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Win 2 Tickets for Above & Beyond at Navy Pier (Giveaway)

Above & Beyond are taking the country by storm with a massive tour on the heels of their new album ‘Common Ground.’ The new album released in January 2018, exactly three years after their highly successful We Are All We Need. Listen to ‘Common Ground’ here. We’ve teamed up with A&B team to giveaway TWO tickets […]

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The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy (Remixes)

Image result for the chainsmokers sick boy remixesThe Chainsmokers – Sick Boy (Remixes)

These days, any new track drop means other artists have to put their spin on it with a remix. It’s a pretty much a scientific fact that one cannot exist without the other. So you better believe that when mainstream EDM-turned-pop duo The Chainsmokers drops a tune, the remixes are gonna pour in.

Their new track Sick Boy was released back in January along with a music video. This was the first we’ve heard from these two in nine months, and it’s definitely a different direction than their usual “baby pull me closer” vibe.

While the original is darker, and doesn’t contain any huge melodic moments, these six remixes bring the indie-pop track back into an EDM wonderland. If you’re looking for one to dance to, check out Owen Norton’s for a head banging drop. For a more ethereal mix, Zaxx is your go-to. By far, the favorite is Kuur, whose futuristic intro grabs attention from the first second. Listen to the rest of the remixes from Prismo, Trobi and neutral below.

The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy (Remixes)

P.S. If you’re wondering why the duo is moving in this new musical direction, or what their plans are, read up on this interview with the producers on Forbes.

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Party Thieves Announces ‘Anarchy’ North American Tour Dates

party thievesParty Thieves is a unique personality in the dance music game. He has tens of millions of streams and has a background from West Point. He’s received support from household names like RL Grime, Skrillex and Diplo. He has also made a huge connection with his fans, inspiring a movement called the Theft Army. Now, that Theft Army is going to join Party Thieves on his biggest tour to date.

The tour will stop at twenty-two cities around the United States. He’ll be bringing Ricky Remedy and Spock along for the ride on select dates. Party Thieves also donates a percentage of his merchandise sales to charity. He’s a good guy, and someone you want to see shine in the music industry. His tour goes to cities big and small, so make sure to grab a ticket and to check him out on Soundcloud.

2018 Anarchy North American Tour Dates
March 25 – San Francisco, CA – Temple
March 30 – Detroit, MI – Elektricity
March 31 – Portland, OR – 45 East
April 5 – Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap House
April 6 – Milwaukee, WI – Site 1A
April 7 – Minneapolis, MI – Skyway Loft
April 12 – Grand Rapids, MI – Section Live
April 13 – Cincinnati, OH – Jekyll
April 14 – Columbus, OH – Dahlia
April 18 – Tallahassee, FL – Tenn Nightclub
April 19 – New Orleans, LA – Republic
April 20 – TBA
April 21 – Tampa Bay, FL – The Ritz
April 26 – Chicago, IL – Gold Club
April 27 – Edmonton, AB – Marquee
April 28 – Calgary, AB – Envy Nightclub
May 2 – Washington, DC – Soundcheck
May 4 – Pittsburgh, PA – Cruze
May 5 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
May 10 – Oklahoma City, OK – IDL Ballroom
May 11 – Dallas, TX – Deep Ellum
May 12 – Austin, TX – Empire Control Room

Marshmello ft. Anne Marie – Friends


Marshmello ft. Anne Marie – Friends

Marshmello has earned himself praise for his variety of music the past couple years. He can release a pop song, a trap track, and really has shown his diversity in producing. He’s teamed up with the likes of Migos, Selena Gomez and most recently the late Lil Peep. Today, he teams up with Anne Marie on their new single ‘Friends’.

‘Friends’ is a catchy and poppy radio friendly track. It’s a good track for anyone who seems to be in the friend zone with a girl, as Anne Marie clearly states that she has a man who wants more than just friendship. Seems like a Chainsmokers desperate love song! The track has addictive vocals and popping snares. ‘Friends’ will surely get you in singing mood and ready to go out this weekend.

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Tiesto Looks To The Future Of Dance Music

We all know that Tiësto is the GOAT of all things dance music. What we didn’t know is how he felt about the industry in today’s world. In his interview with Jules Lefevre from InTheMix, he states that “some people in the dance music scene move too much into the pop world. I think it’s time to go back to the basics and just release great, banger tracks.” Thank you Tiesto! We could not agree more. We aren’t going to sell out certain artists, but we have noticed that dance music has evolved into more a “dance pop” to keep these millennials happy.

