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Paul van Dyk's $12 Million Injury Settlement Contested by ALDA Events

The case may not be closed on Paul van Dyk’s lawsuit against ALDA Events.

Towards the beginning of 2019, Paul van Dyk won a lawsuit against ALDA Events for $12 million after he was severely injured in a fall at A State Of Trance 750 in Utrecht in 2016. The Dutch event producer is reportedly building a case to appeal the decision, however.

According to a U.S. district court filing from ALDA, “The fact that petitioner Paul is a non-signatory and a non-party means that the arbitration agreement doesn’t extend to him.” Essentially, it makes the case that because Paul van Dyk (real name Matthias Paul) had not entered into a contract with the event producer, their failure to warn him that the stage structure from which he fell wasn’t safe does not entitle him to damages for medical expenses, lost profits, and future expenses.

Hailing from Germany, Paul was among the early forerunners of trance during its emergence from the European techno scene. To this day, his record label Vandit remains one of the premiere tastemakers of the genre.

A spokesperson on behalf of Paul van Dyk was not immediately available to comment on ALDA Events’ appeal of his settlement.

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[BREAKING] Swedish House Mafia Cancels Second Festival in 2019

Swedish House Mafia have cancelled their show at Weekend Festival held in Finland. This is the second festival cancellation from the legendary supergroup. In June they cancelled their appearance at the closing night of Ultra Korea, citing unforeseen circumstances. They blame cancellation of Weekend Festival on production issues. There has been no official word about compensation from Weekend Festival . With only one day before the festival it will be difficult to find a suitable replacement.

The rumor mill is grinding at full speed, with speculation that this now frees up the same weekend in Belgium during Tomorrowland. Others complain that the trio has been marketing themselves with tons of merchandise, no new music and now two cancelled shows.

The next scheduled appearance is at Ushuaïa in Ibiza next weekend, followed by a three week hiatus. It was previously speculated that Swedish House Mafia would close one or both of Tomorrowland’s weekends. However the Tomorrowland announcement of the blurred closing slots was quietly filled, which also sparked controversy.

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GenZ's New RaveRunner Pack is Your Festival Hydration Solution

The RaveRunner is combating festival theft and keeping you well hydrated.

Two of the biggest problems festivalgoers face are staying hydrated and safeguarding personal items from thieves. A new Conway & Conway study showed that one in seven people attending a festival experience theft, with expensive cell phones being the most commonly stolen item. Even at a completely cashless festival like Goldrush Music Festival, where wristbands are used for transactions, personal items are constantly stolen from unsuspecting festival attendees. In one instance, a thief made off with over 100 cell phones at Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

Leading Arizona-based EDM promoter Relentless Beats just announced a partnership with GenZ making the RaveRunner hydration pack the official festival bag for Goldrush. “Relentless Beats is happy to announce the partnership with GenZ, taking a strong stance against theft,” said partner Jason Euler.

GenZ has come up with a solution to combat both of these issues: the RaveRunner. It’s a splash-proof nylon hydration pack specifically designed to prevent theft. By designing the pack with zippers at the wearer’s back, GenZ has made common festival theft extremely difficult to pull off. Items stored within the pack are guarded by the cutting-edge design and protected by the wearer’s own back. Hidden pockets within the pack and straps also help to hide personal items. 

As for the hydration itself, the RaveRunner has a two-liter capacity to ensure the wearer can dance the night away without having to worry about stopping to rehydrate. The bladder of the pack is designed with the utmost simplicity in regards to refilling. One user even reported that he was able to unscrew the lid, refill, and screw the lid back on without even taking the RaveRunner off or opening any pockets. A three-liter capacity upgrade is also on the way.

The visual design of the pack is left up to the user, as any custom zip-on skin can be added to the pack to keep festival-goers looking sharp. Additionally, light-up EL wire and a patent-pending custom UnderGlow device can be added, bringing light and energy to the pack and making the wearer more visible to their friends. The battery-operated and rechargeable UnderGlow device has a sound-activated flash mode to sync up with festival sounds.  

Keeping one’s cell phone juiced at a festival is almost as vital as the hydration the RaveRunner provides. Luckily, there is an add-on solar panel option available, so users can charge their phones while simultaneously drinking water and dancing.

