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HYBYCOZO Will Build The Man Base at Burning Man This Year

HYBYCOZO has been taking the world by storm with their stunning art installations. Their massive sculptures are beautiful, 3D geometric shapes with incredibly intricate patterns. Today, one of their most exciting installations has been revealed: they’ll be building the base of the man for this year’s Burning Man. 

The man base is one of the most important aspects of Burning Man each year, serving as the center of the event both literally and metaphorically. It’s set on fire at the end of the week with surroundings of celebration and joy. Larry Harvey – the event’s founder who passed last year – typically designed the man base in years past. This will be the first year the design is sourced elsewhere.

As the Burning Man org describes:

 “The Man Base needs to hold space, support the Man as the beacon of our city, and light up the night each year.”

In order to represent this year’s theme of ‘Metamorphoses’, the Burning Man org put out a call to hand-picked artists asking to share their vision of the man base. Alas, HYBYCOZO’s design was chosen.

HYBYCOZO has been one of our favorite artists for many years. Their installations are breathtaking, captivating and crisp. This massive structure will feature “the Man gorgeously cocooned by a winding, ascending walkway, lit at night from within, throwing patterned light across the playa.”

You can read more about the concepts that were submitted for this year’s man base on the Burning Man blog. We can’t wait to see this come to life in the dust!

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9 Major Moments in the Life of deadmau5 as Documented by Forbes

We’ll give you a hint: Most of them happened in his 30s.

It’s a rare occurence that deadmau5 willingly participates in an interview with any member of the media. So rare, in fact, that in his most recent one with Forbes he provided a timeline of his life condensed down into nine key events.

The first defining moment in the life of the man behind the mau5head was his discovery of Downward Spiral by industrial icons Nine Inch Nails as a teenager. During the same era he saw legendary rock band KISS in concert, which was significant in that he realized “you could suck so bad at something and still put on a really great show.”

It is perhaps less surprising that deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman)’s next life-changing event was when he put on the mau5head for the first time in his 20s. He recounts that the idea came from Jay Gordon of Orgy, for whom he designed graphics.

Interestingly, the remaining six key moments came about in Zimmerman’s 30s. Among them are his recent social media hiatus, his professional involvement in eSports, and his scoring of the Netflix film Polar.

The full feature sees deadmau5 go into greater detail on each of the nine definitive life moments he chose to share with Forbes. Read it in its entirety here.

H/T: Your EDM



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MARCØ Releases Sultry New Track "Villain" ft. Esse

The latest Hegemon Select release is sexy and ominous.

This song pulls you in from the start. MARCØ proves to be a force to be reckoned with on his new track “Villain” featuring vocalist Esse, out now via Hegemon Select. He struck a balance between eerie and sultry with a catchy pluck and lush lyrics. It’s hard not to nod your head to this one. 

The track starts off with an eerie sounding pluck. Esse’s vocals are introduced with a strong chordal pad. Overall, the ambient-sounding instrumental is decorated with random effects and foley. When the build is introduced the instrumental is layered beautifully with the vocal hook. It drops into a heavy and repetitive section with obvious trap influence. The second verse introduces new progressions, with an added hi-hat moving the beat towards the same drop as before and added elements making it bigger than ever.

“Villain” featuring Essie by MARCØ is out now via Hegemon Select. Stream or download it across platforms here.



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Dubset's New API Allows DJs and Remixers to Clear Copyrights Instantly

The new Dubset API is groundbreaking for content creators.

Dubset is announcing its latest service to shift mix culture from the distribution shadows onto popular subscription streaming platforms. The online mixed audio distribution service has rolled out an API that allows remixers and DJs to clear and distribute their mixes instantly in the software and hardware they use to create. 

Creators can record, mix, and get their music to streaming services directly from their preferred equipment or software. Software and hardware partners, for their part, have no publishing or label deals to make and no relationships with Apple or Spotify to navigate – just a seamless submission of mixed content via Dubset.

The company hopes to even the playing field and properly monetize mixtapes, DJ mixes, and remixes so that both artists and platforms will be fairly compensated. 

Direct distribution of mixes has been attempted before, but never with all the proper licenses at the ready. “With past approaches, the mixes would go up, only to be taken right back down because the deals were not in place with rights holders,” says Dubset CEO Stephen White. “Dubset has all the licensing taken care of, so there is no heavy lifting for software and hardware providers.”

With a partnership already in place with SoundCloud, and with several DJ hardware and software companies already having access to the API, Dubset is enabling a new golden age of legitimate distribution of unofficial remixes and DJ sets. Bringing this content onto legitimate, fully monetized platforms promises to boost subscription rates, as well as increase revenues for rights holders.

