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Skrillex Recently in the Studio with From First To Last, Ty Dolla $ign and Sean Mendez

Perfect Sound Studios has revealed a series of Skrillex collaborations.

Skrillex is no stranger to collaborating with major artists across the musical spectrum. In the past few months alone he’s worked with the likes of Joyryde, Kelsey Lu and Utada Hikaru – but a recent development has revealed a much longer list.

In a post to the website of Hollywood Hills recording facility Perfect Sound Studios, it came to light that Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) has recently shared the studio with From First To Last. He first made a name for himself as frontman of the post-hardcore band, and recently reunited with them to release “Surrender” over the summer.

Moore also apparently brought Sean Mendez, Frank Dukes and Ty Dolla $ign to studio sessions. The latter artist faces up to 15 years in prison for a September drug bust at which Moore happened to be present.

Skrillex still has yet to reveal titles or release dates for collaborations with the aforementioned artists. He also has not offered more information on the significance of his recent website makeover.

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Marshmello, Jauz, Ookay and Slushii are Now Signed to The Shalizi Group

The name of Moe Shalizi’s new management company has come to light.

Marshmello, Jauz, Ghastly, Slushii, Sikdope and 808 Mafia producer Southside are all officially signed to a new management firm.

Last month, it came to light that Moe Shalizi would leave Red Light Management to start his own company. Emails from members of his staff have revealed that his new operation goes by the name The Shalizi Group.

When an email is sent to one of the Red Light Management team members working underneath Shalizi, they automatically reply: “Starting Monday, December 17th I can be reached at my new email address” Although no website is available at the time of writing, further investigation reveals that The Shalizi Group Inc. was registered as a domestic corporation in the state of Nevada in January of 2017.

Many corporations headquartered in California are registered in Nevada as the state offers corporate tax haven. Among other things, Nevada law also offers stronger protection against “piercing the corporate veil,” making it more difficult to hold a company’s owners accountable for its actions.

Shalizi’s business relationship with Red Light Management began in 2015, following the runaway success of Jauz’ hit 2014 single, “Feel The Volume.” His greatest asset is easily Marshmello; Shalizi expects the anonymous producer to earn as much as Calvin Harris in 2019. has reached out to The Shalizi Group for comment but they have yet to respond at the time of writing.

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Movement Music Festival Teases Lineup For 2019

2019 is nearly here, and the lineups just don’t stop coming. Today we bring you a great one, in the form of Detroit‘s Movement Music Festival. Taking Place at Detroit’s Hart Plaza, the event is to be held on Memorial Day weekend.

Earlier today, Movement shared the lineup to their Facebook page. The lineup features Amelie Lens, Chris Lake, Hot Since 82, DJ Nobu, and many more. The one name that stands out from the list is the UK Dance duo Orbital, as this is their first live appearance in Detroit in nearly 20 years. It should also be noted that this is the duo’s first-ever performance at Movement.

If you’re a fan of this style of music, you are in for a treat, as Movement Music Festival is known to bring the heat. There are still some acts that have yet to be announced, so it will be interesting to see who else is added to the lineup. I wonder if Diplo will make an appearance.

Tickets to Detroit’s Movement Music Festival can be found here. See you there!Movement Music Festival

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Slushii Teams Up with VIZ to Score My Hero Academia Animatic [Premiere]

Slushii has played a role in a unique EDM/manga crossover.

It’s no secret that plenty of EDM DJ/producers are also fans of anime and manga, but Slushii has played a particularly involved role in a popular series. The L.A. producer has scored an animatic that promotes the VIZ release of Volume 16 of Japanese comic book series My Hero Academia. is proud to premiere the video, in which Slushii’s score is synced to an animation consisting of artwork from the comic book by its writer and illustrator, Kōhei Horikoshi. The music stands out as a departure from Slushii’s effervescent stlye of EDM – demonstrating not only his versatility as a producer, but also his appreciation for the cultural tropes surrounding the manga art form.