Are we, dance music fans, happy about this transformation? There are mixed feelings towards this new dance pop era. We understand that, in order to make money, and keep a popular fan base, you have to change the style of your music. We are just sad to see some of our favorite artists lose their touch to the dance world because they are so focused on keeping up with their new fan base. However, those fans were not with you in the beginning, and are only with you now because of what they hear on the radio. So this goes out to our favorite artists out there that transformed into pop; please come back to us. We miss your hardstyle/dubstep/intense house music, we want that back! And as for Tiesto, keep doing your thing because you are and always will be the Legend of Dance Music.

H/T: In The Mix

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Kill the Noise Showcases Hilarious Ableton 10 Parody

Calling all aspiring DJs/producers! Ableton 10 is now released to the public with producers raving about this new digital audio workstation. However, DJ Kill The Noise has his own take on the new software and it’s absolutely hilarious.

In a video posted on Youtube, Kill The Noise put together a parody video that you can’t help but laugh at. The video starts off with an old Playstation opening up to reveal what’s in store. Then a fanfare of horns starts to blare like a dinky circus about to begin. A girl sits at her table with her computer in front, headphones on. She sings and out comes an autotune that will make even Ariel want to stay silent.

Next is how to create rich sounds with a new synth. As her hands try out different notes on the keyboard, it sounds like hands just laying on an organ showing the synth waves moving around on the Mac. Now it’s time to add stompbox crunch sounds in the form of static white noise. This gives any track space and character. Finally, let’s end it with a Post Malone sounding vocal because that is the sound of heaven.

The video cuts to a guy showcasing the next few features. He has an Akai looking drum machine that shows Live will remember your ideas even if you don’t press Record. Chipmunk chirps and the infamous trap horn blare fill these 16 trigger pads. With the Drum Buss, you can shape the sound of your drums so much that it becomes a whole new instrument. Group that new sound within another group for extra organization.

Cut to the next scene to two guys in an apartment with a Tron sounding audio track playing. They edit multiple MIDI clips at the same time while also adding audio directly to the Tron audio arrangement. This lets you automate with precision and ease. All it needs is a little more cowbell and boom! A new hit is born.

Don’t forget that you can explore new sounds in the improved browser which is simply choosing the instruments from the deck it has. Do even more from Push by adding the “ooh ooh” call so the audience doesn’t have to anymore!

“In case u nerds wanted to know what ur missin in able10.” – Kill the Noise

Feast your eyes on this marvelous upgrade below.

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Barclay Crenshaw debuts new track of 2018, ‘The Baddest’ with sister duo, Cam & China

Barclay Crenshaw The Baddest Barclay Crenshaw feat. Cam & China – The Baddest

If you remember, around this time last year, Barclay Crenshaw released an emotional collection of instruments along with many collaborations in his self titled debut album. Now, less than a year since the debut, he returns with stolen alien science data from the last ship to crash in North America and he is not doing it alone. Using the technology he gathered, he produced new track, ‘The Baddest‘ with twin female rappers, Cam & China from Inglewood, California.

The amazing 23 year old sister duo, Cam & China, have already earned their title of “The Baddest” in the booming West Coast rap scene. Originally part of Pink Dollaz – the Queens of the peak jerkin’ era—the siblings have shaped their raw, fierce sound with collaborators including MIA, DJ Mustard, Battlecat and D.R.U.G.S and recognized from LA Weekly as “The Best Hip Hop Duo in LA”.

Check out ‘The Baddest’ on SoundCloud.

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Alesso Tells Fan To “Get The F*ck Outta Here”



It comes as no surprise that when an artist releases a new track or an album, or tries out something a little different, that fans often have mixed reviews. That’s what makes life interesting, right? Today, one of Alesso‘s dedicated followers spoke his mind regarding the Swedish producer’s current skills and sets – let’s just say that the feedback was not well-received by the beloved DJ…

It all began when the ‘Heroes‘ musician posted the below clip, with the caption “Who’s that kid?! [crying laughing emoji]”

That’s when the, let’s say, brave Twitter user, @Simone Guasco, replied: “That kid was the best producer I knew, do you know where he is now?”

As you can imagine, that comment did not sit well with the hard-working artist…Alesso’s response was short & sweet: “get the f*ck out of here”.

Following their passionate exchange, the social media user didn’t hesitate to inquire why the legendary DJ reacted the way that he did.