GenZ founder Ryan Lange is proud to present the RaveRunner. “It is important to have a hydration pack dedicated to rave with. Even avid ravers have a fashionable water backpack,” said Lange. “Getting a backpack with hidden pockets or an anti-theft hydration pack will provide you with a much more enjoyable experience for your next rave, travel plan, or hike.” 

Providing a fashionable anti-theft hydration solution for festival-goers and beyond, GenZ’s RaveRunner is the perfect companion for your next festival experience. 



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Tanner England Breaks New Ground with “To the Moon” ft. Aspen Dawn

The beautifully romantic track by Tanner England and Aspen Dawn is out now via Proximity.

Making his first label debut, Salt Lake City-based newcomer Tanner England tugs at heartstrings with the lush new single “To the Moon” featuring Aspen Dawn, out now on Proximity.

At just 18 years old, Tanner England is carving a space for himself in the booming electronic music world. Though “To the Moon” is only his second original of 2019, the young producer has been actively showcasing his creative abilities over on his SoundCloud by putting his own unique spin on popular hit singles such as Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore,” as well as Khalid and Normani’s “Love Lies.”

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His fresh approach to flipping these Top 40 hits has earned him the attention of prestigious Los-Angeles based imprint Proximity, which has long been known for discovering and shining a spotlight on some of the industry’s latest-and-greatest original talent. In true Proximity fashion, “To the Moon” is your next favorite track you haven’t heard yet.

Awash in a melodic and dreamlike soundscape, “To the Moon” is all about the excitement and roiling emotions surrounding the act of falling in love. The rich vocals of singer/songwriter Aspen Dawn are carried throughout the track by bright synths and romantic melodies, making for an undeniably evocative and delightfully summery track. 

Stream or download Tanner England’s new single “To the Moon” featuring Aspen Dawn, out now on Proximity. 







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Knife Party Release Lost Souls EP

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are back with their first new EP in four years.

EDM heavyweights Knife Party have dominated the scene for years and years, with hits like “Internet Friends,” “Centipede” and “Bonfire” appearing everywhere from festival DJ sets to the Breaking Bad soundtrack. Now, the duo are back with their first new EP in four years.

The Lost Souls EP is a four-track release on EARSTORM that includes the new hit “Death and Desire” featuring Harrison, which was Zane Lowe‘s World Record on Beats 1. A funky big room house anthem through and through, “Death and Desire” will surely be a mainstay in DJ sets all summer. 

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“Lost Souls” is the gritty dubstep you’d expect from Knife Party, and also pokes fun at festival crowd debauchery in a clever documentary style voiceover akin to that of Pendulum‘s classic, “Masochist” and Knife Party banger “Centipede.” “No Saint” brings more nostalgic big room house vibes, but keeps things fresh with the Knife Party signature style.

Coming completely out of left field, “Ghost Train” fuses elements of techno, future house and beyond in an amalgamation of eerie jungle sounds and daunting brass. 

The Lost Souls EP is a refreshing new vibe from Knife Party, and is out now. Stream or download it here.



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Madeon Drops Official Music Video for "All My Friends"

The spontaneous video accompanying “All My Friends” was directed and edited by Madeon himself.

Madeon released “All My Friends” in May of 2019 on Columbia Records and it played out to be the first track from his upcoming sophomore album, Good Faith. Earlier this week, he shared on Twitter that he was whipping up a quick and spontaneous video for the track that he would release in two days, and now it’s out.

The video which features Madeon (real name – Hugo Pierre Leclercq) himself in parts, but has also been directed and edited by him. 

Speaking to Billboard Dance about the inspiration behind the concept, Leclercq said that the inspiration struck during a trip to New York City. A walk through Manhattan rife with surrealistic imagery was what took front and center in the music video. 

Of the music video, Leclercq said:

“I’ve realized that the familiar can feel exceptional just because of the space your head is at. Those initial first three days in New York, it was a city I had been to before and things I had done before, but somehow, it felt so magical and important, in fact, profound. Colors felt more vivid. The emotion that the music produced seemed more intense. I tried to describe that in the visuals.”

The video features flashes of neon and dark, overprocessed imagery over shots of him walking through a field and scenes from an apparent house party of sorts. The chilled-out, psychedelic imagery completely complements the laid-back track. 

