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Paul van Dyk Wins $12 Million in Lawsuit Against ALDA Events

The legal battle stemming from Paul van Dyk’s 2016 stage fall is over.

According to Paul van Dyk, ALDA Events literally added insult to injury by not calling to check up on him after he fell from the stage at A State Of Trance 750 in Utrecht in 2016. Nearly three years after the incident took place, the event promoter must pay him $12,588,643.45.

The 10-meter fall caused Paul van Dyk (real name Matthias Paul) to suffer severe brain and spinal injuries. Included in the amount awarded to him following a September, 2018 hearing is $2 million for future medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost profits, $2.475 million for losses in the next 10 years, and $5.5 million for other damages.

A name practically synonymous with the emergence of trance during the ’90s and beyond, Paul also holds the distinction of being the first-ever Grammy-nominated electronic music act. Before the end of last year, he delivered his seventh studio album in the form of the 15-track Music Rescues Me.

So far in 2019, Paul van Dyk has released a Rafael Osmo collaboration titled “Moments With You.”

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Trollphace Fans Start GoFundMe Page After His House Burns Down

Here’s how you can help Trollphace in his time of need.

Unfortunate circumstances have befallen a figure near and dear to the dubstep community. L.A. DJ/producer Trollphace‘s house reportedly burned down last night, and his supporters have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help him through the dire turn of events.

According to the GoFundMe page set up by his booking agent, Mike Puliz of United Talent Agency, and Chris Eddowes of I.AM.Audio, Trollphace (real name Damon Orienti) lost not only worldly belongings but also beloved pets. At the time of writing, the fundraiser has amassed $5,323 of its $10,000 goal. 

Orienti rose to fame in the worldwide dubstep community from 2013-2014. To date, he has released music on such world-renowned record labels as OWSLA, Never Say Die and Firepower Records. Most recently he collaborated with Subtronics on “Mecha Noodle,” which came out on NSD Black Label last year.

The GoFundMe page set up in support of Trollphace can be found here.

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Eels In The Thames River Are Becoming Hyperactive Thanks To Cocaine

It seems that Londoners just might be one of the highest-consuming cocaine cities of this planet. Eels in the Thames River are becoming hyperactive due to high levels of the substance polluting the city’s waste water.

Scientists at King’s College London have found that citizens use the class A drug immensely during the week and on weekends. They fear this is hurting the river’s wildlife, and the eels seem to prove that.

According to King’s College, “concentrations of cocaine and benzoylecgonine remained high in waste water across the week with only a minor increase over the weekend.” Leaks have been found constantly entering the river. A possible explanation for the high results could be the levels of substance found in urine.

The problem is getting worse as caffeine, cocaine, and benzoylecgonine continue to overflow the sewers. London’s water treatment plans fail to filter out the drug during their water purification processes. The torrential downpours also overwhelm waste plants and pollute the sewers with even more toxic water.

James Robson, a senior curator at Sea Life London, explained that “drugs which affect us will almost always affect all animal life, and invertebrates a little bit more because their biochemistry is much more sensitive.”

The effect cocaine is having on the eels is not brand new news, either. Back in June 2018, researchers from the University of Naples Federico II studied the effects of cocaine on eels. They put them in water with drug residue and found that the drug drastically changed their bodies and behavior. All main body functions (muscles, hormones, and brain) became altered after exposure.

While the eels may seem to be getting high, the real issue is the city’s waste water treatment plan. You get what you pay for. and perhaps London needs to step up their water game.

It’s funny to think that these marine creatures who hold history in this environment are tweaking out. London, save the eels and do less!

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GRiZ Announces New Album, Drops First Single "I'm Good"

GRiZ is back with an album announcement, a single, and a tour.

Just a couple months ago, GRiZ broke a nearly yearlong hiatus with a pair of singles. While at the time no one could say for certain whether he was back to stay or if it was a one-off release, we now know GRiZ has an album in the works. Its lead single, “I’m Good,” is out now. 

GRiZ spent the majority of 2018 on a social media hiatus. Additionally, he made changes to his team, taking his talents to Red Light Management. Needless to say, it was a time of change. All the while through the silence, fans hoped for his return. 

If his latest offering is any indication, “I’m Good” demonstrates GRiZ is back in form. His identifiable blend between funk and bass music is stronger than ever. Combined with some aesthetic and branding tweaks, GRiZ is set for a triumphant return with his long awaited sixth studio album, Ride Waves.

The 14-track album is an immediate attention grabber based on its tracklist alone. Due out April 5th, Ride Waves features collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Yoshi Flower, and more. It has the makings of what could be GRiZ’ most ambitious project yet.

Check out “I’m Good” and find the tracklist for GRiZ’ forthcoming album Ride Waves below.