Check Out The Exchange Below:

Yeah, we are thinking the same thing as you, “that was intense over an innocent comment”. We couldn’t agree more…

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Slushii Makes His Debut On Beats 1 One Mix This Weekend [INTERVIEW]

EDM’s sweetest artist has a special mix incoming.

There are only a handful of electronic music artists who have experienced growth as organic and meteoric as Slushii.

Just a couple of years ago, Julian Scanlan was living in a small suburban farm town in New Jersey, working at Best Buy. Dealing with Asperger Syndrome, he struggled socially, and the kids at school weren’t exactly understanding.

But music soothed him.

He would find solace in expressing himself through sound. In his late teen years, he went by the name DJ Swoon, producing dubstep and electro. With music, pure intention and focused visualization, he began to grow, socially and musically.

Courtesy of Soundcloud’s absurdly stringent violation policies, when he posted an unofficial remix, his account was deleted. Rather than lose hope, he saw it as a chance to start fresh and move forward with a solidified sound and deeper sense of artistry.

Slushii was born.

Inspired by the power of visualization, he decided his goals for 2016 would be to play a major festival, get Skrillex’s attention and sign to OWSLA. He wrote them down, envisioned them vividly and believed in them with all his heart. More so, he worked tirelessly to make his dreams a reality.

Can you guess what happened next?

At Sunset Music Festival in Florida, Scanlan heard Jack U, the former super duo of Skrillex and Diplo, play out his bone-crushing remix of Skrillex’s “Killa.”

Just a few months later, Slushii performed his very first DJ set at HARD Summer in California, one of the top festivals in the U.S. The performance featured a surprise appearance from Skrillex himself.

Signing with Moe Shalizi, the man who manages acts like Marshmello, Jauz and Ghastly, Slushii went on to play clubs and festivals on a global scale. His sugary sweet sound grabbed the electronic music world’s attention and he was an instant hit. Balancing feel-good sounds with unforgiving bass-heavy tunes, he knew where he stood as an artist.

20 years old now, he has released a string of singles and remixes, 2 full-length albums, collaborated with a bunch of the biggest artists in electronic music and performed countless shows all over the world.

This weekend, Slushii will be making his debut on One Mix, Beats 1’s weekly radio show. Expect a high energy mix with music from artists like Marshmello, Wuki, Jauz, Sikdope, and of course, a selection of his own tunes. Knowing Slushii, the mix is bound to oscillate between a feels fest and a bass rager, so stay locked.

Tune in here

Air Dates:
Friday 9th February 2018 – 23:00 LA / 02:00 NY / 07:00 UK
Saturday 10th February 2018 – 06:00 LA / 09:00 NY / 14:00 UK

Before the mix, we fired some quick questions at the young superstar, and he fired back. Read on to see what he had to say, fun insights like his guilty pleasure record, favorite BPM and dream B2B partner. Your first show experience?

Slushii: Seeing Def Leopard in concert

The first time you brought your mom to one of your shows?


The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

Skrillex hands down

Go-to places for new music?

Spotify & Apple Music

Your guilty pleasure record?

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue

Desert-island dance record?

Linkin Park – My December (reanimation remix)

Dream B2B partner?

Shaquille o Neal AKA DJ DIESEL

Favorite BPM?

147 BPM, makes dubstep at 150 feel a lot groovier

A piece of gear you always need on the road?

Earplugs and my headphones for long plane rides

All-time favorite festival? 


Biggest misconception about dance music?

That we all can’t just be friends and make all kinds of music

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go?

It’s day 534: Slushii hasn’t left his underground analog synth silo in over a year. We actually don’t even know if he’s still down there to this day.

But on the real, I get out sometimes and either go to the mall, sushi, or to trampoline parks. Literally, that’s my life

City with the most underrated dance scene?

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Industry prediction for the next year?

DJ’s DJing while performing gymnastics. EDC b2b Winter Olympics 2018 let’s make it happen.

Best piece of advice for new producers?

Be yourself. 

Learn from your inspirations and eventually, you’ll be inspiring others to do the same.

Also, youtube tutorials are sick

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaborator

Tyler the Creator!

What is one of the unique experiences you’ve had backstage?

Got to hold a puppy during an interview once that was sick

A unique travel experience you’ve had?

Going to Japan was my LIFE dream, and to be able to have gone once let alone 4 TIMES is a dream come true!

Well, there you have it. I think we all want to hold puppies during interviews, right? 

Catch Slushii on Beats 1 One Mix this weekend, and stay tuned for next week’s star!