Leclercq also surprised fans with another new track, “Dream Dream Dream,” which he debuted during the first episode of his brand new radio show Good Faith Radio on Apple Music‘s Beats 1. He describes the track as embodying the essence of what he wants good faith to feel like. The track which is meant to celebrate the joy one has earned will also be the opening track of the project. 

In lieu of all the new music, the producer also has a headline tour in the works for this fall. Kicking it off at Lollapalooza in Chicago next month, the Good Faith Live Tour is set to make stops across the globe. From South Korea to London and Amsterdam to Paris, 2019 seems to be his year and we are here for it. 

Tickets and a complete list of tour dates can be found here

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Enter the City of Dreams with the Exclusive Parookaville Livestream

Not able to attend Parookaville? No problem! Tune in to the official Livestream from July 19th-21st.

From July 19th through the 21st, the renowned Madness City at Weeze Airport will open its gates for the 5th sold-out edition of the internationally acclaimed Parookaville Music Festival, a weekend jam-packed with music, love and pure happiness. 

For all of you music lovers and festivalgoers who won’t be able to make the trip to Germany to attend Parookaville in person, have no fear. For the first time ever, the producers of Parookaville will be hosting a full seven-hour livestream for each day of magic in the City of Dreams.

To watch the Parookaville Livestream, check out the details below!

Parookaville Livestream Details:

Day 1: (Friday @ 7 PM – 2 AM CEST)

Day 2: (Saturday @ 7 PM – 2 AM CEST)

Day 3: (Sunday @ 6 PM – 1 AM CEST)

Prepare for the ultimate Parookaville Livestream with these tips on how to optimize your festival livestreaming experience.

Explore The City of Dreams

For all of you dreamers lucky enough to attend the Parookaville in person, a whole different adventure lies in store. While livestream viewers will have the opportunity to catch many of the best and brightest performances from the festival, they will not be able to experience firsthand the unrivaled wonders of the City of Dreams.

Built as an “artistic, free-flowing and mad-musical place where people can make contact with their pure selves,” Parookaville is not just a festival. It’s an entire enchanted city unto itself, and every part of the city plays a vital role in bringing the City of Dreams to life. 

From old-town essentials like a Bank, a Post Office, a Townhall, and a Jail, to the more wondrous Parookaville locales such as The Bermuda Quadrangle, Desert Valley, and Brainwash, Parookaville has everything that festival-goers could possibly need, and so much more. To put it simply, the City of Dreams offers a world of experience that no words can truly capture. 

If you are one of the chosen few embarking on the journey of a lifetime, don’t forget to immerse yourself and fully explore the enchanted wonderland that is Parookaville.

Whether you can make it to Parookaville or not, whether you visit by plane, train, or computer screen, the City of Dreams awaits you – and it’s quite literally a click away.



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Martin Garrix – These Are The Times (feat. JRM)

Superstar DJ/producer Martin Garrix is back with a brand new tune. It’s called ‘These Are The Times’ and features vocals from JRM. This song sees its release on Martin’s label, STMPD RCRDS.

It’s summertime and the dance music scene is very aware of it. Martin’s new release is definitely a warm, summer time tune. This song has dreamy vocals, warm basslines, and poppy melodies. Apart from that, this song also has a sound very reminiscent of Avicii tunes. It’s already an instant classic and one that you will add to your playlist as soon as you hear it.

In the beginning, the song starts with the main melody. It’s very subtle at first, but eventually more layers are added on so the listener can experience the melody in full. Then, the vocals come in. They’re very uplifting, talking about living the best life you can. They remind you to appreciate the moments you’re living in and to be grateful for them. Then, you get the drop which is the main melody in full force. The drop gets its warm, summer time feel from the chorus that backs up the melody.

Overall, this song will definitely be one of Martin’s more popular releases. This record also solidifies the fact that Martin Garrix can do it all, from the mainstage bangers to the radio play tunes.

You can listen to ‘These Are The Timeshere or down below. Let us know what you think about this beautiful new release.

