his new single ‘Fired Up’. 2018 is proving to be his year with hits such as “Take Me There‘ receiving lots of accolades. Next, he’s heading on tour in Asia so we’re happy we got the chance to get a few questions over. 

Check out the interview here: Love the new song, “Fired Up”, can you speak on the creative process? Do the lyrics have any personal ties with you hitting the road on tour?

Thank you! I had been waiting for so long to release this one. I just wanted to keep this song fresh and funky. I have really been diving into the ‘funk’ styles lately and wanted to incorporate slap bass and some serious grooves into this song. I do relate the lyrics to my life, touring and just staying positive on moving forward. 

Who do you think has/had the biggest effect on your sound? Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

I think there hasn’t been one person specifically. But MANY. I’ve loved artists like John Mayer, Band of Horses, Pheonix, MGMT, Kings of Leon, and at the same time I’ve loved listening to artists like Odesza, Porter Robinson, Daft Punk. I believe in what comes in, what I listen to comes out. So I’ve always tried listening to lots of different kinds of music.

I read you’re looking to incorporate more live elements into your sets, ever think about bringing back the violin?

I am definitely bringing live instruments into my live set! Although I don’t think the Violin will be one of them haha. I will focus on Vocals Guitar and Piano.

Any festivals you’re dying to get on the lineup of?

I’ve always dreamed of Coachella.

You started in rock, what artist/group would your younger self would die to collab with?

I would have died to collab with Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon, love his voice and how he writes.

What about the present day, who’s at the top of your list to work with?

I would love to work with hm…. I really admire Charlie Puth, I think he is a top-notch writer and producer, I think we could write something crazy good together.

Do you have any weird rituals to get you “Fired Up” for a show?

Haha, not really. I do like to spend time by myself at some point in the day and just gather my thoughts and get focused for the show.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on tour thus far?

I have to say the green room in Wuhan in China, It was so cool. We ended up having an afterparty in there till 5 am, we just didn’t want to leave!

If your friends could describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

You’re a goof.

Check out Conro’s latest release here:

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Underground Vibes of the Week / 004

VALENTINE​, smle​, Unlike Pluto and more featured on this week’s installment. ​

Welcome to “Underground Vibes Of The Week”, the place to discover new music. No matter if it’s Trap, House or Ambient, heavy and dark or bright and bouncy; if it’s a vibe it belongs here.

 VALENTINE & Rob Araujo – Embrace (feat. patches)

VALENTINE keeps killing the game, and just put out the next single taken out of his debut album Falling, out soon on Majestic Casual. As expected, it’s super bright, funky and groovy. Oh, and it has VALENTINE singing. 

Unlike Pluto – Fake Smiles, Real Memories

The songwriter, vocalist and producer’s new double single titled Fake Smiles, Real Memories is one of his finest pieces ever since he returned from electronic sensation to his rock-centric roots. “JOLT” features epic strings, synths and vocal harmonies, while “WHY” goes with a more stripped down approach. 

smle – When My Love Ends (Feat. Jackie’s Boy)

smle released their latest masterpiece Love Notes EP through Lowly Palace, and sonic masterpiece “When My Love Ends” featuring Jackie’s Boy is definitely the standout track.

Joji – Will He (DRKTMS & TRAILS Remix)

Producers DRKTMS and TRAILS combine their craft for an upbeat remix of the now classic Joji single. 

Bobby Nourmand – The Sun (feat. Adam Engle)

Talented producer Bobby Nourmand‘s latest release features vocals from Adam Engle of U.K. duo Blonde, and is a sonic journey through haunting atmospheres over a dark house groove. 

NOVA – Escape

When NOVA is not producing for the likes of The Game, 6LACK and Jahkoy, he likes to showcase his craft on his solo project, and “Escape” is one of the best examples of the producer laying down the entirety of his skills. 

Sean Dream – the walking plug

Sean Dream‘s take on Rich The Kid‘s “Plug Walk” really changes the vibe of the vibe of the original, incorporating groovy rhythms and funky chords. 

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PSA: Virtual Self Announces North American Tour

Buckle up, Virtual Self is embarking on his first US Tour.

Our wish has come true. Porter Robinson’s side moniker, Virtual Self will be taking over the US with numerous shows across the country. The headlining tour starts at Electric Zoo and makes its way through Utah, Texas, Illinois, and many more. The brilliant act has enthralled audiences around the world, combining techno, trance, and Porter’s unique sound. I’ve seen it for myself. It’s visual and audible bliss. 

DJ Mag-

“…Virtual Self is his declaration of independence, his manifesto for anarchy, his proclamation for something new.” – DJ Mag

More west coast dates will soon be announced. General on-sale tickets are available on Friday, July 20th at 12 pm PT/3pm ET.