VIZ has also published a video in which Slushii talks about how he ended up scoring the animatic. In addition to talking about his own longtime interest in anime and manga, he explains how his creative process intersects with that of the series.

My Hero Academia has been serialized by Japanese comic book anthology Shonen Jump since 2014. The following year, VIZ published an English language version of the first volume.

Slushii (real name Julian Scanlan) debuted as an anonymous producer with a 2016 remix of Zedd and Selena Gomez‘ “I Want You To Know.” He garnered worldwide acclaim for the Monstercat release of “Emptiness” later in the year, and revealed his identity shortly thereafter. 

My Hero Academia, Vol. 16 is out today in English via VIZ Media. For a free preview, visit the VIZ website.

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Alan Walker Talks Production, New Sound and Vision Ahead of Debut Album [Interview]

The “Faded” star’s debut album, Different World, is out on RCA Records December 14th.

Alan Walker‘s indistinguishable sound has flabbergasted fans around the globe. His iconic hit “Faded” on NoCopyrightSounds has been a highlight track amongst the gaming community. It even went platinum in 10 countries. sat down with the Norwegian electronic music star to hear the story behind his debut album, Different World, and learn more about his simple production techniques. Congrats on the debut album! How excited are you about this release?

Alan Walker: I’m super excited. I never really thought I would end up in a situation where I would be releasing an album. I guess that’s the outcome of releasing a single every three to six months. At the same time that I’ve been working on that album, I’ve been able to kind of show a new side of myself as an artist. I can use my voice as an artist to speak out to my fans and followers. But other than that, I’m really excited about the upcoming album. I think it’s going to be pretty cool and there’s going to be a few new songs.

At first listen, it’s obvious that you put so much time, attention, and detail into everything. What ignited that fire to put this together? Did you just think, “It’s time?”

Well, the plan to drop an album was something that kind of popped up. I started noticing my library of unreleased music increasing as time passed. I was releasing every three to six months. I really liked that and increased the number of tracks. Now, I’ve been working on finalizing some songs. Some of them are up to three years old because they’ve just been laying around, but most of them are new.

Were there songs/projects that you added a little to or did you completely revamp them? 

There’s one song on the album that I started working on a very, very long time ago. I started working on it again and I was like – I opened up the project and I thought, “Okay actually this is really cool.” I also wanted to renew the song because it was kind of like the old, very typical Alan Walker style. It’s still the common Alan Walker stuff but a little bit more renewed, I would say.

It’s great when albums have an intro, interlude, and outro. This heightens the listening experience and really helps break things up to tell a more diverse and immersive story. What’s the story behind Different World

First, I had the World of Walker thing which was basically a tour that I had, and the trilogies and I felt like also that name was starting to get a little bit used up, so I wanted to try something new. Sofia Carson, CORSAK, K-391, and I did “Different World,” which was also something that reinforces a topic that can be a nice way for an album to interconnect or take on a spirit of its own. [Different World is] the lead single and the name of the album because it sounds cool and really clicks with my brand, my – I would say, my universe – as an artist and as a person. I think it’s really cool to do something that I feel so passionate about.

You tried a lot of different styles throughout this album. This diverse sound must have to do with the wide array of artists with whom you’ve worked. For you, how does collaborating with these artists affect the sound and refine your sonic vision? 

When you have any collaboration, everyone wants to make it in their own specific way. When we three producers working on one song, then you all have to meet in the middle. I felt like that’s what we did on Different World. It’s very distant from, for example, what K-391 and I usually make. I’m really happy with the result and that it’s very different from the typical Alan Walker you usually hear. The message I got to send out through the songs was also very important in a nice and cool way.

Every song on Different World has something memorable, whether it be a melody, rhythmic element, or even a simple percussive sample. When writing your music, do these elements just come to you or are they something you have to sit down and play with until something does come together? 

