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Internet Raises Thousands of Dollars for Unpaid Fyre Festival Worker

maryann rolle

Fyre Festival is something the internet continues to talk about. The scam of a festival that landed its co-founder, Billy McFarland, rightfully in prison.

The newly released Netflix documentary ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ introduced us to a new side of the story. One that no one seemed to consider before: the local workers who built and catered the festival.

None of them were paid. The documentary mentions that there was a group of Bahamians who built the festival. It’s estimated that they’re owed $250,000 in unpaid wages. More than that, there’s the story of Maryann Rolle. She was responsible for catering the event and also appears in the documentary.

“I had ten persons working directly with me, just preparing food all day and all night, 24 hours. I had to literally pay all of those people.”

Maryann went through $50,000 of her own savings to pay her workers. She was never reimbursed or paid herself. The entire event is, naturally, an extremely upsetting subject for her. As it likely is for any of the Bahamians involved.

“Personally, I don’t even like talking about the Fyre Festival. Just take it away and let me start a new beginning,” she said during her interview. “Because they really hurt me.”

However, the internet banded together to help her with that new beginning. There is a GoFundMe set up in order to help. As of writing this, the campaign’s goal has been exceeded. But you can still donate.

“There is an old saying that goes ‘bad publicity is better than no publicity’ and I pray that whoever reads this plea is able to assist”. It looks like many already have and will continue to do so.

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Dillon Francis, T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay Team Up on New LEGO Movie Theme Song

An unlikely trio came up with the theme for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part hits theaters next month, but the film’s theme song has found its way to the masses in the meantime. “Catchy Song” resulted from a collaboration between Dillon Francis, T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay.

The three artists haven’t tried to hide the purpose of the song, whose chorus goes “This song’s gonna get stuck inside your head.” Teasing a clip of the tune in a tweet, Francis wrote, “…if it gets stuck inside ur head and you want to punch me in the face I’m sorry (you gotta admit tho it’s catchy af)[sic].”

The first installment of The Lego Movie came out in 2014 and featured a theme song titled “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” by Tegan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island. Songs by Taylor Swift, The Beastie Boys and Alesso are included on the soundtrack for the sequel.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part comes out in theaters on February 8th, 2019.

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Jauz Might Have Lost All His Unreleased Music From 2018 to Present

Image result for jauz computer

Brace yourselves Jauz fans because we’re about to tear at your heartstrings…

In a recent Tweet, the American producer has announced that he might have lost all of the tracks that he’s been working on from last year until the present day.

That’s right, ravers, what could have potentially been the founder and CEO of Bite This best work, has unfortunately gone down the drain due to the fact he didn’t back up his computer.

The important of backups of one’s work is a lesson that we have all learned from an early age. Like most lessons, the individual has to learn the hard way for the reality to sink in. We’ve been there, Jauz; we know the heart-sinking feeling of losing your work due to a troubling technical glitch. Hang in there!

Although we are positive that your pieces were incredible, we also know that your next releases will be better than ever because you’ve lived through some great adventures recently – like your beautiful wedding. We can count on these pieces being filled with passion.

Stay positive! There’s potentially still hope that the singles aren’t wiped away forever.

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Woman Captures Her Own Apparent Rape on Live Stream at Opera Atlanta

Graphic video from an incident at Opera Atlanta has since been deleted.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual assault

UPDATE January 21st, 2:30 PM: In light of the news, Atlanta promoter subtle has relocated an event on Friday, January 25th headlined by Ciszak vs Bot from Opera Atlanta to Odyssey After at 156 Forsyth St. Their full statement can be found here.

A horrific incident has taken place over the weekend at Opera Atlanta. In video she captured herself, a woman named Jasmine Eiland appears to have been raped by a male attendee of the historic nightclub on the evening of January 19th.

Two separate live streams of the apparent rape were posted to Eiland’s Facebook account. They have since been removed for nudity, but one was retrieved and sent to in which Eiland can be heard screaming “stop” and “please help me.” 

The following day Eiland posted that she was okay, and asked that her friends refrain from calling or texting her. In a live stream she posted today, Eiland addressed some of the rumors surrounding the incident.

Opera Atlanta addressed the incident yesterday on social media by saying, “The disturbing matter that occurred last night has been brought to our attention, and we are working as diligently as possible in full cooperation with law enforcement.” 