Ride Waves Tracklist

01. Can’t Get Enough
02. I’m Good
03. My Friends and I Pt. 2 (feat. Snoop Dogg & Prob Cause)
04. Cruise Control (feat. BXRBER)
05. A New Day (feat. Matisyahu)
06. The Prayer
07. It Gets Better (feat. DRAM)
08. Bustin’ Out (feat. Bootsy Collins)
09. Caught Up (feat. Muzzy Bearr)
10. Maybe (feat. Yoshi Flower)
11. The Escape
12. Mercy (feat. Valentina)
13. Barrel Of A Gun (feat. Leo Napier)
14. Find My Own Way (feat. Wiz Khalifa)



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Ja Rule Goes on a Twitter Rant About Fyre Festival

ja ruleThe Fyre Festival documentaries from both Hulu and Netflix that dropped last week were very eye-opening. They had detailed interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. It was an attempt to try to figure out how everything happened.

After watching the documentaries, people began to wonder why both founders weren’t in trouble with the law. Co-Founder Billy McFarland received six years in prison. However, the other co-founder rapper Ja Rule didn’t get in trouble at all.

Ja Rule took to Twitter to rant about everything. It all started with the tweetI love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers…” and devolved from there. He claims that he has receipts. But as the ranting goes on, it just gets more and more pathetic.

He contradicts himself a lot. In the Netflix documentary, he claims they didn’t commit fraud, just maybe some false advertising. But then in his tweets, he says that Billy is being paid by Hulu when that money should have gone to the Bahamian people. Also in his tweets, he, himself says that he was “hustled, scammed and hoodwinked“. So was it a scam, or was it false advertisement?

Furthermore, he spends a lot of time on January 20th, tweeting about whether or not there was catering or cheese sandwiches. Then talks about how he never met the woman who paid $50k of her own savings after not being paid for Fyre Festival. Then the very next day, he tweets that his heart goes out to her. It’s all very contradictory.

Even after countless articles and two documentaries, there’s still so much we don’t know about Fyre Festival. And it’s impossible for us to say how much Ja Rule was involved. But perhaps he should stop tweeting while he’s still somewhat ahead.

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Alok and Conor Maynard Collaborate on Heartfelt Single "Pray"

Brazil’s top DJ teams up with one of the UK’s most sought after vocalists.

One of Brazil’s top DJ’s, Alok is setting a decisive tone for 2019. The “Hear Me Now” producer is teaming up with rising pop vocalist Conor Maynard. Their single “Pray” sees both Spinnin’ Records mainstays in their element formulating one of the first pop electronic hits of the year.

Among DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s (sitting at #13 as of last year), Alok has been able to garner global attention through strategic collaborations and memorable melodies. Among his biggest tracks of 2018 were the anthemic “Innocent” with YvesV and “United” with Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici

For “Pray,” Alok tapped into the U.K. talent pool enlisting Conor Maynard for an emotional vocal feature. Maynard had a hand in a few high-profile releases over the last couple years, teaming up with R3HAB and Cash Cash prior to that. In December, He appeared alongside Hardwell & Snoop Dogg for “How You Love Me” – and we don’t see him leaving the spotlight anytime soon. 

With both artists quickly becoming mainstays of powerhouse pop electronic label Spinnin’ Records, Alok and Conor Maynard are set on getting stuck in your head. Stream their new single “Pray” here



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What So Not & Herizen Team Up on "We Can Be Friends"

What So Not & Herizen have released a soulful new single.

Nearly a year following his debut album release, What So Not is back with new music. The superstar producer finds himself teaming up with actress and singer Herizen for an emotional single titled “We Can Be Friends.”

While it’s not immediate suggested by the title, “We Can Be Friends” is a pained emotional release at its core. According to Herizen, the song is about “letting go of someone you love for the better and feeling all the pain in that detachment, with the hope that it could end in a friendship.” 

Herizen is perhaps best known for her starring role in the Netflix TV series The Get Down. The rising songstress has quickly been making a name for herself in the music arena following her 2018 EP Come Over to My House.

Given Herizen’s early affinity for genre-bending productions and soulful vocals it’s no surprise she and What So Not became quickly aligned. The two wrote the track together during a writer’s camp in Nicaragua. 

Released in early 2018, What So Not’s “Not All The Beautiful Things” took some time for the electronic community to process. The album was one of the most diverse offerings in recent memory and featured collaborations with Skrillex, Toto, San Holo, Rome Fortune, and more. 

Hot off the festival circuit of last year, hearing What So Not back with new music could mean another impactful year for the Australian producer.  



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Desert Hearts Festival Makes Its 2019 Return With Date Announcement

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year: time for Desert Hearts Festival, that is. The legendary Southern California collective released their much-anticipated dates for the 2019 event, which will happen on April 26-29 at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.