The potential impact on music platforms and the business writ large is enormous. White explains: 

“In 2016, EMI put together a report that estimated how many consumers listened to mixed and remixed content, and they came up with 750 million consumers worldwide. The majority of that consumption happened through unlicensed services with no revenue making its way back to the original artists and their labels and publishers. We’ve created a high-speed onramp to legitimacy for the content those 750 million consumers want to hear. By getting this content to legitimate platforms quickly, you can convert these consumers, and the best way to make all this happen is through our API.”

Dubset has previously inked agreements with TIDAL, Spotify and Apple Music to distribute remix material on their platforms. In 2017 the company raised $4 million in funding and inked global deals to license the masters of Sony Music and independent labels (via Merlin) on major music services.

You can learn more at

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13 Iconic EDM Songs Everyone Loves Singing Along to Live

When these songs drop, entire crowds sing along.

There are certain songs so deeply engrained in the EDM vernacular that when they’re played out in a live setting instinct takes over. Here are our highlights of songs that inevitably have crowds singing their every lyric word for word at festivals and shows around the world. 

1. Zedd – Clarity (ft. Foxes)

While the lyrics and songwriting by Foxes make “Clarity” singalong worthy, crowds seem to have equal enjoyment in chiming in with the background vocals on the build and drop of this track. 

2. Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (ft. Richard Bedford)

We have never seen more teary eyes in a crowd than when this song comes on. Forever a staple of Above & Beyond‘s sets, the pure emotional response to this track is simply unmatched. If you think everyone in your festival group is beyond engaging in an emotional singalong to this one, you’re in for a surprise.

3. Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

This song is in a category of its own. We honestly can’t think of another track that has been played out as many times for such a prolonged period of time, while still capturing consistently strong responses from crowds worldwide.

4. 3LAU – How You Love Me (ft. Bright Lights)

This is a track that everyone seems to know the lyrics to when it comes on, but for some reason, few know the title. Listen to 3LAU’s “How You Love Me” below, it might be a song you’ve lbeen searching for.  

5. Krewella – Alive

This was among the first EDM tracks we can recall to receive national top 40 radio play, concurrent with the EDM boom in the United States. From the sound design to the songwriting, it was instantly memorable in every capacity. It’s no wonder as soon as the piano intro kicks in during a Krewella live set, crowds around the world know what to do. 

6. ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

At this point in its lifespan, ODESZA‘s 2014 release “Say My Name” doesn’t quite have the nostalgia factor working for it yet. However, the duo has been aggressively touring for several years now, so it’s not necessarily a surprise this track feels familiar like an old friend.

7. Kaskade – Disarm You (ft. Ilsey)

Kaskade has long been a staple of festivals around the world. That said, his 2015 release “Disarm You” has quickly become a fan favorite in his live sets. Kaskade is known for frequently diversifying his performances, so whenever he drops “Disarm You” fans are ecstatic to chime in with the lyrics.

8. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (ft. John Martin)

Prior to their hiatus, Swedish House Mafia could not have gone out on a higher note with the release of this song. The unparalleled hype surrounding this track on the radio and on tour dramatically expanded the reach of the group outside the electronic music ecosystem. When people who don’t normally like or listen to electronic music can sing this word for word, there’s no better indication of success. 

9. Avicii – Levels

Live tributes by DJs around the world to the late Tim Bergling have shown us that the iconic progression of “Levels” will always invite audience participation no matter who is playing it out. 

10. NERO – Promises

This song’s initial trajectory was vastly helped along by an iconic remix from Skrillex. Given NERO‘s impact on electronic music in the years since, however, people seem to be taking an equal appreciation to the original. Either way, when the chorus of “Promises” hits, everyone will try to hit the high notes (and few will succeed).

11. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Even if you’re not the best singer, you might have a chance at it when “Feel So Close” comes on. It’s laid back enough to the point where it feels like an accessible song for anyone to sing. Perhaps this is the magic behind Calvin Harris‘ breakthrough single.

12. Alesso vs. One Republic – If I Lose Myself

At its peak you could hear this song on festival mainstages, bars, college parties, and every venue in between. The impassioned crowd response has always been the same. To think Alesso‘s version dramatically outshined the original release by One Republic is a remarkable accomplishment by Alesso.

13. Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin – Reload

There’s no additional perspective we can give on this track. Everyone knows it, everyone sings along with it. “Reload” is unanimously regarded as a timeless contribution to electronic music, so when John Martin‘s “take my hand…” lyric comes in the crowd is inevitably ready to belt out what’s next. 

Did we miss anything? What’re some songs you just have to sing along with live? Let us know on social media!