Last month, the same nightclub came under fire for an alleged scam involving members of its security staff. reached out to Opera Atlanta for comment and they responded with the following statement:

At this time we have met with the Atlanta Police Department and have provided them with everything they have requested. We will continue to aid and support their investigation in any way we can.

We have been asked to defer any further questions to the Atlanta Police Department Public Affairs Unit. has reached out to the Atlanta Police Department but they have yet to respond at the time of writing.

This is a developing story and this article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Vote for the Best Electronic Dance Music Videos in Clubbing TV's 1st Annual Clubbing TV Awards!

Clubbing TV kicks off 2019 with the first edition of Clubbing TV Awards, set to unveil a list of the 33 best Electronic Dance Music Videos for an audience vote.

An indispensable part of any music scene and powerful art form its own right, a plethora of excellent music videos are created every year. To celebrate the very best of these creations, Clubbing TV kicks off 2019 with the first edition of its Clubbing TV Awards

The TV channel will soon unveil a list of 33 Electronic Dance Music Videos and will let the audience vote for its favorites. Fans will vote across eight different categories (list included below), with only one winner for each category.

Clubbing TV Video (; 1:00)

Voting opens on January 21st at and the winners will be made public on March 23rd in a special show that will be broadcasted on Clubbing TV in more than 50 countries and over 100 million households. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as well!

Voting Categories:

1. Best Hits Music Video Award
2. Best Underground Music Video Award
3. Best Complextro Music Video Award
4. Best Going Deep Music Video Award
5. Best Time To Chill Music Video Award
6. Essential Music Video Award
7. New Talent Music Video Award
8. Highlight Music Video Award

Make sure to stop by to create your account so that you can vote for your favorite music videos and help decide who will be awarded.



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Anjunadeep presents: Explorations Proves to be an Event Unlike Any Other

anjunadeep explorationsLast week, the beloved deep house label Anjunadeep announced its own destination festival called Explorations. After the announcement, not much additional information was released. However, fans didn’t have to wait long. Today, we know everything we need to know about one of the most anticipated events of 2019.

When the announcement of the event was made, not much info was included. We didn’t know where the festival would take place or who would be playing it. That information arrived this past weekend. Explorations will happen from June 20-25 on the beautiful beaches of Dhermi, Albania. If you’re going to be lucky enough to attend, you’ll have the opportunity to get daily beach massages, meditation sessions, and yoga sessions soundtracked by select Anjunadeep artists.

Around the beaches, you’ll find housing accommodations close enough to walk to. There are huts by the sea, nearby hotels, and Air BnB’s around the beaches. Each ticket sold includes accommodations, making the experience as easy as possible. This also allows attendees to easily meet one and other, creating a sense of community and family, something Anjuna excels at doing.

If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, the lineup is nothing short of sensational. Anjunadeep heavy weights James Grant, Jody Wisternoff, Lane 8, Yotto and Luttrell will all attend. Progressive maestros Jaytech, Moon Boots, Ben Bohmer, and Way Out West will also be in attendance. Just scroll down to see the full lineup.

Anjunadeep presents: Explorations is the perfect combination of fun, music, and relaxation. This will be one unforgettable experience. Presale tickets go on sale January 25, while general tickets go on sale January 29th. Make sure to sign up for presale tickets and announcements here. Check out the trailer and lineup below and let us know if you plan on attending the event.


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UZ's Sophomore Album "The Rebirth" Receives Remix Treatment

The masked DJ has an ear for talent.

UZ’s summer 2018 album The Rebirth has received a well-deserved remix EP from some of trap music’s rising stars. The Quality Goods Records (QGR) head honcho has spared no expense. As with all his endeavors, UZ brings top talent to the forefront giving both established and new artists equal opportunity to bring the heat.

The Rebirth remixes see both the return of familiar QGR artists, and the introduction of new faces to the rapidly growing label. From the steady churning bass lines of Australian QGR mainstay Hydraulix to the snappy rhythms of rapper Rome Fortune, QGR proves they can have it all.

UZ’s remix EP offers a versatility not often heard while simultaneously managing to maintain a cohesive sound. Given its diversity, The Rebirth remixes succeeds in creating a unique opportunity for fans of both hip hop and dance music to become familiar with one of trap’s heaviest hitters and his imprint.