Follow Beats 1:
Instagram: @beats1official
Twitter: @Beats1

Follow Slushii:
Instagram: @slushiimusic
Twitter: @SlushiiMusic

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Above & Beyond’s ‘Common Ground’ is the Dance Music Album We All Needed

The trance trio are back with their new self-released album, ‘Common Ground’.

*Written by Tyler Morris

Released by Above & Beyond in cohesion with their 2018 tour of the same name, Common Ground is a coming of age story, a tale of discovery and personal adventure. The magic of this tale comes from the mutual understanding of feeling incomplete and struggling to fill the void with the affection of someone you adore. Above & Beyond takes listeners on through the full range of human emotions associated with being single, falling helplessly in love, and getting burned before discovering the love you really wanted was your own.

The narrative of the entire album begins with “The Inconsistency Principle,” a sonic sunrise which uses atmospheric soundscapes of pillowy synth pads to create the textural backdrop for the entire album. Heavenly guitars strum long, drawn-out chords that soon part skies to reveal the frou-frou vocals of Zoë Johnston, a British singer who has worked with A&B in the past.

The synth stabs in this track are a masterpiece, with long delay chains that flitter like fireflies. In the song, Zoë details the feelings of staring at a photograph of herself and realizing that the child in the picture shared the same eyes she has today. Broken is how she describes herself, now. Mislead by deceit and the troubles of other people, she feels trapped as an adult. Zoë talks about the “remnants of our time,” meaning the present as if it has decayed since her childhood. The contrast sings through in the chorus, for the hymn she sings to herself is about being pure at heart for her own good.

The energy picks up immediately with Richard Bedford’s “Northern Soul.” A tribute to the city of Detroit and the automobile industry that once thrived there, Bedford sings about an impervious fortitude of the soul, despite the decrepit state of the world around him. He drives down iconic streets in his Pontiac Firebird. Saturated basslines kick through the mix with clarity; this would make a killer soundtrack for a sports car commercial. Bedford makes it clear that no matter what the world throws at him, nothing will crush his spirit.

Common Ground exposes its vulnerability in its fourth track. “Naked” encourages us to love with all of our hearts, and vocalist Justine Suissa expresses to her lover her desire to disrobe their conversations, expressing honesty by being naked with their words.

Above & Beyond really begin to define their album with “Sahara Love” by Zoë Johnston. This track blends elements of indie electronica and house music, adding organic elements like guitars to give shine to its pop chorus. Love at first sight, “Sahara Love” makes it feel like finding your twin flame will be the answer to all of your troubles, that once you find your soul mate and hold them in your arms, forever, peace will surround you.

To enhance this feeling of Cupid tugging at your heartstrings, Above & Beyond again enlisted the vocal talents of Richard Bedford in “Happiness Amplified.” With orchestral elements and huge Dolby Digital theatre chords, these artists personify the honeymoon phase of a relationship in all its dimensions.

When love feels like it has hit its climax and people say to themselves, “I’ve found the love of my life,” they feel invincible. The second we begin thinking in terms of “ever and ever” and it feels like nothing can turn down the love song in your heart, we expose ourselves. Emotional pain plays to the tune of “Is it love if we don’t feel the same?” Here we are faced with the reality of affection, the bitter resentment that often forms when two people fall for each other but end up getting hurt in the process.

Blame tied to pain, we look at the other person from a new perspective. Accentuating their flaws, you think about the way they looked at your with troubled eyes and an easy smile, their pretty words pushing and pulling your heartstrings until all you can think about is getting crazy in their body heat. But you know them better, so you avoid them like the plague. They’re just going to leave anyway, trampling you with their cold feet on the way out.

But it doesn’t matter when you pull away from the person you fell for; the damage is done. For far too long you’ve walked this tightrope, hanging upside down with the sky below your feet. Now that they’re gone, the one you thought was your true love, you’re at the end of your rope and in need of a helping hand. Marty Longstaff portrays these feelings perfectly on the ninth track of this album, “Tightrope,” which is easily one of the most majestic songs on Common Ground.

At this point in the album, there is an element of self-reflection. As Justine Suissa revisits the components of her life that have lead her to this point, she says she’s lived a little but loved a lot. She’s lost herself to a past love that seemed like a dream come true at the time, but the foundation of their relationship began to crumble into an empty feeling of loss. Here is where the narrative of the entire album begins to stand on its own two legs, as our heroine learns to fill the void inside of her through learning to fill in the void inside her through her own willpower.