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Feed Me Announces Release of New Studio Album, High Street Creeps

Album pre-save launches Feb. 8th with Feed Me’s new track, “Feel Love.”

British producer and artist Feed Me (real name Jon Gooch) has been laying low in recent years – that is, until last month when he teased an album release with no official date. Today, the little green monster behind the man known as one of the greats in the electronic genre returns to mau5trap with his unique brand of hard-hitting, bass-heavy electronica for the release of a new full-length studio album, High Street Creeps

The album is set for release on February 22nd. It will be available for pre-save alongside a new single titled Feel Love” on February 8th, followed by second single called “Sleepless” on February 15th.

High Street Creeps will feature 10 tracks which span a variety of styles so fans should expect some new sounds from the seasoned producer. From Feel Love, which features the angelic voice of Rosie Doonan (who has performed with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Birdy), to Sleepless,” which was almost entirely produced from a Eurorack modular, listeners can expect the unexpected from Gooch.

Addressing the long gap of time between albums, Gooch states:

“I’d amassed a lot of material since my last album, but it took a long time for me to feel like it was the right time to do another. My life had changed a lot since I’d been through a lot of experiences and it felt overwhelming to try and condense a sprawling mass of feelings and ideas into a new story.”

High Street Creeps – a namesake taken from the notorious 1980s Hertfordshire pheasant poaching ring – marks Gooch’s second full studio album, following his 2013 debut Calamari Tuesday. Following up his debut with a string of Feed Me singles and EPs, as well as the inaugural album for his alias Spor in 2015, High Street Creeps marks the producer’s sophomore full-length effort. This album will also be Feed Me’s ninth overall release on mau5trap.

Look for Feed Me to appear at Beyond Wonderland March 22nd & 23rd in Southern California and pre-save “Feel Love” here.



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Movement Releases Lineup Along with Possible Leak

The internet is working hard to give techno fans what they want.

Detroit’s highly anticipated Movement has officially revealed the lineup for its 2019 edition. The festival’s announcement comes in the midst of a lineup leak brought to you by the lovely techno spies of the internet. 

The Moter City is set to go off with acts including Richie HawtinJosh Wink, Disclosure (DJ Set), Soul Clap, Loco Dice, FISHER, Chris Lake, Virgil Abloh, Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, and many more. Gucci Mayne is even set to take the stage! 

Serious techno fans will also get a chance to catch a first-ever Movement appearance by LSD, a techno supergroup made up of Berghain regulars Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell, and Function. For fans itching to know the full list, the leaked lineup (though not confirmed) is sure to get you pumped for the epic weekend. 

As the 14th edition approaches, it’s great to see that Paxahau is still highlighting strong female acts as they had done last year. Charlotte De Witte, ANNA, Maya Jane ColesAmelie Lens and more will fuel the crowds for what is proving to be a lineup not to miss. 

Movement takes place May 25 – 27, 2019 at Hart Plaza in Detroit. Three-day general admission, VIP, and daily passes are available at

Saturday Lineup
Sunday Lineup
Leaked Lineup



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[Watch] Getter, Flosstradamus and More Open Up About Mental Health Experiences in Q&A Session

It comes as no surprise that mental health is a serious issue not just in the music industry, but all industries. We have seen what it has done to Avicii, Illenium, and many others. Getter and Flosstradamus recently joined a live Q&A session facilitated by Icon Collective and Back to Back to discuss the effects of mental health.

The life of an artist consists of long hours, unpredictable pay, and overall stressful situations. These struggles are just the beginning, the journey to the top is much more. When you are a bigger named act, there is more expectation out of you. Your tour schedules become hefty with lots of time spent travelling on the road. Imagine the toll it takes on your mentality and physical health being trapped inside a mobile metal box. Anxiety builds before each performance–how does an artist cope with that?

DJs and producers also put themselves out there on social media for their brand and not everyone will take to it. In this world of heavy demand for something new, it can be tough to appease the right crowd. Branding is everything and their success relies on their fan base.

In the video below, both artists plus Aryay, and Blaise DeAngelo tell us about their own personal experiences with their mental health and its importance. We truly appreciate these guys for opening up about these struggles. It’s not easy being vulnerable; sometimes the ones we don’t think have problems are the ones that end up having it the worst. The more we understand, the more we can all create a support system for each other in the EDM community and around the world.

We hope people suffering from anxiety and mental health issues get inspired from Getter and Flosstradamus. Make sure to make some time and watch the video below. It’s over an hour’s worth of footage, but it is worth it.