Martin Garrix – These Are The Times (feat. JRM)

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Killing It At Global Dance Festival: A Guide For Noobs & Bros

Global week is upon us! The annual Denver dance music powerhouse is fully locked in with the final preparations underway. Likewise, all attendees should now be loading up the wagons and charting a course to rage-town. As usual, there are a plethora of opportunities to help you make those memories that you won’t remember. With this in mind, how do you determine the best course of action? Well, that all depends on the nature of your desired experience. Nevertheless, if you’re a ‘raver noob’ or a tenured ‘festival bro,’ EDMTunes has you covered! This is your guide to killing it at Global Dance Festival 2019.


For the sake of simplicity, the guide will be broken down into two parts. The first is for noobs; the second for bros. However, even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, you may still benefit from the info in this guide. Now, to make the most of the tips and suggestions provided herein, it’s wise to first obtain a clear indication on which of these two categories you fall into. To make this easy for all, here is some information which should kick-start you on your path to killing it.

  • Have you recently referred to all forms of dance music as “techno?”
  • Are you unfamiliar with the term b2b?
  • Do you think Kaskade invented EDM?
  • Are you looking forward to giving the DJ a song request?
  • Are you excited to hear DJ Jazzy Jeff play, ‘Summertime?’
  • Is this or this the only reason you even know who Diplo is?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re a noob. You will want to follow the tips highlighted in green. Break out the scratch pad young buck and start taking notes.

If you’re still not 100% sure, here’s a short video which should fist-pump your brain into certainty.

If you relate to the person in this video in any way, shape, or form, you sir (or madam) are a bro. You’ll want to follow the tips highlighted in orange. Dust off that bro tank soldier, it’s time to get, “lit!”

Pre-Event Prep

The first step to killing it at Global, or at any festival for that matter, is to prepare for the insanity ahead. Depending on your situation, you may want to start this process several days before the event. The last thing you’ll want to do is scramble around the day of the show trying to figure things out. The gates pop at 3pm with closing sets starting at 10pm each night. Out-of-towners beware: liquor stores close at midnight across the state. with last call coming at 2 am at all bars. There’s a lot to consider, so it’s always best to knock out the finite details ahead of time. Here are some things to think about.


Downtown Denver boasts a robust system of hotels, motels, and hostels. This is great especially if you’re coming from out of town. Although if you plan on going extra hard, it’s probably wise to lock in a room close to the venue so you can avoid long drives to and from the stadium, traffic, parking, and the risk of getting a DUI. Go here for an exhaustive list of accommodations in the area.

There’s a cluster of hotels within a mile of Broncos Stadium. That’s just a 15 minute walk from the venue! This is the perfect set up for pregame activities with plenty of food options nearby. Furthermore, you’ll be just minutes from downtown so getting to the afterparties will be cake. Accordingly, there’ll be higher than usual prices for hotels this time of year. However, this cluster of hotels is priced reasonably in the $130-$180/night range. That’s chump change when split up among a group of friends. Click here to see what’s available.

Option one: The only way to truly bro-out like a boss is with a luxury suite. It’s perfect for pre- and post-GDF shenanigans. Additionally, there’s plenty of space to just pass out anywhere in the room Hangover style. Real bros don’t need beds. You’ll really be killing it by booking the Four Seasons Denver. Peep the options here. Then, grab your dad’s American Express and swipe away! Oh, and option two: There’s always plenty of space in your mother’s basement, bro.


Get ready for two long days in the hot sun, two days of pregaming, and multiple afterparty options. And don’t forget all the things you’ll burn through at the show. There’s quite a few things you’ll want to stock up on. For instance, every standard outdoor festival kit should come with the following: gum, chap-stick, smokes, sun screen, lighters, snacks, aspirin, eye drops, lozenges, sunglasses, ponchos, beer, liquor, chasers/soft drinks, and plenty of water.

Besides that, don’t forget about things such as a boom box, device chargers, and extra shoes/clothing. Likely you or someone in your crew already has all or most of these items. If not, making a quick stop at a local retail store should be atop your pre-event planning checklist.

Festakits puts together prepackaged kits perfect for any festival occasion. Noobs should go here to see what they offer!

Check out this footage of festival bros in their natural environment. Every true bro-kit should include all of the items seen here. Also, grab several cases of Keystone Light, Axe Body Spray, Monster Energy Drink, and condoms (there’s always hope brah!)

