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Woodstock 50 Organizers Sue Investor Company

Woodstock 50

Following the cancellation of much talked about Woodstock 50, the organizers are now sueing their investors, Dentsu Aegis Network. A few days ago, Michael Lang, one of the original organizers of the 1969 festival and lead promoter of Woodstock 50, came forward to accuse Dentsu Aegis Network of draining $17 million from the festival’s bank account.

According to court documents, Woodstock 50 claims that Dentsu has caused enormous and irreparable harm and has demonstrated outrageous and illegal misconduct.

“In a series of precipitous, underhanded and unauthorized actions, Dentsu purported to seize control of and oust W50 from the Festival’s production, and then immediately announced through press releases to the world on April 29 that it was unilaterally canceling the Festival.” – Woodstock 50

Lang also claims that the investor prematurely cancelled the festival and tried persuading artists to cancel on their engagement to perform at the festival, “falsely telling them that they were released from their contracts with W50 and the festival, and that the performers should not perform at the Festival, though they have all been paid in full.”

Despite all that is going on, Woodstock 50 insists they plan to follow through with the festival as scheduled. In the meantime, they are asking for arbitration with Dentsu and the return of the $17 million in funds to the festival’s bank account.

Woodstock 50 is still set to take place in August. Stay tuned for the further developments on this monumental festival!

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Skrillex and Boys Noize Announce Collaborative Dog Blood EP

Skrillex and Boys Noize will soon release the Dog Blood EP.

When Skrillex gave his hungry fan base cause to believe a new album was on the way, this wasn’t likely what they had in mind. The Los Angeles DJ/producer has revealed that he and Boys Noize will release the Dog Blood EP on May 31st, 2019.

Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) and Boys Noize (real name Alexander Ridha) whet fans appetites for new music under their Dog Blood project with “Turn Off The Lights” back in March. By the looks of things, three more singles will follow – that is, unless all four are original pieces of music.

Moore and Ridha launched Dog Blood in 2012, championing a sound that falls somewhere between the former artist’s grating techno and the latter’s bombastic bass. Prior to “Turn Off The Lights,” they had not released new music together for six years.

Neither Skrillex nor Boys Noize have disclosed a tracklist for the Dog Blood EP at the time of writing.





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Foreign Beggars to Disband in 2020

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that this will be the final stretch for Foreign Beggars.”

A group that bridged the gap between hip-hop and dubstep will call it quits after a 17-year run. Foreign Beggars have announced that following a final record and farewell show, they will part ways and pursue separate endeavors.

“Dear friends and family, it’s with a heavy heart that we announce that This will be the final stretch for Foreign Beggars,” read a post to the group’s Facebook page. “We are planning to release one final record later this year and 31st Dec 2019 will be the last ever show.”

Foreign Beggars released their debut two-tracker in the form of Where Did The Sun Go in 2003. In the time since, they’ve led prolific careers as recording artists The group have made no public comments regarding the events leading up to their split.

Foreign Beggars also have yet to announce any details of their final release or farewell performance at the time of writing. They will announce more shows leading up to their split in the coming weeks.

Follow Foreign Beggars:


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Keith Flint’s Death Determined Not a Suicide?

keithIn a surprise announcement, the investigation into the death of The Prodigy lead singer Keith Flint has turned up with inconclusive results. Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray determined an “open conclusion” after attempting to assess Flint’s death.

“I’ve considered suicide,” Beasley-Murray said.

“To record that, I would have to have found that, on the balance of probabilities, Mr. Flint formed the idea and took a deliberate action knowing it would result in his death. Having regard to all the circumstances I don’t find that there’s enough evidence for that.”

In addition, Beasley-Murray said that she couldn’t be sure that the event was an accident. She continued: “We will never quite know what was going on in his mind on that date.”

Oddly enough, Flint’s family and band manager did not attend the hearing were Murray clarified her findings.

