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Steve Angello – Act 3: Paradiso. Break Me Down & Dopamine

Steve Angello – Break Me Down & Dopamine

Steve Angello has gone in a different direction musically since his comeback this year. Breaking his silence with an album announcement, new documentary, and new record deal, he’s been firmly stamping his name onto the dance music scene of 2017. Now he’s back with a dark artistic persona that show us what the real Angello is all about. He’s been presenting his new style with a 3 part EP modeled after biblical references. After meditating at a church in his hometown of Stockholm, Angello has released a 3 part spiritual EP. With the release of Act 1: Genesis and Act 2: Inferno out of the way, Act 3: Paradiso enters the world with sounds begging for a listen.

The third EP has two tracks entitled ‘Break Me Down‘ and ‘Dopamine‘. ‘Break Me Down’ is strikingly different from any of the previous tracks because it exudes an upbeat house beat and hope filled vocals. By still holding onto elements of darkness, the track can be separated from mainstream progressive house songs. Dopamine brings everything into a comforting close with a ballad that showcases the crisp vocals of Barns Courtney. Piano intertwines through sections of intense synths and high melodic energy showing the past and present skills of Angello.

Steve Angello – Break Me Down

Steve Angello –  Dopamine (feat. Barns Courtney)

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Porter Robinson Announces Virtual Self EP

Happy Friday! Porter Robinson is spicing up the weekend with a huge announcement about his new VIRTUAL SELF side project. Porter Robinson, through VIRTUAL SELF, announced that there will be a new EP for the project. The EP will drop November 29 and there are already a set of track previews on the website here.

We know the first two tracks “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices” will feature on the EP. Joining them will be “A. I. NGEL” which continues the nu-trance vibe that this project has embodied so far. There’s also “Key” which has a melodic and light trance vibe to it while “Particle Arts” continues the intense uplifting trance sounds of “Eon Break”. There’s also a slew of unknown tracks, one of which is accompanied by a mysterious 360 video you can check out below along with a strange forum page that looks oddly busy for an unknown project.

From what we can tell the tracks are aligned with characters from this world, named Technic Angel and  Path Selector. There’s so much to dig into in this teaser website, but either way things will be truly awesome when this EP drops and we get to see the first performance in Brooklyn soon.

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Lost Lands Announces 2018 Dates and Ticket Info

Lost Lands

It’s Official! Lost Lands will be returning for 2018! With the inaugural year being such a success, fans were anticipating the Bass festival to return next year. Just like last year, the festival will take place at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio, but this time the festival is taking place a little earlier with the dates being September 14th-16th. With the success of 2017, Fans and newcomers can expect nothing but the best next year. It’s a long way out but I’m excited to see what the festival has in store to one-up this year’s.

The tickets for 2018 are going on sale soon with Loyalty pre-sale for the people who went last year starting on November 30th and General Admission starting on December 1st. You can check here for tickets.

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Caspa Drops New Ghost Town EP With Bassrush Records


London-based DJ/producer Caspa is back with his biggest release of the year, “Ghost Town.” The legendary producer is partnering with Bassrush Records, one of America’s most respected and influential bass music brand. This forward-thinking label is known for rolling out the most cutting-edge tracks, making it a perfect match for this unique and creative artist.

The three track EP is a hypnotizing, dark journey filled with heavy bass and rhythmic sounds that mesmerize the listener. The EP starts out with “I Am Future”, which features a menacing spoken word sample and hypnotizing beats. Next up is “What’s Happening to Me”, a track with an unabating intensity and palpitating pattern that asks one of life’s most momentous questions. The EP concludes with the rumbling and pounding “Ice Cold”, neatly wrapping up a stand out EP that is sure to entice bass-heads everywhere.

“Ghost Town” has cemented Caspa as a fundamental and galvanizing producer in the bass-music world. On the scene for more than a decade, it’s clear that this producer is continuing to evolve and is pushing dubstep to new heights.

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These 8 Tracks Defined an Epic EDC Orlando 2017

As always, EDC Orlando was an absolute blast. Between production design, atmosphere, artist lineup, and crowd, this festival is the total package.

In regards to U.S. festivals, I think everyone would agree that EDC Las Vegas has the best production value of any festival, hands-down. And the thing with EDC Orlando is that it has that exact same, high quality production at a fraction of the cost. From the Kinetic Gaia mainstage to the Circuit Grounds to even the Boombox Art Car, it’s all amazing. I would have to say the Boombox Art Car was the underrated point for the festival. Even though it wasn’t one of the mainstages it was still pumping out great music both days.