It’s a variation of a few things. Sometimes it’s something I hear, or sometimes it’s something that randomly pops up in my head. Then I either record a voice memo or just write the melody at the time. For example, for the songs on the album some of those melodies I started writing, then I just tried to make them as catchy as possible. I love melodies that are catchy. I want them to just stick to my brain. I just want it to be kind of annoying for myself at the same time it’s really good.

Is there a track or melody on the album that really sticks out to you?

It’s a song that’s called “Lily.” It’s with K-391. That song’s melody, I would say, is a very standard four-chord progression song. The way it’s sung – the way the melody goes – it’s really catchy.

When it comes to music, is there a specific sound or vision that you aim for, or do you allow the sounds and styles to evolve and take shape on their own?

There is one thing that all of us try to maintain and that is the sound of Alan Walker. The way that I define the sound of Alan Walker is either by a saw lead or square lead. It’s very typical once you find it. For example, Nexus, and I know it can sound pretty cheesy, but I think that’s kind of become the whole sound of Alan Walker – and the way people identify a song as Alan Walker. A triplet here and there really helps. Those are things I try to emphasize in those songs. At the same time, I try not to do that or correct it. I try to develop my sound as an artist and effectively give the world an Alan Walker 2.0.

A lot of artists knock on the Nexus plugin, but you’ve embraced it and really made it your own sound. That’s impressive as a lot of artists really struggle with finding their own sound. 

I know that it may be not the best choice, but I don’t think that it has to be the best lead ever or it has to be self-made – like the lead and everything. It doesn’t have to be 100% the made in Serum or Sylenth. I think you can just use preset, layer them together, and if it sounds good you have a perfect lead. If it works really well in your song, then it shouldn’t be a problem to use it.

If it works for you, then why not use it? If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. For you, you’ve found that happy medium and have made it your own, regardless of how simple it may or may not be. 

That’s also one thing that’s also been done, which is the fact that sometimes what’s simple is what’s best.

Catch Alan Walker on the Different World tour. You can purchase tickets here

Feb 1 – Vancouver – Commodore
Feb 2 – Seattle – Showbox SoDo
Feb 5 – Portland – Roseland Theater
Feb 6 – Eugene – McDonald Theatre
Feb 8 – Oakland – Fox Theater
Feb 9 – LA – Belasco
Feb 12 – Tucson – Rialto Theatre
Feb 14 – Houston – Stereo Live
Feb 15 – Austin – Emo’s
Feb 17 – New Orleans – Metropolitan Nightclub
Feb 18 – Atlanta – Buckhead Theatre
Feb 19 – Raleigh – The Ritz
Feb 20 – Charlotte – The Fillmore
Feb 21 – Philadelphia – The TLA
Feb 22 – Brooklyn, NY – Great Hall – Avant Gardner

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lovelytheband's "broken" Gets the Cash Cash Remix Treatment [Premiere]

Cash Cash transforms one of 2018’s top hits into an epic dance floor anthem.

Remix masters Cash Cash strike again with the latest addition to their growing roster of dance floor-ready pop transformations. is proud to premiere the stunningly vibrant track a day in advance.

Tackling one of this year’s top alternative pop hits, “broken,” by lovelytheband, who also happen to be on Billboard‘s “10 Rock & Alternative Artists to Watch in 2018,” Cash Cash had quite a lot to live up to – and they did.

From beginning to end, the “broken” makeover is nothing short of lovely. Keeping the essence of the original with its telltale guitar riff, heavy use of one strum electric guitar chords, and the lyrics in their entirety, EDM trio put their signature spin on it with a combination of big room buildups and trap drops. 

Characteristic of today’s catchy dance pop tracks, the song is a worthy remix of the massive alt-pop hit. “broken,” the first single off of lovelytheband’s debut album, finding it hard to smile, has an audience of over 90 million weekly and 1.5 billion in total on the radio alone. Since its release, the song continues to rank within the top 10 on multiple adult top and alternative top charts. 