For a diverse offering of bass music’s many forms listen to remixes of UZ’s sophomore album The Rebirth here



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SOFI TUKKER and ZHU Release Energetic Collaboration "Mi Rumba"

A match made in heaven!

The Grammy-nominated duo SOFI TUKKER have joined forces with the enigmatic ZHU for their latest offering, “Mi Rumba.” 

ZHU’s intense synth lead alongside SOFI TUKKER’s vocal talents showcase both parties’ unique styles throughout the rhythmic house track. SOFI TUKKER’s signature jungle-pop style mixed with ZHU’s late night house create a sound that doesn’t seem like it would work on paper, but the result leaves us wondering why it hasn’t been done sooner. 

Last year, ZHU released a collaboration with Tame Impala along with his highly anticipated sophomore album Ringo’s Desert. In December, he announced that he would be canceling his entire Dune Pt. II tour in order to get back in the studio and create more music.  

2018 was a massive year for SOFI TUKKER, as they are celebrating their second Grammy nomination in two years in the category of Best Dance/Electronic Album. If they are able to beat out Jon Hopkins, JusticeSOPHIE, and TOKiMONSTA, they will take home their first-ever Grammy Award. 

“Mi Rumba” by SOFI TUKKER & ZHU is out now on Ultra Music. You can stream or download it across platforms here.





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Panorama NYC will not Return in 2019

The promoters have been denied a permit and is looking to host future iterations of the festival.

Promoter Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) have announced that Panorama NYC will not be returning in 2019. The multi-day NYC music festival has been denied the permit required to host the event. 

Since the first iteration of the festival in 2016, Panorama NYC has been held at Randall’s Park in New York City, the same venue where Electric Zoo and Governor’s Ball are held. 

The festival’s organizers have been attempting to relocate to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, which promoters say is the venue they’ve always envisioned as Panorama’s home.

Below is the full statement from AEG:

Panorama will be taking a hiatus in 2019 while we continue discussions with NYC Parks to bring the festival to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, where it was originally envisioned.

We had a fantastic experience with Paul Simon this past September at Flushing Meadows and look forward to returning in the future.

We were disappointed in NYC Parks denial of our permit application despite the long term benefits this event would deliver to the community and the park.

While we have enjoyed our time on Randall’s Island and its great facilities, we feel that we have achieved all that we can at this site. We look forward to continued conversations with City Parks to explore making the Flushing Meadows site a reality. Until then, we thank the fans and artists who supported the event for the last 3 years of fantastic performances.

Over the years, Panorama Music Festival featured performances from heavyweight acts like ODESZA, Justice, Kendrick Lamar, Janet Jackson, and more. 

AEG has stated that they are working towards bringing the festival back. Stay tuned for more coverage on the fate of Panorama NYC.

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Eric Prydz to Reveal His "Most Technologically Advanced" Stage Show at Tomorrowland

Eric Prydz says EPIC: HOLOSPHERE has its own proprietary technology.

Over the past two years, Eric Prydz and his production team have been developing his “most technologically advanced” stage production to date. 

Prydz has dubbed the production EPIC: HOLOSPHERE, and is set to debut the visual spectacle to fans at Tomorrowland in July. Fans of the Swedish DJ/producer have been treated to some of the most extravagant and technologically advanced stages in dance music over the years and Prydz promises EPIC: HOLOSPHERE will surpass those. 

In a post to his Facebook page, Prydz gave a brief rundown of the new production. He told fans EPIC: HOLOSPHERE would use proprietary technology developed by his team that had not even been invented two years ago when he launched his last Hologram-enhanced show. 

Below is a video of Prydz’s latest stage production, that EPIC: HOLOSPHERE will succeed. 

Over the past decade, the creator of “Call on Me” and “Pjanoo” has rose through the ranks and become one of the biggest names in dance music.

In addition to the new stage production, fans of Eric Prydz’ techno alter ego Cirez D are gearing up for his massive B2B with Adam Beyer at Creamfields

H/T: Dancing Astronaut 



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Resistance At Ultra Miami Will Now Have Three Stages

Resistance At Ultra Miami Will Now Have Three Stages

Ultra Miami has announced that their underground House and Techno focused concept RESISTANCE will have a considerable size increase from previous years and consist of three stages with headlining sets from Carl Cox, Adam Beyer b2b Cirez D, deadmau5 as Testpilot and many, many more.