Flint was found dead in his Essex home in March. Flint was 49 years old. The initial report determined that the cause of Flint’s death was due by hanging. Thus, it was claimed to not be treated as “suspicious”. Toxicology reports showed cocaine, alcohol, and codeine in his blood at the time of his passing.

Ask For Help Do Not Be Silent

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression or is considering harming themselves, remember that you are not alone. For a list of international suicide prevention hotlines, go here. Everyone deserves the attention they need to get through mental health issues. Tell someone so that no one has to write about you next.

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Marco Carola Faces A $2.4M Lawsuit If He Plays At Pacha Ibiza

Party people around the world know how top-notch Ibiza is when it come to raves. The island is well-known for its nightclubs and beach clubs. Pacha and Amnesia are two of the best spots if you’re looking for a good place to dance.

Amnesia’s exclusive venue usually gathers the best techno DJs for an all-night run. Artist Marco Carola has been a resident for the ‘Music On‘ party brand hosted at the Amnesia for the past five years. However, it’s recently been announced that ‘Music On’ would be throwing a series of gigs at Pacha Ibiza this year as well.

If Carola were to play one of the ‘Music On’ parties at Pacha, he would breach the exclusivity agreement that he holds with Amnesia. Amnesia has now filed a lawsuit against Marco Carola to prevent him from playing. He will have to pay a $2.4 million fine if he doesn’t comply.

Amnesia has the right to own the exclusivity of the ‘Music On’ series. Their contract reads that there is a ‘prohibition to promote the brand at any other party or event, both for the Music On and for its main artist, Marco Carola’. Failure to respect this clause might incur in legal action – which is exactly what’s happening here.

As of today, the events at Pacha Ibiza are still advertising with Marco Carola as a headliner and other artists on the bill such as Joseph Capriati, Hot Since 82 and some other massive names. They start on May 16 and last all summer. Whether Carola will actually play or not remains to be seen.

H/T: Diario de Ibiza

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Glastonbury’s Gas Tower Stage Will Be Built From Recycled Plastic

In a move to spread awareness of our planet, the Glastonbury Festival is planning a special stage design for this year’s event. The iconic Gas Tower stage will be transformed and built from the ground up with recycled plastic.

As you may know, the festival has already made a ban on the sale of plastic bottles this year and is looking for ways to be earth friendly as possible. The stage itself is rather complex, consisting of 8 HD screens that surround festivalgoers with a 360-degree view.

“we are showing the world that the plastic we no longer want or need can be recycled”

Considering the stage itself is fairly large, it is reported that 10 tons of plastic will be required for the build. A majority of the plastic will be collected in Cornwall, Somerset, and Devon, along with several beach cleanup events. The first beach cleanup event will take place May 11. Those that plan on attending the festival, are encouraged to take part in one of the events! Several more cleanup dates will be added and found on their website here.

Once enough plastic is collected, it will be organized before being processed into stage materials. This project might be more complex than using standard materials, but the goal is to bring awareness of our planet.

This entire project wouldn’t exist without the work from leaders Keep Britain Tidy and the Orca Sound Project. Additionally, it wouldn’t be possible for those collecting the recycled materials as well.  Allison Ogden-Newton of Keep Britain Tidy described it as a great way to remove plastic from our environment, all while showing what can be produced with recycled material.

We can’t wait to see how the finished stage turns out and hope to see similar projects in the future!

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The Dance Community Reacts to Ultra’s Decision to Relocate

Ultra Community Mourns News of RelocationYesterday, we broke the news that Ultra would not be returning to Virginia Key, Miami. We knew it was a possibility, yet no one thought it would actually end this way. For twenty-one years Miami has been home to Ultra and it’s given us some of the biggest moments in dance music history. What will happen to Miami Music Week? The dance community has been reacting all over social media and many are as devastated as we are.

Many on Twitter were torn by Miami’s decision to turn its back on the iconic music festival. And others submitted their guesses for the new location, which Ultra revealed would be released soon.