Though it’s a successful radio hit, at first listen, “broken” doesn’t seem to be a likely contender for a remix. However, brothers Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf along with Samuel Frisch, the trio behind Cash Cash, were up for the challenge. Having remixed other pop hits like P!nk‘s “What About Us,” Kelly Clarkson‘s “Love So Soft” and Liam Payne‘s “Bedroom Floor,” the New Jersey DJs are no strangers to turning pop hits on their heads. They certainly did just that and more in reworking one of today’s biggest hits on RED MUSIC

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Instagram: @lovelytheband

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vitaminwater Offers $100K for Someone to go a Year Without Their Smartphone

vitaminwater has issued the ultimate challenge: go an entire year without using your smartphone and win $100,000. One lucky cell phone addict will get their chance to break the habit and get a little bit richer. They’re calling the challenge Scroll-Free For a Year.

The participant gets a flip phone straight out of 1996, which they can use for calls only. They are forbidden from using, caressing, kissing or otherwise touching a smartphone or tablet for 365 days. This includes phones or tablets that don’t belong to them. If they’re successful through the end of the contest, they get paid. If they only make it six months, they still get $10,000.

It’s unclear how vitaminwater will track this, but they do say a lie detector test will be used at the end. While you’re cell phone free for 365 days, it’s plenty of time to look up how to fake a polygraph test. (We’re kidding… maybe.)

If this sounds like a good deal to you, all you have to do is post a photo or video on your Twitter or Instagram before January 8, 2019. You have to detail what you would do while you’re cell phone free, and include the hashtags #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest. On January 22, 2019, they will announce the lucky participants.

It’s important to note that you need to be 18 or older and a United States resident. You also can’t be required to use a smartphone for your work or other commitments – you would most likely get fired as a result of the contest.

Sounds like an interesting challenge. Could you do it?

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Avicii was the #2 Most-Searched Topic on Google in 2018

Three of the overall most-searched topics were also in the top five loss-related searches.

Google have released their annual Year in Search feature, and deaths accounted for much of 2018’s highest-trending topics. Specifically, Avicii holds the distinction of the #2 most-searched phrase on the search engine over the past year.

Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) passed away in April of this year. The Swedish DJ/producer had discontinued touring back in 2016, and his cause of death is presently suspected to have been suicide. 

Search topics for the “Loss” subcategory overlapped significantly with that of overall searches in the Year in Search 2018. Mac Miller and Stan Lee – who passed away in September and November, respectively – came in at #3 and #4 on the former list. Specific to electronic music artists, Swedish House Mafia boasts the distinction of the most searched topic.

Avicii emerged as one of EDM’s brightest stars after the runaway success of his 2011 hit single, “Levels.” The rigors of tour life took a toll on him, as detailed in a documentary titled Avicii: True Stories that comes out on Netflix at the end of the year.

See through the rest of the categories comprising Google’s Year in Search 2018 feature here.

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Huge Avicii Flag From Tomorrowland Up For Sale w/ Money to Charity

Image result for avicii tomorrowland flag

During Tomorrowland‘s fun-filled two-weekend festivities, that took place from Friday, July 20, 2018, to Sunday, July 29, 2018, the electronic dance music community gathered together to celebrate at one of the world’s largest and most notable music festivals. With the tragic passing of Tim Bergling aka Avicii this year, Tomorrowland was filled with touching tributes to the EDM legend.

Iconic performances by Steve Aoki, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero, and more, incorporated touching tributes to the late artist, and will not be soon forgotten.

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments from this summer’s edition was when lucky attendees unfolded a massive Swedish flag (16×10 meters, weight: approx. 20 kg) which featured a beautiful photo of Avicii, his year of birth and death, one of his most famous quotes “one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember”, as seen below.