After being booted from Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, Ultra announced their new location would be the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium on March 29, 30 and 31 thanks to all the extra space RESISTANCE’s three stages will now be held on its own island. Along with there being more space, the event can now run from 2pm to 2am on all three days.

Another major change in 2019 is that RESISTANCE will be hosting the Carl Cox MegaStructure for the entire weekend. Carl Cox will headline all three days, with an additional exclusive B2B set on Saturday with a special guest.

The addition of two new stages to RESISTANCE also means there are more special takeovers and sets including Richie Hawtin’s PLAYdifferently and a stage curated by the PLAYGROUND Sound Camp at Burning Man.

View the full RESISTANCE Miami 2019 lineup below.

Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer b2b Cirez D
Art Department
Black Coffee
Carl Cox
Charlotte de Witte
Dubfire B3B Nicole Moudaber B3B Paco Osuna
Hot Since 82
Ilario Alicante
Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati
Joris Voorn
Loco Dice
Maceo Plex
The Martinez Brothers
Nic Fanciulli
Richie Hawtin
Sasha | John Digweed
Sven Väth
Tale Of Us

Alan Fitzpatrick
Andrea Oliva
Camelphat B2B Solardo
Chip E
Christian Smith
Dennis Cruz
Enrico Sangiuliano
Jon Rundell
Josh Wink
La Fleur
Luigi Madonna
Marco Bailey
Richy Ahmed
Stefano Noferini
Technasia B2B Carlo Lio

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34th Annual Winter Music Conference announces First Keynote Speakers!

Winter Music Conference (WMC), an iconic week long electronic music conference held every March in Miami Beach, Florida, comes back for its 34th year this March 25-28, 2019 at the Faena Forum, Miami Beach. WMC brings professionals across the industry together such as DJs, Artists, A&R, Promoters, Radio and Media for seminars and panels.

WMC has just announced their first keynote speakers, programming and partnerships: Dr. Douglas Rushkoff, one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” as named by MIT, will delivering the keynote presentation focused around his “Team Human” Podcast and deep topics concerning the human connection.

Armin van Buuren, legendary Dutch Trance Producer, DJ, label head and businessman, will be leading a presentation on his famed “A State of Trance”. “A State of Trance” is one of the world’s most popular electronic dance brands and was built from the ground up starting with the very first episode back in 2001. Alongside Armin, there will be other prominent Trance DJs and Producers that will discuss the progression of Trance amongst other things.

Irvine Welsh – known for his often controversial novels, stories and screenplays such as “Trainspotting”, will be joined by DJ Pierre, acid house originator, to discuss the evolution and impact of acid house on global culture and music – tracing the influence from the earliest moments all the way to present day.

Laidback Luke, one of the most revered DJs of all time, will be hosting WMC’s “The Power of Creative DJing” – being an expert in seamless traversing the genres of dance music, there is no one better to lead this main stage presentation.

The Platinum selling DJ and Producer Sam Feldt will also be present at WMC alongside a special guest to discuss green philanthropy. Feldt and his special guest will be leading a very important discussion about how we can make the world a better place in the near and long term future.

Needless to say, for lovers of electronic dance music and for members of the industry, you won’t want to miss these WMC panels and keynote presentations.

Below are the first WMC panels:

WMC // Access Panels:
– Breaking In: How To Get Your Start In The Electronic Music Industry
– Signing With The Future: How Labels Utilize New Technologies For Sustained Growth
– Surviving Indie: Innovation and Brand Building As An Independent Label
– Spinnin’ Records Panel w/ special surprise guests
– Daily artist panels including Bass, House, Techno, Drum & Bass genres
– Digital Collision: The Convergence of Esports, Gaming And Electronic Music Culture
– The Bleeding Edge: Shaping The Next Wave Of Electronic Music Culture

WMC // Industry Badge (upgrade) Exclusive Panels:
– The Death of The Newsfeed: Using FB Messenger To Effectively Reach Your Followers
– The Data Solution: Viberate Presents Current Market Trends And Analytics Strategy
– Music Placement – How To Get Your Music Synced With Brands, Films, TV, and Advertising
– Brands x Artists x Culture: How To Create An Authentic Music Strategy
– AFEM Presents – Get Played Get Paid: How the rise of Music Recognition Technology at DJ Events could put money in your pocket
– Practically Green: Environmental Solutions for the Music Industry
– Presentation by Academy/MusiCares with a very special guest

Registration is open here!

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