Facebook Didn’t Hold Back Either

What a shame 😞 I personally loved how they setup the festival on Virginia Key, especially the resistance part of the island. It was creative, with lots of space to move around. Was hoping to see what a full year of planning would have led to, for next year.

What’s the point of living downtown if you don’t want noise…stay in the suburbs if you want quiet, amargados.

Yea keep complaining about spring break too and no one will come for spring break either. Miami city is dying. When it goes bankrupt and tourists won’t come here everyone will be crying. Miami is all about tourism and the party life. If that dies Miami dies with it. NOBODY is coming to Miami to stay at our overpriced hotels and restaurants just to go swim at the beach. For that their probably save and go to Hawaii or the Bahamas.”

People move here for the things that make Miami what it is. Then they do everything they can to get rid of those things. Assholes.

End of an Era

All the dance community can do now is reminisce on the good times and wait. Wait for the news and hope the legend continues.

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EDC Las Vegas 2019 General Admission Tickets Are Officially SOLD OUT

April usually reminds everyone of showers whereas May reminds everyone not of flowers but of EDC Las Vegas! The Insomniac flagship festival is in just one week and general admission is officially SOLD OUT. Only limited amounts of GA+ and VIP tickets are still available which will fly by quick.

As each day before the festival inches closer and closer, Pasquale and the Insomniac team are hard at work transforming the final touches for EDC. With 250+ artists, 8 stages, vibrant art installations, hundreds of costumed performers, and over 450,000 headliners, this is the premier festival of North America.

In addition to the return of Camp EDC, this year’s festival layout has been completely redesigned to bring the best experience yet. With a bigger playing field, Insomniac has a lot more room to bring innovation as well as comfortability for attendees. One major change that is rumored to take place is Quantum Valley is turning into a megastructure stage. Trance fans are sure to be excited about this breathtaking transformation.

The 23rd edition of EDC Las Vegas will take place on May 17-19 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Be sure to grab your last minute tickets here. In addition, stay tuned to EDMTunes for when the official set times are announced!

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FISHER Talks About Tech House Tune "You Little Beauty" Ahead of Release

FISHER’s first song of 2019 is about to come out.

Between critical acclaim and undeniable dance floor appeal, FISHER‘s 2018 smash hit “Losing It” will be one tough act to follow. The Australian DJ/producer is gearing up to release his first single of 2019 on May 10th, but beforehand he talked to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 about the inspirations from which the track came about. 

“You little beauty is basically what we always say on Gold Coast is when everyone’s going mad, or having fun, or doing something goofy – you just say you little beauty,” said FISHER (real name Paul Fisher). “I basically just made that song and I thought, what can I call it? And I thought, ‘You Little Beauty.'” 

“The vocal itself is so amazing,” he went on. “All I wanted to do was just put my FISHER charm to it really, and I just wanted to make a big old bass line, put some hats and a good old kick, and away we went.”

The tech house hitmaker also discussed his plans for collaboration – or rather, his lack thereof. “I’m enjoying the music that I’m making. I’m enjoying the space that I’m in with the tunes and how they’re going for other people that are playing them, and the parties that I’m playing, where they’re working it,” he said. “I do want to collab down the line, but for right now, I’m just enjoying what I’m doing by myself.”

Pre-save “You Little Beauty” on Spotify here, and preview the single on Beatport here. Watch FISHER’s Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe here.



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DJ Snake Shares Music Video for Sheck Wes Collab "Enzo" ft. Offset, 21 Savage and Gucci Mane

DJ Snake’s biggest hip-hop crossover to date just got a hyphy video.

It’s been three weeks since DJ Snake offered up a Sheck Wes collab rife with high-profile hip-hop features. The Parisian DJ/producer and certifiable hitmaker has returned with an official music video for “Enzo” in which featured emcees Offset, 21 Savage and Gucci Mane make appearances.