Killing it at Global Dance Festival requires you to plan ahead on who you want to see. Use this festival map to help.
This is your 2019 Global Dance Festival Map

Navigating Global Dance Festival

After thoroughly gearing up for the event, the next step to killing at GDF is to plan out your time at the party. The biggest things to consider here are things like food, rides, attractions, and chill time. Sections 6 and 8 should cover all of this for you. This is perfect as it falls in the center of everything. It gives you easy access from anywhere in the festival and will always be easy to find.

Consider choosing a landmark somewhere in section 6 as the meeting spot for the crew. Noobs getting lost or separated should remember to head to the meeting point to find everyone. Moreover, this area will generally be less chaotic and congested.

Bros only travel in packs. Whether it’s a bathroom break, a puke session, or “cruising for honeys,” bros never separate. Meeting points should be of little concern to you. Focus on section 7 (VIP Village) and section 8 for bars. Easily, they’re the prime spots for ‘killing it’ with the ladies.

These are your Global Dance Festival 2019 set times.

The Sets

Sections 1-5 are your stages. Global Dance and AEG locked in a stellar lineup in typical fashion! There’re dozens of fire sets on deck on both days across all the stages. Section 4 (Summit) is of course the main stage. this is where you’ll catch Kaskade, Diplo, BTSM, Galantis, Illenium, and Excision.

The major issue, however, is that the other 4 stages each have sick lineups as well. In particular, the Monstercat stage (Section 2, day 2 only) boasts a nasty lineup, start to finish. You could park yourself there, but you’ll miss Joyride, Green Velvet, Chase & Status, and Chris Lake at the other stages. That’s not exactly killing it. Although organizers did their best to stagger some of the set times, only so much could be done. Thus, the best course of action is to first figure out who you have to see. Then, plan the rest of the day around that. The map in conjunction with the set list should make this a breeze.

Planning It All Out

As a noob, you’ll want to get a good mixture of big names and mid-level talent. Certainly, the quickest way to de-noob yourself is to immerse oneself in the music and the people. Remember this is a festival with some of the biggest DJ’s in the game. Posting up in one spot all night only leads to redundancy. Every headlining set is going to be comprised of the same chart-topping mainstream songs. This is what’s known as festival EDM. Unless you aspire to bro-dom, avoid falling into this trap.

Consider using Day 1 for headliners and and Day 2 for mid-level. Or, perhaps, attack the lineup by camping out during the day and roaming at night. Truly, the options are endless. Check out all the stages and mingle with the crowds. Don’t skip the silent disco either. It’s loaded with Denver’s best local artists! They always go super-deep into the crate to deliver unique and eclectic sets. Follow these tips noob and you’ll be on the fast track to killing it.

Day 1: Section 4, front-and-center. That is all. El-bro your way to the front if you have to. Be sure to establish dominance over the other bro cliques in the area immediately. Day 2: Hydrate, rally, repeat.

killing it at Global Dance Festival in 2019 requires an after party plan. Don't let the night end at 11 pm.
Global Dance will be hosting it’s own GDF after party at Temple Nightclub after day 2 of the festival.

After Parties

The only major drawback from Global Dance Festival is the early 11pm end time. For many of us, this is when the night is just getting started. On the other hand, logistics likely went into the decisions regarding the festival hours. Denver’s nightlife scene is as vibrant as ever. Combine that with sporting events and other attractions in the area and you end up with a traffic nightmare. Therefore, getting people out of the area quickly is not such a bad idea. On the bright side too, this opens up the chance for area crews to cash in on after parties. Hence, if you’re serious about killing it during Global week then you won’t dare let the night end for you at 11. Look here for the official after parties associated with Global Dance Festival.

The Church Nightclub will be hosting the official Day 1 after party. It too should have special guests from the festival!

You’ve made it this far, noob! Don’t get burned out yet. The official afterparties should be awesome. Plus, they feature some of the headliners from the festival. However, they could be pricey and crowded. Another thing to think about is the likely 2 am end time. You may want to consider hitting up one of the all night after parties. Prices may be much more reasonable and these events usually have a professional yet laid-back atmosphere. If you are hell-bent on killing it, the underground is the way to go. Check out the events listed here for the underground after parties going down in the area.