Returning to the storyline of the male love interest, in “Bittersweet & Blue,” we discover that Richard Bedford still clings to the photograph of the girl mentioned by Zoë Johnston in her first song on the album. Remarking on the struggle of life and the duality of happiness and pain, Bedford admits that dreams can come true, but they’ll end up being bittersweet memories just like everything else in life.

We soon learn that love is just as bittersweet. “Always,” the penultimate track of the album, is a percussion-less song that strips away almost all the standard elements of electronic music like big booming kick drums, snappy snares, and rumbling sub-basses. Replacing them with traditional songwriting elements like pianos, soft strings, and clean electric guitars, listeners are immersed in the lush chorused vocals of Zoë Johnston. Breaking up doesn’t always mean that the connection between two people is severed. Some bonds are too strong to break up. Some love will always continue to rise and fall like the sun does as it revolves around the Earth.

Common Ground concludes with its final track of the same title. Delicately, a sonic sunset wraps the world in a blanket of ultraviolet hues as electric synth chords stretch their harmonics in an endless sea of love. This album took us on a journey of love and self-discovery. Check out Above and Beyond when they come to your town on their 2018 “Common Ground” Tour.

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KUURO Team Up With Monstercat For Bass Anthem “Omen”

Keep your eye on Kuuro.

After their debut performance at Holy Ship, KUURO have recently teamed up with Monstercat to release their new track titled “Omen.”

With an impressive 7 million streams on Spotify, the duo have received support from the likes of Zedd, DJ Snake, and others.

Cinematic elements fused with a dark bass is the only way to describe the new Monstercat release. 

Also recently announced is their debut tour around the US. Featuring cities such as Chicago, Houston, Denver, and more, the next few months certainly look bright for this duo.















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3 Things Beginner Producers Can Do To Up Their Mixdown Game

Not the easiest thing, but not impossible too!

It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, but in a creative field like music and sound engineering, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of possible routes that can be taken to get the same result. And, with the amount of resources that are available at your disposal, picking the right step is important to achieve the desired result. Everyone learns from their mistakes and gradually and eventually, once you get hold of the topic, there’s nothing stopping you!

In this case, we’ll talk about Mixdowns. Having a nice and clear mix is essential in today’s industry and while everyone can’t get pro at this art quickly, there are some steps that you can take in the beginning to avoid taking on any bad mixing habits that might hurt you. And, because there is no right way, you can always come up with steps that works best for you.

 These are the 3 things you should avoid at all costs when you’re starting out to give your mixdown a better shape.

1. Overprocessing

This is hands down one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make when starting out, i.e using way too much of the same thing without knowing how actually the sound is being affected. 

Overprocessing can be anything really, too much compression, saturation, reverb or any time-based effect etc. and as they say, too much of anything is a bad thing. 

For example, It’s easy to go all out with OTT just because it makes your stuff sound “phat,” but in the long run and when the track is played as a whole, it might not sound good due to excessive feedback from the OTT. So, the best bet is to A/B, how the element is being affected once you add anything to it and how does it react with rest of the track. You do have to get a bit critical of your choices, but hey, it’s only gonna help you out.

2. Using Audio Effects Just For The Sake Of It

When you watch a tutorial on YouTube, it’s understandable that you end up doing the same thing that Youtuber was doing, but keep in mind that he/she did what was required by that sound. So, the best thing is definitely pick up any knowledge that you can and fully listen to what those guys are saying and once you’re through with that try experimenting with different sounds and different effects and over time you’ll get a hold of what has to go where. 

Training your ear is super important too. You can line up effects on effects that are doing nothing but making that element sound muddy and dull just because that YouTuber was doing so, or you can add moderate amount of effects and turn that sound into a monster. You definitely can add a line of effects but just make sure they work together and are placed correctly, otherwise you’re destroying more than you’re treating!

3. Not Placing Elements Properly In The Stereo Image

One of the best ways to get your tracks loud like the pros is by having each element having a space of its own and nothing competing with each other. You must have heard big producers say that you should “learn to mix in mono” and this actually is a pretty neat advice. So basically, if you can get your mix sounding nice and clean in mono and you can make sure that there is no phase cancellation going on, you can then start putting elements in the right place and basically sculpt the stereo image of the track. For example, Kick, Snare and Vocals should be in mono, different cymbals can be panned to left and right, synths and mid basses can be given some stereo widening using stereo expansion tools like Dimension Expander by Xfer Records, Ozone’s Multiband Imager or the new stand-alone imager etc.

The more you practice, the more you will get good at it. Do remember, to compete with others you have to be at your level best. It will take time but you’ll certainly get there. We hope you learned something new from this and it helps you out!

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