The DACK-directed video (on which production company CR8TIVE ROW is also credited) depicts the aforementioned talent performing in the midst of sports cars and models. The black-and-white montage of dramatic shots perfectly complements the aggressive tone of the track.


Be it bass music like “Turn Down For What” or dance-pop chart toppers like his 2015 Diplo collaboration “Lean On,” DJ Snake (real name William Sami Étienne Grigahcine) continues to put out standout singles. He certainly isn’t a stranger to hip-hop. Earlier in the year, he collaborated with Tyga, G-Eazy and Rich The Kid on an infectious track titled “Girls Have Fun.”

Stream or download “Enzo” by DJ Snake and Sheck Wes featuring Offset, 21 Savage and Gucci Mane across platforms here.



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Boombox Cartel Collabs with MadeinTYO for "Skrrt"-Laden Track "NEW WIP"

The song marks Boombox Cartel’s first appearance this year on Diplo’s Mad Decent label.

Mexico-based DJ and producer Boombox Cartel (real name Americo Garcia) has teamed up with Atlanta-based rapper MadeinTYO (real name Malcolm Jamaal Davis) to release “NEW WIP,” an electrifying crossover of EDM and hip-hop. 

The track is reminiscent of Garcia’s early work – especially “B2U,” Garcia’s 2015 release featuring Ian Everson. At the same time, while staying true to his unique bass-centric sound, the overlaying of Davis’ lyricism makes “NEW WIP” special. It is Garcia’s first release this year on Diplo‘s Mad Decent imprint, following up “ID,” which he released with Flosstradamus in 2018 on the label.

View the original article to see embedded media.

It is slow driving with deep, low, long tones. Heavy and pensive, the slow growth of the arrangement creates traction while prominently featuring Davis’ breathy and youthful rapping. The song unites two genres that have recently been producing and performing in close proximity, sharing festival headlining rows on posters and making top 40-ready collaborations. Garcia and Davis seamlessly bridge the gap between rap and EDM, doing so without losing the essential characteristics of their respective styles. 

“NEW WIP” uses a simpler production arrangement to give enough room to Davis but still manages to feel big. It will fill a room or a festival field. Low bass contrasts with punchy lyrics describing MadeinTYO’s “‘rrari” whip and casual “skrrt” drops. It gradually builds traction but never fully realizes the tension necessary for an explosive drop. Instead, Garcia chose to keep the song’s vibe steady and consistent. 

The track comes shortly after the April 26th release “4U,” a collaboration with Breakfast N Vegas featuring Tory Lanez and Bad Bunny. It serves as another example of Garcia’s ambition to produce genre-bending tracks as he primes for a summer full of even more single releases. 



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Ultra Music Festival may Move to the Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2020

The Homestead city manager said Ultra has been in talks with the Speedway.

On May 8th, Ultra Music Festival‘s organizers beat the Miami City Commission to the punch by voluntarily leaving their new home of Virginia Key before a May 9th vote on the matter was set to take place. They expressed plans to formally announce the gathering’s new location, but this time around officials may have beat them to the punch.

According to the Miami Herald, Homestead City Manager George Gretsas said that Ultra staff have been in talks with the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The race car track – which typically serves as a venue for NASCAR and IndyCar Series events – is between 45 minutes and an hour south of Miami proper.

Ultra’s relocation to Virginia Key was met with outcry from nearby residents and rival promoters alike. Following the 2019 edition, the festival’s organizers had to choose between the uphill battle of winning over stakeholders (including attendees) or securing another venue for the foreseeable future. “After listening to feedback from many of you (including over 20,000 fans who took our post-event survey), it is clear that the festival experience on Virginia Key was simply not good enough,” they wrote in a statement.

The 2020 edition of Ultra Music Festival will run from March 27th-29th. The event’s organizers have not specified when they plan to publicly announce the new venue.



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