Nicky Romero’s set began with this truly incredible and historic moment and continued to become even more special when he dropped ‘I Could Be The One’ near the middle of his set, which is the piece that the two artists created together. The flag was hoisted on a second occasion in Belgium, creating another beautiful moment for all.

Later on, the infamous flag was signed by Steve Angelo, Nicky Romero, Don Diablo, Dada Life, and Armin van Buuren. Today, the historic flag is being auctioned on eBay, and all of the profits go to a charity called Suicide Zero.

“When someone takes his life, at least ten people are affected. When an internationally renowned artist like Avicii takes his life, a whole world is affected. We are many affected by Tim Bergling’s live meeting, and many want to help fewer to be forced to experience trauma after a loved one takes his life. We are therefore deeply grateful for our dedication and support for our work so that we can reach out to more about how suicide can be prevented,”

-General Secretary of Suicide Zero, Alfred Skogberg.

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Zomboy Throws Down the Bass With "Hide N’ Seek"

Zomboy closes 2018 with an intense track for bass lovers.

Bass heads rejoice, Zomboy is back with another heater to blow out your eardrums that goes by the name “Hide N’ Seek.” Released on Never Say Die, the track offered up by the German producer is set to end 2018 with a bang. It’s a heavy hitter that is sure to get any dubstep fans’ necks breaking. 

Zomboy’s thumping kick and heavy snare hold the beat while the classic dubstep-sounding synths screech around rhythmically. The instruments are heavily distorted, cut up by complex fills and bass drops, separating each section. The song transitions from build to drop and to build again. This gives the song a constantly escalating energy.

Zomboy (real name Joshua Mellody) blew open the scene back in 2016 with his chart-topping single “Like A Bitch.” The song became the go-to set opener for the likes of Skrillex, DJ Snake, and virtually every dubstep DJ on the circuit that year. He hasn’t slowed down since then. This year alone he released two popular tracks “Rebel Bass” and his most recent “Lone Wolf”.

Make sure you catch Mellody on his upcoming 30-date North American tour. The theme is Rott N’ Roll, and he will be joined by fellow producers Space Laces, Badklaat and Luzcid. Tickets for the tour on sale now.

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AMF Friendship Immediately Returns to Miami Following Medical Emergency

It has not been smooth sailing for AMF Friendship.

Yesterday, AMF Friendship made its debut but is already off to a rough start. The Celebrity Equinox cruise vessel had to make an abrupt U-turn back to the Miami port after an urgent medical emergency arose.

The Destructo-led cruise festival was headed towards the private island of Coco Cay. In less than 24 hours, it was forced to return to the port following a reported emergency onboard. Rather than calling a helicopter to head to open water, they made the logical decision to head back to land. Friendship has not released an official statement on the severity of the incident. 

Friendship is set to welcome Rufus Du Sol, Claptone, BOYS NOIZE, 2ManyDjs, Dixon and many more to the newest boat party. This is Gary Richards A.K.A. Destructo’s first-ever cruise ship music festival. 

As of now, the ship has once again left the port and is back at sea. will keep you updated as new information surfaces.  



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TEST DRIVE: Roli Songmaker Kit

In this edition of “Test Drive,” we take a look at the Roli Songmaker Kit.

For the last few years, Roli has been redefining the use of portable midi controllers. Starting with the release of their Seaboard Midi Keyboard, the company has been reaching for new heights. One thing that they have begun doing is putting together their controllers in different kits. 

In this edition of TEST DRIVE, we take a look at the Roli Songmaker kit. This kit consist of Roli’s Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block and Loop Block. We’ll give you our first impression of the kit and then an individual breakdown of its components.  

First impression

Within minutes of opening the box, music was being made. The simplest way to use the Songmaker Kit is to connect it with Roli’s Noise App (free download). When you enter the app, you create a new project and connect your kit to the app via Bluetooth. Once you’re connected, the fun will begin.  