And as always, this festival had a killer lineup. Whether you’re a lover of the mainstage or of trance or bass music, there were plenty of great artists there to provide you with the music that you love. For me, the overall stand-out set of the weekend would have to undoubtedly be Kaskade‘s sunset set. From ‘4am’ to ‘Raining’ to ‘Eyes’ to everything inbetween, he played all of his old classics and it was exactly what I and everyone else in the rest of the crowd wanted. With the sun setting in the background this was the perfect vibe for the perfect setting.

Top Tracks of EDC Orlando 2017

EDC Orlando

This year’s EDCO had several tracks that defined the festival. Many of these tracks were played probably over 5 times during the weekend, and for some tracks that was awesome and others not so much.

Seven Lions & Kill The Noise – Cold Hearted

Gammer – THE DROP

J Balvin – Mi Gente (Cedric Gervais Remix)

Venga Boys – We Like To Party

Zomboy – Young & Dangerous

Lil Jon – In The Pit

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Future – Mask Off

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ZABO – Mantra

It seems that Canada is the place to be on the lookout for the latest young talent in the bass music community at the moment. Over the last several years, producers from all over the vast country have been popping up with new and unique styles of bass production. Obviously you’ve got the firmly established guys like Excision, Datsik and Snails, who all hail from the Great North. More recently we’ve seen the breakthrough of 22-year-old Rezz, and now we’ve got a monster new bass track called “Mantra” from 23-year-old Toronto based producer ZABO.

The Rezz vibe is immediately apparent in “Mantra,” and could easily slot right into one of her dark, house-infused bass sets. If you check out some of his recent work such as his previous releases “Drown,” and “Grieve,” the dark, moody sound design is definitely there, but ZABO still owns a style to himself. Check out the track on Soundcloud below, and if you’re digging it as much as we are, click that little button below the track for your “Saucy Free Download.”

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Ruben De Ronde & Donata – Stand In My Way

The name Ruben De Ronde is almost as synonymous with the Armada label as Armin van Buuren. Ruben not only releases a ton of his own music on Armada, but also helps facilitate the label’s day-to-day operations.

A name unfamiliar to many trance fans, however, is Donata Kramarz. As the vocalist and guitarist for the band NOSOYO, Kramarz and her partner Daïm de Rijke create soulful indie rock. Their hit song ‘Resonate‘ shows off the duo’s impressive talent. Last year De Ronde and Kramarz sat down for a writing session and the results speak for themselves. After releasing ‘Open Wide’ in late 2016, the duo followed up with their newest release, ‘Stand In My Way.’

‘Stand In My Way’ perfectly blends together De Ronde’s progressive tendencies with Donata’s enchanting voice. Soothing piano chords underly the open atmosphere of the track, filling the space between the lyrics masterfully. The song breaks down with a high synth line that repeats a simple yet beautiful melody, then drops back into the vocals. Throughout the song Donata tells the story of a toxic relationship, where the narrators partner brings “out the worst of my soul.” Thankfully she understands “it’s time for us to let go,” giving the listener some form of closure. Although Donata is an Indie Rock artist, her voice feels like it belongs in the trance and progressive scene.

This track comes off as hauntingly serene. It incorporates stunning minimalist instrumentation that still makes the track feel full to the point of bursting. After adding in the airy female vocals, ‘Stand In My Way’ projects a soothing feeling even though the subject matter is very dark.

Listen to the track below and experience the enthralling musical project by Donata and Ruben De Ronde. You can also check out their first release, ‘Open Wide’ on YouTube.

Ruben De Ronde & Donata – Stand In My Way

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Tritonal – ‘Call Me’

Tritonal – ‘Call Me’

Chad Cisneros and David Reed, the extremely talented DJ duo that forms Tritonal, have been dominating the charts with their undeniably catchy & uplifting tracks such as ‘Untouchable‘ featuring Cash Cash, ‘Electric Glow’ featuring Skyler Stonestreet, ‘Blackout’, ‘This Is Love’ featuring Chris Ramos & Shanahan, ‘Now Or Never‘ featuring Phoebe Ryan, including many more. Recently, they have released another guaranteed hit entitled ‘Call Me‘ – you’re going to love it!