Check out the rest of the shows here. 

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Zane Lowe and DJ Snake Discuss Today's World Record "Maradona Riddim" with Niniola [Listen]

New DJ Snake Track = A Good Day

Today, Zane Lowe had on DJ Snake to discuss his and Niniola’s “Maradona Riddim” which debuted as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music. 

The song is so fresh and unique! Snake described his influences here: 

Lowe was also able to squeeze some info about the highly anticipated album from the French producer. He teased the album back in May but now it is looking like his fans will not have to wait much longer. 

Tracks will feature artists like Zayne Malik, Cardi B, Ozuna, and more. 

Check out the new single and here the full interview between Zane Lowe and DJ Snake here:

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deadmau5 Announces Release of New Music With 'mau5ville: level 1

The collection contains “Monophobia” feat. Rob Swire plus collaborations With GTA And Getter and Remixes by Latroit, Attlas, and Rinzen.

The time has come for a new deadmau5 to release some new music. Almost a decade ago, deadmau5 released “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” featuring Rob Swire, a seminal track in electronic music that went on to reach platinum status and become one of his biggest and most celebrated songs. On mau5ville: level 1, set for release tomorrow, Friday, July 13 on his label mau5trap, deadmau5 reunites with Swire for the new single “Monophobia.”

The complete track listing for deadmau5 mau5ville: level 1 is:

01. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire)

02. Getter – All Is Lost (feat. nothing,nowhere.)

03. GTA – Something Like

04. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Rinzen Remix)

05. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Latroit Extended Remix]

06. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [ATTLAS Remix]

07. deadmau5 – Nyquist

08. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Extended Mix]

Beatport Exclusive/Bonus Tracks:

09. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Original Mix)

10. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Latroit Extended Dub)

Discover mau5ville: level 1 here:

Connect with deadmau5:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Delta Heavy Throws Down With New Single 'Exodus' [Listen]

This goes hard

British duo Delta Heavy has been on the scene since 2012 and now they are back and heavier than ever with new track Exodus

Ben Hall and Simon James pack a punch with this heater. In traditional form, they provide a slow build. Then we’re smacked with ominous vocals that open up to the anarchy that i the rest of the song.    

Dubstep fans rejoice and listen here: 

View the original article to see embedded media.

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Virtual Self announces North American Tour

If you’re not already all over Porter Robinson‘s side project, Virtual Self, you should be. The artist announced his headlining North-American Virtual Self Utopia Tour, spanning different cities across the US. This performance combines two sets into one — from each of the two Virtual Self “producers”. One is technic-Angel, who plays largely trancey techno, and the other is […]

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Disneyland Paris Announces Electroland Will Return for Its Third Edition in 2019

A trip to Disneyland is quite the experience itself with the rides and the sights that there’s truly never a wrong time to visit the destination. Add in the experience of attending a music festival to the mix and you get something even more amazing.

That’s what Disneyland Paris did and how they came up with an experience within an experience, a universe “where music meets magic” called Electroland. The event has had success for the last two years of it being held and they are looking to bring it back once more for 2019.

This year’s edition took place at the end June and the line up consisted of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Robin Schulz, Bob Sinclar and more for two nights full of music and magic.

Afrojack had this to say about the event,

It’s very special. I’ve always been a fan of Disneyland, and being able to play here is a combination of dreams coming true,” said Afrojack. “The audience was hard party people that jumped a lot. I never dared to expect something like that. It was une grande fête [one big party].

Vice president of Disney Business Solutions and Special Effects for Disneyland Paris Gustavo Branger even commented on what Electroland brought to the famous park,

Electroland is a unique experience for music lovers and Disneyland Paris fans alike. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a world-class music festival in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Electroland is part of a growing list of upcoming special events like the runDisney weekend, Disney Loves Jazz Festival and Rendez-vous Gourmand that attract both new and repeat guests. These events give them the opportunity to enjoy their favorite resort in a brand-new way.

Dates & artists have not yet been announced for the 2019 edition, but you can head over to the event site to sign up for updates and be the first to know when more information is released.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect for next year!

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Sofi Tukker Bring The Sunshine With New Video "Good Time Girl" ft. Charlie Barker [Watch]

Everyone Loves A ‘Good Time Girl’

Dance/Pop duo Sofi Tukker is back with this summer’s good time anthem, “Good Time Girl” featuring Charlie Barker

This music video just makes me happy. The duo, consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, dance and party their way down the river in Charlie Barker’s houseboat. 

I couldn’t think of a better setting for this single’s music video. 

“Good Time Girl” comes from SOFI TUKKER’s debut album Treehouse. This album truly emblafies their growth in the dance/pop circuit. 

We can’t wait to see what else is in store for these two. 

Check out the video for yourself here:


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