As you can imagine, the Seaboard Block is initially set up to be used with the keyboard presets as the Lightpad Block is connected to a drum pad. If you would like to change their assigned presets, you can do so on the tab where you connected the kit. 

Each instrument will have a dropdown bar that allows you to change its assigned preset. This feature makes the Lightpad Block a very powerful piece of gear. 

With the push of a button, the Lightpad Block can be used for anything from playing melodies to acting as a mixer for the entire setup. This kind of versatility is a game changer for music makers on the go. Inspiration is seconds away with the tandem of the Lightpad and Noise app. 

If you want to take your project a step further, you can export what you created in the Noise App to whatever DAW you’re using. 

Roli has another app, called Roli Play, which is tailored to those who want to further explore the kit’s capabilities in app form. Both of their apps provide the users with an intuitive, fun music making process.

Now that we’ve had a minute to test out the kit with its native music making app, let’s take a deeper look at each piece of gear.

Seaboard Block

With its 5 Dimensions of Touch (strike, glide, slide, press and lift), Roli advertises the Seaboard Block as a keyboard with infinite playing possibilities. The keyboard allows the player to play with an amount of expression that few instruments have allowed before. It’s a great idea in theory, but when put into practice, problems can arise. 

Depending on the player and their style, the Seaboard Block could provide either a creative spark… or a pounding headache.  The Seabord’s greatest strength may double as a potential crutch to some users.

Sometimes, you just want to play the note as you usually would on a typical keyboard. The feel of the keyboard is too spongy for some players’ taste. For that reason, it feels limited in serving its true purpose.  

With that said, the Seaboard Block is a fun instrument to play and can be used as a create tool to spark creativity in an unconventional way. 

Lightpad Block

The Lightpad Block packs a punch for a variety of reasons. For its size, the Lightpad Block can handle any function you throw at it within a music software. The piece of gear can toggle between clip launching, playing melodies and creating beats in real time. When paired with the Loop Block, the Lightpad Block becomes an “all in one” song making device.  The Lightpad Block appears limitless in terms of its flexiblity .  

The feel of the Lightpad Block is soft, yet sturdy. Unlike the Seaboard Block, the Lightpad Block surface provides the user with the right balance of solid yet delicate touch. 

Overall, the Lightpad Block provides the best value in the entire kit. The size and versatility of the unit makes it a powerful piece of gear for any producer.  

Loop Block

Tying in the Seaboard and Lightpad together is the Loop Block. This piece of gear has buttons designed to handle a variety of functions. These functions include play, loop, setting a tempo and quantizing beats. Simply put, the Loop Block is the glue that brings the kit together.  

Software Integration 

While making music within the Noise app is convenient, a great selling point for the Roli Songmaker Kit is its ability to integrate with a bunch of different DAW’s. This can all be done in conjunction with Roli’s Dashboard software. Once the kit is connected to your computer, launch Dashboard and choose which software you will be using the kit in. Depending on the software, the kit can be used for a variety of different purposes. 

For example, you could set up the Lightpad Block to control clip launching in Ableton Live. At the same time, you could assign the Seaboard to handle an instrument track. For further control of the software from the kit, you can use the Loop Block to handle tasks like play/pause, loop, etc.

Roli has also designed its own software synth that perfectly integrates with the Songmaker Kit. The Synth (named Equator) is designed to handle polyphonic expression in MIDI format. That means the synth is a perfect accessory for any user that likes experimenting with the Songmaker’s free form feel and style of play.  

Verdict: The Roli Songmaker Kit offers a fantastic balance of portability, versatility and fun for any music maker. The Seaboard will not be everybody’s favorite keyboard but it provides the user with a playing experience that few keyboards have allowed before. 

On the flip side, the Lightpad is a fantastic piece of gear that can be tailored to fit practically any of the users needs. Add in the Loop Block and you’re well on your way to making music in an instant.

For more info on the Roli Songmaker Kit, visit the product page on their website.

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