The progressive and electro house genres that the producers are known for playing shines through their fresh new track. The simple, yet catchy, lyrics blend beautifully with the melody. The vocals are stunning, however the infectious music is truly what makes this piece memorable. If you’re looking for a relaxing tune to get you through the rest of your week – no need to look any further; this one will definitely do the trick.

Give it a listen below.

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Promise Land – Papaya

Promise Land – Papaya

Promise Land is back again with a hot new track just released titled “Papaya“. Set to be officially released by Steve Angello’s SIZE Records on November 17th, “Papaya” is already making a huge buzz in the scene with its sensational tribal vibrations and baseline rhythms.

“Papaya” follows after the Italian duo’s release of their tracks “Get Down” and “3-Angle”. For festival goers everywhere, a more recognizable track from the pair would be “X-Press”, which has been tearing up festival stages everywhere since its release back in February of last year.

With an electronic, contagious melody, this track is infused with simplistic vocal tones that brings a urban tribal feel to our ears. Sit back and get ready to get lost with Promise Land’s hot new track “Papaya” below.

Promise Land – Papaya

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Kesha Takes On Marshmello and Khalid’s ‘Silence’

Kesha has been through a roller coaster of a ride for the past decade. The ‘Tik Tok’ star exploded onto the scene in 2009 and was known for her signature “speech-like/auto-tune” sound. With a huge number of electro pop singles that catapulted her into instant fame, it looked like there was no stopping her.

However this fame was followed by a dip in her career that included legal troubles and sexual abuse allegations against her producer Dr. Luke. She was unable to produce music for a long period of time, but after an outpour of support from artists including Zedd, Lady Gaga, and Adele her career slowly headed upward.

2017 marked one hell of a return for Kesha. After finally being able to leave her former contract, she released her third studio album Rainbow. Following a highly successful tour and album release this year, she’s back with a captivating cover of Marshmello and Khalid’s ‘Silence’. 

By visually and musically contrasting her former “party-girl” image, we get a glimpse at a mature version of Kesha. In the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge she performs the songs in a floral glistening outfit and flowing soft pink hair. Preceding her raw and emotional rendition of ‘Silence’ is an upbeat performance of her single ‘Learn to Let Go’. She is tender in her delivery and shows us what the new Kesha has to offer. By giving the original song justice, we can expect her to earn Marshmello and Khalid’s approval. Watch and take a listen to the performance below.

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Galactic Marvl – All I Think About

Galactic Marvl

Galactic Marvl – All I Think About

The mysterious Galactic Marvl artist (duo?) has been cooking up a storm of remixes of late, so much so that we barely have time to continue debate on his? identity. From trap to future bass, this producer has been pumping out some serious quality music. Now Marvl is returning to originals with the new single “All I Think About”. As it turns out this single is also the lead single for an entire album due out in 2018.

“All I Think About” features crooning vocals that hook you with the track’s refrain of the title. The smooth vocals quickly pick up and lead to an atmospheric and groovy future bass style breakdown that will have you belting out lyrics after a few listens. Like many of Galactic Marvl’s tunes, the track has a Flume-like quality to it but with a slightly darker edge to it. Based on the first single, we can’t wait to hear more of this debut album! Check out the new single below and grab your copy today.

Galactic Marvl – All I Think About | Download

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Post Malone – I Fall Apart (SLANDER Remix)

Post Malone – I Fall Apart (SLANDER Remix)

Trap duo Slander just released their remix for ‘I Fall Apart‘ by everyone’s current favorite rapper, Post Malone. Slander turned the emotional ballad into an equally heart-wrenching future bass offering. The remix opens with the same down-tempo piano lead as the original as Post Malone’s quivering vocals adorn the instrumentals. The build-up leads to a synth-heavy drop while Post Malone’s “I fall apart” line is chopped up.

Post Malone released his debut album Stoney last year to wide critical acclaim. Many producers have remixed the lead single, ‘Congratulations,’ while Slander decided to go a different route and remix another breakout track on the album. Slander kept the integrity of the heartfelt song while putting their own touches on it.

This remix shows the duo continuing the lighter direction set by their original track ‘Superhuman’ (feat. Eric Leva), which was released a few months ago with huge success. Stream Slander’s remix below and follow the link for a free download.

Post Malone – ‘I Fall Apart’ (SLANDER Remix) | Free Download

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