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Chris Brown Responds to Rape Allegations

On January 21st, Chris Brown, his bodyguard, and another man were arrested in Paris. This occurred after they were accused of raping an unidentified female victim. The French magazine Closer broke the story. According to them, the incident occurred in Brown’s hotel room on January 15th.

According to the victim, who has had her named changed in the interview with Closer, she met Brown at the French nightclub Le Crystal. From there, she went back to his hotel room. There were about fifteen other girls there with her. Brown followed her into the bathroom and that’s where the alleged assault occurred. But according to her, it did not end there. She was assaulted in the bedroom by Brown’s bodyguard and another man.

Brown took to Instagram to denounce the claims. The post has since been removed from Instagram, though we are not sure if it was removed by him or by the company itself. The post was a black photo with white text that simply read “This Bitch Lyin’.”. Under that was this caption:


All three men have now been released from custody.

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Native American Elder from Viral Protest Clip Already Famous from Skrillex Video

Nathan Phillips was cast for Skrillex and Damian Marley’s 2012 video.

As it turns out, a video clip making its rounds from an encounter that took place between Nathan Phillips and Covington Catholic High School students was not the first time his face was seen by millions. The Native American protestor also starred in the official music video for Skrillex‘s 2012 single “Make It Bun Dem” featuring Damian Marley.

Phillips’ character faced a much different adversary in the “Make It Bun Dem” video. The montage of clips depicts a city developer eyeing the elder’s place of residence, only to retreat when a younger character initiates a torrential downpour with what appears to be a rainmaking ritual.

Phillips’ run-in with the MAGA hat-wearing youths took place when anti-abortion rally March for Life converged with the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday, January 18th in Washington D.C. The matter of who initiated the confrontation remains a hotly debated subject, as does whether Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann was smiling or sneering at the activist.

Skrillex will resume touring with a performance at EDC Mexico in Mexico City in February 23rd, 2019.



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Seth Crossno Creates Podcast Revealing Missed Fyre Festival Details

Fyre Festival was the luxurious illusion we didn’t see coming. The production and marketing efforts fooled us all that this would be the event of 2017. Even now, after two documentaries we have one question burning through us all: why does it still feel like we’re missing something?

The Documentaries

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary (admittedly, I have yet to see the one on Hulu), it’s worth the watch. We get a step by step guide on how they created Fyre. Billy McFarland, a persistent and blindly confident entrepreneur, was convinced he could throw the world’s best party…and completely failed. It’s a perfect example of any Expectations/Reality meme. You know the one. But it’s not just about the McFarland and Ja Rule and how oblivious they were (still are) to the truth. We learn of Maryann Rolle, the caterer, who lost her entire savings in order to cover costs for this festival. She was never paid.* Even with Netflix and Hulu’s introspective coverage, we haven’t received the full story.

There are so many layers to this story. McFarland defrauding investors out of $27 million, the hilarious investor pitch deck, the greatest promotional video ever, the planning notebook, the cheese sandwich, the docu-wars, and so much more.”

The Podcast

Therefore, one of the attendees, Seth Crossno—also known through his twitter as William Needham Finley IV (@WNFIV)—decided to create a podcast: Dumpster Fyre.

In the podcast’s opening post, Crossno explains he will be interviewing other attendees, lawyers, producers and more to unveil the truth about this failure of a festival, and, coincidentally, a truth about our generation’s culture. Although the podcast hasn’t premiered its first episode yet, Dumpster Fyre has a detailed timeline of the Fyre Festival experience. Most are tweets and videos Crossno shared while on the island. In the meantime, Dumpster Fyre will be posting various news articles related to the festival.

Keep a lookout for the premiere of the first episode. It’s gonna be fire.

dumpster fyre podcast

*Fortunately, Rolle and her husband created a Go Fund Me and have already exceeded their goal of $123,000.

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Deadmau5 Forbes Interview Reveals Influential Life Moments


Fans always want to know more about their favorite artists. Whether it’s an visual artist, a musician or a writer, we always seek knowledge from the people that inspire us. In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine infamous troll and musical genius Deadmau5 reveals a few of his most influential life moments.

The interview with Steve Baltin takes the reader through the nine biggest moments in Joel Zimmerman‘s life. There are a few predictable things in the list like “Putting On The Mouse Head For The First Time” or “Getting Married”. Others like the first time the Mau5 saw KISS in concert or turning over his Twitter and Facebook to his manager give a little more insight into the way he thinks. And of course included in the list are his Where’s The Drop album and writing the score for the Netflix movie Polar coming out this Friday.

You can read the entire interview on the Forbes website to see all the inner workings of Deadmau5. There is ton of interesting reading that fans of the Mau5trap boss are sure to enjoy!

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