Go Home Bro, You’re Drunk

If you’re hunting for an after party, you probably failed to score at the festival. At this point, you should seriously consider taking off the trucker hat and calling it a night. Here’s why:

  • One of the bros is probably bordering on alcohol poisoning and needs medical attention.
  • One of the bros got in a fight and got ejected from the festival hours ago yet no one has heard from him.
  • The remaining bros clearly have no game and their presence would only ruin the girl/guy ratio of the after party. No one likes a sausage fest, bro.

Besides, you probably need to get your mom’s mini van home, right?

We've given you the keys to killing it at Global Dance Festival 2019. You're Welcome.
Global Dance Festival Summit Stage

Good luck, and have fun!

In short, no matter what you do during Global week, you’ll want to remember one thing- don’t sweat the small stuff! Whether or not you are actually killing it this weekend truly depends on your own perspective. No guide can choose what makes you happy for you. This is the case regardless if you’re a noob or a bro. Nevertheless, use this tool to help take the stress out of the planning process. Above all, have fun!

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MRVLZ and Wooshay Team Up on Dance-Pop Groover "Wasted"

Another serene piece of music by MRVLZ.

After the danceable club track that was last month’s “All Over Again,” MRVLZ has returned with a slower-burning soundscape. This time working alongside Wooshay, the talented producer has delivered a vibey dance-pop single titled “Wasted.”

Radio-friendly vocals soar over xylophone-reminiscent plucks throughout most of “Wasted,” with intermittent breaks in between verses. The song’s slightly melancholic tone gives it a measure of depth without detracting from its undeniable summer appeal.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Stream or download “Wasted” by MRVLZ and Wooshay across platforms here.



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Google Bans Advertisements From Ticketing Website Viagogo

Have you recently used Viagogo to purchase upcoming event tickets? The ticketing site may be more difficult to access, now that Google has suspended them from placing online advertisements. Viagogo was founded back in 2006 in London and is widely popular for those to buy and sell entertainment tickets.

In the past months, the site has been accused of deceptive sale tactics. Last year, the Guardian performed an undercover investigation on Viagogo, revealing several surprising actions. In their investigation, it’s reported that Viagogo had been ‘profiteering’ from charity events and ‘colluding with professional touts’. With this in mind, Google stepped in to protect users and show their disapproval with the sites’ actions.

“When people use our platform for help in purchasing tickets, we want to make sure that they have an experience they can trust”

As of now, Viagogo will not be listed first on Google when fans search for live event tickets. Additionally, Google will no longer take money from the event site, now that they may not purchase advertisements. Viagogo was surprised by Google’s actions, stating “We are confident that there has been no breach of Google’s policies…” Unfortunately for Viagogo, Google is the least of their concerns moving forward.

It’s reported that the Competition and Market Authority (CMA), will be taking Viagogo to court, due to multiple warnings ignored to follow consumer law. The CMA has known of Viagogo’s deceptive practices for some time now, likely piling up evidence for a court appearance. For now, users can avoid this whole mess by sticking to other ticketing companies like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

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deadmau5 Announces Cube V3 Phase One Tour Support

No Mana, i_o, monstergetdown and more will join the ‘mau5 on phase one of the tour.

The hype around deadmau5‘ new Cube V3 tour has been building as he posts videos and photos of the new production on Instagram. Today, he doubled down on the hype by announcing the support acts for the tour. 

mau5trap mainstays Attlas, Black Gummy, I_o, monstergetdown and No Mana will be supporting deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) on phase one of the Cube V3 tour on select dates. Additionally, Eddie, Sara Landry, and Sian will also make appearances. 

This is huge news for fans of Zimmerman and all things mau5trap. Taking a we are friends-style approach, the tour enlists the help of fan favorites and regular mau5trap contributors. The tour promises a well-designed showcase of much of the label’s roster.

The cube v3 tour comes after Zimmerman debuted the intricate new production at Ultra Music Festival back in March. The new cube stage setup has already received rave reviews, and fans are looking forward to seeing live it in their cities when the tour kicks off in September. 

deadmau5 has announced which dates each support act will appear via his Instagram stories, but they can also be found on the interactive Cube V3 website.



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