The Desert Hearts crew has built up a notoriously fun, love-filled, community-vibes-only space that continues to bring joy to so many people year after year. This will be the festival’s eleventh year and will undoubtedly be the most magical yet. With 72 hours of nonstop music, a “one stage, one vibe” setup and a mantra of house, techno and love, it’s easily one of our favorite West Coast festivals year after year.

The lineup is still to be announced, but last year’s was absolutely stunning – talent including Damian Lazarus, Tara Brooks, Evan Casey, Egyptian Lover, the entire Desert Hearts crew and so many more artists graced the stage with sounds that have echoed in our heads every day since that weekend. We’re looking forward to what concoction of magical beats the DH crew will come up with this year.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, January 25. Email subscribers will be able to purchase them at 9am PT and they’ll go on-sale to the general public at 12pm PT. You can grab more details on the event here!

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Troyak Teams Up with chæ on "Escape" [Premiere]

Visuals clearly aren’t the only thing Troyak has mastered.

If you’re a fan of EDM, chances are you’ve seen Troyak‘s work as he’s the official VJ of DJ/producer KSHMR. As it turns out, his skills extend to the studio as well. is proud to premiere the Ukrainian producer’s new single, “Escape” featuring c.

The serene vocal contributed by chæ (real name Chelsea Andrea De Silva) is elegantly framed by soft sound design elements in “Escape.” The arrangement includes more changes than the typical EDM buildup-drop scheme, making for an out-of-the-box addition to any DJ set.

Troyak is perhaps best known for his work on KSHMR and Tiger Lily‘s 2016 single, “Invisible Children.” Although not officially credited on the track, his input was made public by the DJ on social media and live at Ultra Music Festival.

“Escape” by Troyak ft. chae is out today. Stream or download it across platforms here.

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Paul van Dyk Awarded Over $12M After Fall at A State Of Trance

Paul van Dyk has been awarded over $12 million dollars for a near-fatal fall that happened at the A State Of Trance festival back in in February 2016. The fall resulted in three months of recovery from spinal and brain injuries.

The $12 million award included $2 million for future medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost profits in 2016 and 2017, and $2.475 million for losses in the next decade. It also awarded him an extra $5.5 million for other damages.

“I was in a coma and when I woke up I wasn’t able to do anything. So whatever I do now is to me a miracle, a gift”,

“Every sound on From Then On is “1,000 percent how I want it to be.”

“I don’t want to waste my talent — or call it whatever — on somebody else’s idea of how my music should be,”

“I am closer to myself and to my music than I have ever been, simply because there is a certain element of myself that sees life very differently.”

As one of the pioneer producers of trance music, van Dyk has definitely made his mark on the electronic scene over the last 20 years. Grammy-nominated in the category “Best Dance / Electronic Album” for “Reflections”, he is one of the few electronic music artists to have sold more than 3.5 million albums during his career. He was elected two consecutive “Number 1 World” DJ Mag awards back in 2005 and 2006, too — and this is just a small part of the total awards he’s received.

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[Listen] Dillon Francis Teams Up With T-Pain for New Lego Movie Track

Dillon Francis certainly proved that he’s willing to branch out from the norm. Whether he explores his humorous side – i.e. DJ Hanzel and hosts his infamous One Deeper Talks, or when he expands his musical productions to the Latin music world, there is nothing stopping this talented artist from reaching for the stars.

Recently, the American DJ has branched out to a new project. He has lent his composing skills to the upcoming The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and has teamed up with the one and only T-Pain.

LEGO right into it! On February 8, 2019, fans will swoop into the theaters to witness the upcoming movie sequel. Spoiler alert: there will be a featured track christened ‘Catchy Song‘ which features T-Pain’s signature auto-tune flare as well as That Girl Lay Lay‘s verse.

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you, this aptly name tune WILL get stuck in your head. Check it out below!

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Zedd Cancels Opera Atlanta Performance Following Sexual Assault Incident

Quintino and Art Department still have gigs scheduled at Opera Atlanta.

After a whirlwind of public outcry surrounded Opera Atlanta over the past few days, Zedd has canceled his performance at nightclub on February 1st. Although the German DJ/producer did not specify a reason for the decision, fans surmise that it was due to the apparent rape that took place at the establishment on the evening of January 19th.

“Hey guys. I’m sorry I will no longer be performing at Opera Atlanta on February 1st,” wrote Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski) in a tweet. “I’m looking forward to coming back to Atlanta ASAP.”

Art Department, Rick Ross and Quintino remain on Opera Atlanta’s online schedule at the time of writing. They all have yet to issue statements to the contrary – and the latter artist even included his February 8th appearance at the nightclub in a tweet about upcoming U.S. dates today.

Atlanta promoter subtle pulled their January 25th event headlined by Ciszak vs Bot following news of the incident. previously broke the story of the nightclub’s security staff allegedly scamming attendees in December.

The Atlanta Police Department’s investigation of the Opera Atlanta sexual assault is still under way after being turned over to the special victims unit.



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