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The guys behind Real EDM, Luis and Dylan, have been radio presenters on Chicago’s only dance music station for over a decade. Beginning in 2006, these two where the main hosts of Dance Factory Radio

Dance Factory began broadcasting on 92.5. FM – 92.7 FM – 99.9 FM in the Chicagoland metro area, playing top EDM tracks, exclusive DJ mixes, and producing huge EDM concerts and club nights. Utilizing their substantial knowledge and experience in the broadcasting and EDM industry, they launched their first podcast in 2015. 

We originally launched the podcast CHI-EDM as a nod to the deep history of house in Chicago. It was a huge success, instantly our quality content attracted a sizable loyal following. Then in 2019, CHI-EDM became REAL EDM. By rebranding to “Real EDM” it is now much easier to convey the overall brand more clearly to a broader audience.


Our Hosts

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Dylan Rudisill


Dylan Rudisill is a long-time Radio Broadcaster turned Podcaster.  For over two decades, he traveled around the country creating top-rated radio shows and designing audio masterpieces.  Today, through his Chicago based company he produces several podcasts and works with current and future podcasters to enhance and grown their brand.

Luis 2 Live


Luis “2-Live” Lopez is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Media focusing on radio and sound. After college, Luis worked extensively in radio in the Chicago area hosting on-air shifts, producing shows and ensuring the voice-over quality for station imaging and commercials. 

Real EDM Interviews

Find out the story behind the hits, how they achieved success, and tips to help you become better! All genres of electronic dance music are covered. EDM… The music. The culture. The lifestyle. 


The podcast provides exclusive interviews and DJ mixes that offer altogether something fresh and different than anything else in the EDM and podcasting world.


RealEDM.com provides a continues stream of EDM music news and information. Along with easy access to podcast episodes and exclusive mixes. 


Instagram has become the go to spot for EDM fans. The most popular DJs are growing their Instagram followers 11 times faster than on Facebook.

Podcast Advertising is Powerful

Advertisers are just beginning to realize the power of podcasts. Podcasting combines the best of two proven media forms with the effectiveness of audio advertising and the efficiency of the Internet to offer a powerful way to get the most from a marketing budget. Let us kick up your marketing strategy with a combination of online and on-podcast exposure, utilizing the popularity of our website and the passion of our listeners to generate big results!

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